New McCabe Book Helps Media Bandwagon Trying to Run Roughshod Over Trump

By: - February 14, 2019

Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe has written a book, “The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump.” And to promote it he’s taking full advantage of the mainstream media’s hate for President Donald Trump. Nobody should be under the false pretense in the book title that this is somehow a candid, insider’s defense of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Anyone who has followed the “Russia collusion” conspiracy should know better than to believe Mr. McCabe with all of his Clinton-entanglements would be so selfless.

During an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” McCabe used the opportunity to stir up old fake news from the Russian collusion investigation, claiming that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s offer to wear a wire during meetings with President Trump was not sarcastic (as Rosenstein claims) but genuine. He also asserted that there were bona fide meetings at the Department of Justice for removing the president of the United States under the 25th Amendment. (Who led these meetings and what exactly was their constitutional authority?) This is all according to Scott Pelley who hosted the interview and made the media rounds Thursday morning to reveal these titillating tidbits ahead of its broadcast this coming Sunday.

While McCabe may be hoping to gin up some book sales among the anti-Trump crowd to help bankroll his forced retirement (he was fired two days before he would have received a full federal pension for an “early” retirement), the timing of this amongst all of the other “Russian collusion” coverage is fascinating to say the least. Notice how quickly McCabe was trotted out after the Senate Intelligence Committee came forward saying it found no direct evidence of collusion? And an FBI informant told Congress in written testimony that during the Clinton-led State Department-era, the Kremlin was funneling money to the Clinton Global Initiative for Uranium One? Or what about the newly released emails detailing collaboration between Clinton’s lawyer and the FBI to help then-2016 presidential candidate Clinton do damage control related to the email server scandal? None of those juicy topics made the cut for this Sunday’s episode of “60 Minutes.”

Perhaps more than that is it should serve as a warning to the Trump administration that Democrats, with their media fans in hand, are not ready to let go of this manufactured crisis. In fact, they appear ready to take it to an entirely new level. According to The Hill, a new change in the House rules “allows staff of House committees to conduct depositions without any lawmakers present.” Reportedly, it will make the investigation faster. More realistically, perhaps, it will put the “collusion” dog-and-pony show in fast forward while actual fact checkers and the American people are unable to keep up with what happens in the shadows of the 2020 campaign season and all of its forthcoming mud-slinging. From a campaign strategy perspective, the Left is putting their new House Majority to work turning the screws on President Trump. The goal: to try and bog him down —if not overwhelm him— with playing defense in their guilty-until-proven-innocent media mock trial instead of going full steam ahead growing his State of the Union momentum that appealed to an overwhelming majority of Americans.