Police Hall of Fame Presents Law Enforcement Eternal Flame Project

By: - May 15, 2019

It is entirely fitting for the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum in Titusville, Florida to unveil its latest project honoring law enforcement officers. As we meander down the lanes of National Police Week and bear witness to commemorations in D.C. and jurisdictions all across our beloved land, the Police Hall of Fame pulled back the curtains and permitted a peek at its Law Enforcement Eternal Flame project slated for January 2020 groundbreaking.

Erected upon roughly five acres of land next to the Police Hall of Fame complex (a favorite of mine, only a few counties east of me, near Orlando), the Eternal Flame is architected to stand 10-stories and will have a perpetually-burning (24/7/365) flame evolving from a blue “memory rose” petal. The flame is engineered to jut 20-foot. Can’t wait to see that at night.

According to Police Hall of Fame CEO Barry Shepherd, the project will take about ten months to complete. “The sheer size and significance of this beautiful work of art will definitely make a statement and will represent all law enforcement: past, present, and future. It has been on the drawing board for a couple of years but has been a company vision for a long time,” said Mr. Shepherd.

Besides the revelation of this project during National Police Week 2019, Mr. Shepherd disclosed the planning features and timeliness: coinciding with the Police Hall of Fame’s 60th anniversary will be the Eternal Flame’s completion for the public to embrace, casting new light upon the police profession’s darkest days and the myriad sacrifices attesting to oaths taken by courageous warriors. “We plan on holding our dedication ceremony in October of 2020, which is also the 60th anniversary of the Hall of Fame,” Mr. Shepherd noted.

“Not only will the Flame be a lasting tribute to our men and women in blue, but it will draw attention to our many other programs currently serving law enforcement nationwide,” said Mr. Shepherd.

“We will also give law enforcement supporters across America the chance to make their own personal statement of gratitude through a stunning commemorative brick pathway leading up to the flame. The Walk of Heroes will personalize and breathe life into the flame for all who visit and all who passionately support those who serve.”

Throughout National Police Week we raise our hands to commemorations such as this and bow our heads to the many fallen whose heroics burn eternally in memories, epitomizing how they lived…not necessarily how they perished.

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