By: - December 22, 2020

An unprecedented amount of Americans have consciously made the decision to relinquish their voting rights in upcoming American elections. When talking to listeners of Patriotically Correct, acquaintances, friends and even some of my close family members, the common sentiment is, ‘Why should I vote when it doesn’t even count?’

As awful as that may sound, and although my knee-jerk reaction would be to say that it would be irresponsible for any American to be purposely absent on Election Day, the painful reality is that they’re right.

What do I mean by that? Well, let’s just say, for the purpose of argument, that the 2020 election was not affected by widespread fraud. We can all acknowledge that there was obvious and intentional independent voter fraud. We can factually state this just by the hundreds of citizen journalist videos that give a real account of different schemes ranging from ‘sharpiegate’ to intimidation at polling places, and plenty of dead people receiving ballots, and somehow turning them in. We have heard the story about the person who moved from one state to another, but in the state he vacated, an absentee ballot was sent to their old address, and somebody at that residence filled in that ballot and cast a vote on behalf of the party that relocated. That’s fraud. There are no two ways about it, that is fraud.

The argument would be that there were not enough occurrences of individual voter fraud to sway the results of the presidential election in favor of Joe Biden. You don’t know if that’s a fact, but let’s just say that it’s true. Let’s just say that it’s a total of 150 million people that voted, and there were only 20,000 confirmed cases of this type of fraud – the conclusion of irrelevancy would be accurate – but the obvious truth is that it substantiates the disenfranchised voter because their vote really didn’t count. It was canceled out – 20,000 times.

If I give you six pieces of chicken, and I tell you I only wiped my behind with one of them before serving your meal, chances are you’re not rolling the dice. At this point, the whole chicken is bad. The whole thing gets thrown in the trash. The whole darn thing is a waste. It might even be the case that the experience turns you off so badly, but you will never look at chicken the same, maybe never even eat chicken again.

But let’s look at the big picture here. Let’s think about this logically. If the average family consists of a married couple and the proverbial 2.3 children, you now have 5.3 people in each of those 20,000 homes. I’m no Dr. Jill Biden, but using my community college level education, I have figured that to be 106,000 people. If each one of those families consumes chicken twice a week, it would be safe to say it would take an entire chicken at each meal to feed a family of that size. 20,000 families consuming two chickens a week over 52 weeks in a calendar year amounts to 2,080,000 chickens that will never get eaten. If you have an experience that is so bad that you have made the conscious decision to never consume chicken again, it’s a logical assumption that your spouse and children will learn from that experience and more than likely adopt your hesitation to consume poultry. Taking out midterm elections, and only focusing on the presidential election that occurs every 4 years, the number of chickens being left on the farm in just two election cycles grows to 16,640,000. So, can anyone tell a chicken farmer ‘it’s just 20,000 chickens… It will never be enough to hurt the chicken business’? That would just be a ridiculous notion, and that’s how common sense people fee about the dismissal of voter fraud, even on the ‘small scale’ the left tries to illustrate.

Our kids are learning more in the real world of today than voter and election fraud. As kids observe the nightly news on televisions across the country, they’re sure to be reminded of two things. There is a virus out there with a 99.8% survival rate that has shut down their parents’ business, taken them out of school, taken them away from their peers, forced at least one parent to stay home and double duties as a teacher, and their sports have been cancelled. The second thing they know is that cities are burning, the police are under attack, safe zones have been set up for criminals to seek refuge and stockpile arms, there are places in the city you don’t dare go, police chiefs and command staffs appear to be cowards as they stand down in the face of the loudest animals with bullhorns, and the only people that are going to jail are those that violate the masking, social distancing and business closure mandates imposed by elected representatives. 

Our kids are watching as everything they were taught was sacred is falling apart. History doesn’t exist, everyone is offended, the nation’s top federal law enforcement agencies are participating in criminal corruption and cover-ups, the intelligence community is complicit in treason, whistleblowers are ending up dead or in prison in foreign countries, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are still free and Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself. 

Our kids are watching as travel restrictions are imposed for the middle class, but not for the elite that enjoy a wedding holiday in Mexico via private jet. They see politicians spending more money on one dinner at the French Laundry than you and I make in an entire month, as they laugh in the face of the pauper in the absence of a medical mask they don’t really believe in with their large group of twenty. 

The intent of these radical hypocritical progressive communists is being telegraphed for everyone to see. Control, money, compliance and power. They’re addicted to the power they’re able to throw around as they promise the reopening of business, only to shut it down again, just two days later. Restaurant owners order inventory, hire staff and breathe a sigh of relief as they get ready to go back to work, only to have their entire future stomped on and crushed by the tyrannical and out-of-control pseudo aristocrats that look down upon them from their platform of charge and untouchable unilateral and dictatorial authority. 

More and more of those deemed to be essential are being forced to give up their jobs as they’re required to be at home, doubling their parental duties as a school teacher while teacher’s unions tell you that should you wish for your kids to return to in-person schooling, you’re a racist. 

The goal is to completely crush and eradicate the middle class, forcing self-sufficient people into dependency, where the only option is to look up from their begging knees and ask the almighty government for help. These people aren’t interested in PPP…. They’re interested in GDP.

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