Prepping Pre-Teens for Pedophiles

By: - January 31, 2022

Reading, writing and arithmetic are the fundamentals of what our taxpayer-funded schools are supposed to be teaching our children, right?  It seems as though a new generation of teachers has shifted that to reading, writing, and writhing in agony as they force children to examine the infinitesimally small possibility that they might be trans-gender.  The fundamental identity children develop as they reach middle school usually includes their gender, but activist teachers are skulking around targeting for gender interventions children who fit some undefined criteria as “potentially trans.”  Rather than embracing the full spectrum of what it means to be female, or male, they lead children down the path of thinking that their bodies may be a mistake.  How is that in any way kind to children who are already going through the most difficult time of their lives – puberty?

Puberty is challenging.  Having a difficult time with puberty is NORMAL.  Going through puberty and hating the hygienic challenges of menstruation or nocturnal emissions is NORMAL.  Learning how to be present in a body that suddenly is sprouting breasts and hair in places there was none before or in a body that is smelling like a Sasquatch with halitosis is the intellectual and emotional work of puberty.  Activist teachers, however, are selling “the grass is greener” in the other gender escapism along with the “your body is a mistake” message to the most vulnerable population in the world – middle schoolers.

Let’s look at the six typical stages of grooming in a pedophile’s playbook.

#1 Targeting the victim:

In a recent legal action brought in a California school district, activist teachers “identified” potentially trans children by things as basic as their internet search history.  I am too nauseated by their behavior to do more research as to what other criteria merited identification as trans, but I’m pretty sure they would have targeted me when I was in middle school.  I had a horse, preferred the barn to the house, lived by a “barn hair, don’t care” mentality about most of my appearance, and after working my way through college, went through an intensive police academy where I immensely enjoyed wearing combat boots, shooting guns, getting paid to drive like a lunatic or go on long runs on tank trails through the Quantico Marine base.  I now have three daughters and display for them the full range of feminine badassitude including taking our then-13-year-old daughter along to South Africa where she saw mommy harvest a huge wart hog with one shot at great distance with a 30.06 rifle.  We also go for manicures and trade makeup tips.  My hair no longer looks more like hay than hay does.  WHY ARE THEY NOT EMBRACING THE POWER OF WOMANHOOD?

Why are they telling little girls that if they’re exhibiting badass tendencies they might actually be male?  Why are they telling girls they might actually be a mistake that needs to be fixed with hormones and surgery?  Why are exactly those who rage against toxic-masculinity NOT embracing that boys who display kindness, sensitivity, and other “feminine” characteristics may be growing up to be exactly the men they are hoping all men would be?  Why does the message need to be “you might actually be a mistake that could be solved with hormones and cutting off your penis?”   WHY ARE THEY NOT EMBRACING SENSITIVE MASCULINITY?

#2 Creating a bond:

The pedophile works hard at creating a bond.  These activist teachers have a greater opportunity to spend time with children – because they are getting paid to – than the parents often do, because the parents are working like dogs to pay for the entire rest of the child’s needs – like housing, food, heat, clothes, electricity to run their video games and charge their phones for which the parents also pay.  After a full day of work, parents come home to another full day of work, keeping house, doing laundry, cooking, paying bills.  The lure of social media or video games is vastly greater than the lure of hanging out with mom as she does barn chores, or cooks, or with dad as he changes the oil in the car.  Also, children find it easier to escape parents and go to their rooms or their electronic happy place, but at school, they don’t realize they can decline to have that awkward conversation with the activist teacher or counsellor.  They don’t realize that the invitation to a new “club” is indoctrination that they can refuse.  I am not accusing teachers of being pedophiles.  Nor do I discourage teachers creating genuine bonds with children who need a sympathetic adult.  Teachers should never, however, usurp parents as a child’s primary adult of trust.

#3 Filling a need:

This is the ultimate false flag operation perpetrated by the activist teachers, portraying the parents as enemies who would NEVER understand these children’s angst and torment.  These patronizing teachers present themselves as the solution to the problem THEY made, forcing children to engage in a self-diagnostic loop on their own gender identity upon which they would NEVER have needed to go had there not been the interference by the activist teachers.  And OH, while we’re at it, let’s make sure that we interfere with the healthy parent child relationship.  Let’s pre-groom children to keep secrets about gender identity and all things sexual from parents.  Let’s paint parents as too stupid to be the source of love and counsel.  Let’s forget that these activist 20 somethings are NOT the ones who would quite literally throw themselves between that child and a charging bear as most of us parents would.  Let’s forget that parents have the full experience of that child from the sensation of them in utero to this very moment in time.  Let’s forget that families have moral frameworks within which they want to raise their children that are informed by the generations that made that child and are absolutely none of the business of activist teachers to undermine.

#4 Access + separation; isolating the child:

Our school system is structured to perfection for this stage in a pedophile’s grooming routine.  They have daily access for hours during which a comment here, an observation there, an invitation to a “club” becomes a pernicious convincing that the child needs the activist teacher to tell the child the way through this maze of puberty-induced feelings and confusions.   Isolating the child is automatic when they’re delivered to you daily on a big yellow bus.  Activist teachers complete the isolation by encouraging secrecy, devaluing the parent/child relationship, broaching inappropriate topics such as gender identity and sexuality which may not yet have been brought up within the family.

Let’s be clear.  I am NOT saying that persons who are experiencing gender dysphoria or who are trans-gender ARE pedophiles.  Far from it.  They are sympathetic persons who are trying to live their authentic life.  It is the forced PROCESS of examining gender identity and with it the pervasive secrecy, alienation of parents and their values; the placing of an activist teacher in a position of prophet and sage that creates the vulnerability.

So now that the schools have completed the first FOUR of SIX stages of grooming, what’s left?  Abuse begins and the pedophile works at maintaining control.  The schools may not be engaging in the remaining two steps of pedophilic abuse, but by prepping our pre-teens with secrecy and interference in the parent child relationship they create psychological vulnerability rather than resilience.  All a pedophile has to do is step in and refresh that child’s vulnerability, and start normalizing inappropriate touching, abuse, maintain control…

Then the activist teachers feel good about themselves that they’ve made the world safe for persons who actually are experiencing genuine gender dysphoria.  They are shoving children into the LBGTQ population that has a 52% suicide consideration rate as reported in Forbes, where they would never have been. This entire effort has nothing to do with the children.  The children are only the tool the activist teachers use to feel virtuous and good about themselves.  If we’re lucky, the parents are left to pick up the pieces of the child they had delivered to the schools in a state of pre-pubescent perfection.  If we’re not lucky, then the confused and vulnerable child is prepped for abuse by a pedophile or dead at their own hand.