REPORT From Source Posting Biden Videos: Hunter Biden Abused 10-Year-Old Girl With His 9.5-Inch Genitals After Taking Drugs

By: - October 24, 2020

The laptop from Hell is starting to bring images from Hell. Hunter Biden seems to have many psychological problems, and for sure is blackmailed by China, as is his father.

Joe Biden cannot be president.

Anyone who has a young daughter can relate to this horror.

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These are not ordinary porn videos, but videos of sexual abuse of young children. Investigators who have watched these videos said that these are things from hell, reported GNews.

One of the videos is that Hunter Biden used his 9.5-inch genitals to continuously poke a girl’s vagina after taking drugs. This little girl looks only about 10 years old and is a Chinese girl. In the video, the little girl’s lower body continued to bleed, and the little girl kept screaming, terribly. These videos will be released to the public after the face and key parts are blurred. You can see the girl’s hands and feet, as well as hear the girl’s cry.

GNews has been releasing information and videos contained on the computer, so they obviously have seen all the material. It is not pretty; in fact, it is evil.

We hope the FBI will not sweep this one under the rug for Joe and Kamala to allow the Chinese Communist Party to take over our country.

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