Russian Forces Withdrawing From Kherson

By: - November 11, 2022

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Ukrainian Forces

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According to Inkerman, Russian forces have begun withdrawing from the city of Kherson in southern Ukraine. The reason behind the sudden departure of Russian troops and what appears to be the end of Russia’s campaign to seize southern Ukraine remains unclear.

Ukrainian leadership in Kherson Oblast has reported that the city has been almost completely liberated and that Russian forces left the city quickly and are not conducting a fighting retreat, but rather are withdrawing quietly. It is also unclear what number if any, troops remain to secure the withdrawal.

The departing Russian military has been destroying bridges that span the Dnipro River delta with videos emerging of the partially destroyed Antonovsky Bridge located near Kherson.

Very little if any fighting has been reported as Ukrainian troops have begun to re-enter the city. Photos have already begun circulating of a Ukrainian flag flying in the center of the battered city. The flag was most likely placed by Ukrainian forces that have continued operating under occupation.