Schande für Unsere Kultur

By: - December 10, 2020

It is not about a virus.  The present virus is only an excuse to act upon the underlying systemic degradation of American societal intellect.  If you are reading this preparing to put on that face mask, or to hide in your home, in order to act out of some “concern for others”, you are not anything that I would call an American.  Look at what we have become.

Let us examine what your actions have done to what was once proud American culture.  Adhering to the lock down mandates in all likelihood has or will bankrupt almost every family-owned restaurant in the country.  The United States of America was so often called the “melting-pot.”  This name was given because of our shared historical immigration from lands that spanned the entire globe.  We as a society, were able to embrace and experience so many foreign cultures through their food presented to us by family-owned restaurants.  Indian, Mandarin/Cantonese (including dim sum) Chinese, Thai, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Mexican, Greek, Spanish Tapas and so many others.  These establishments have presented their original cultures in the foods they serve, their décor, and the languages they speak.  It is not COVID-19 that will put an end to their existence, it will be the collective irrational fear within our society.   We will be left with processed hamburgers, hotdogs, and disgusting piles of slop on sterile plates from corporate franchised grease pits.

You have allowed the young lives of your children to be denied and stolen.  Do you not remember your high school years?  They may not seem important to you now, but if you think back you entered that school, any high school in the country, as a child, and emerged as a young adult.  There were homecoming football games, with a “King” and “Queen”, and a dance.  There were basketball and soccer games, swim meets, wrestling matches and other sports where you learn the thrill of victory and the sad pain of defeat.   You went to the prom, may have found your first love, had your first kiss, and if you were similar to me, had awkward introductions to several disapproving, almost hostile, concerned fathers.   All those things were part of American society and culture.  They were important then and very important now.  You have no right, the science proves it, to take these experiences away from the present generation.

Why have we done these things?  Because, we are no longer true Americans.  The Americans I knew and loved were informed.  They learned what truth was, did not follow the herd, thought and acted based on their intellect, and treasured freedom and liberty.  These Americans lived their lives full of adventure and excitement.  They sought challenges to make themselves stronger and better.  Most importantly they held their heads high, because they did not let fear control their lives.

Letting ourselves be subjugated under the false justification of controlling the spread of a virus is a Schande für unsere Kultur.