Sometimes Texas Has To Act Like Texas

By: - June 20, 2021

There comes a time when people have had enough.  From illegal migrants cutting fences, killing livestock, breaking into homes, trespassing, and just pouring over the “closed” border, there is a breaking point.

Federal authorities, border patrol, and customs agents, all augmented by local and state law enforcement, are effectively overrun.  Morale is in the toilet for these front-line workers as they try to do the job they were sworn to do, all in a time when the administration is either ignoring them or, worse yet, actively interfering with their sworn duties.

With its absent “in charge of the border” vice president, the Biden administration has done everything they can to destroy what was almost a sealed-border. Unfortunately, the policies of this administration are disastrous for our country.  It is becoming painfully clear that the current administration’s plan was never to secure the border or fix immigration but instead to dismantle every policy and decision the Trump administration made.  In their mind, if Trump did it, do the opposite regardless if those policies were working or not.  If they were his, dismantle it.

Border crossings along the Texas border region have jumped to highs not seen for decades.  Human smuggling, drug importation, and more are flowing unimpeded across the Rio Grande.  Recent news video shows the constant stream of humanity pouring into the country, many through Texas.

After repeated calls and demands, the Biden administration steps up to the problem to claim that there is no crisis or that the border is secure and closed. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken things into his own hands.

At the Governor’s Border Security Summit last week in Del Rio, law enforcement, city and county officials, and landowners discussed strategies to secure the border and keep communities safe.

“The Biden administration has abandoned its responsibilities to secure the border, and Texans are suffering as a result,” said Governor Abbott. “The problems along the border are only getting worse due to President Biden’s inaction. Property is being destroyed, deadly drugs and illegal weapons are being smuggled into communities throughout the state, law enforcement is having to redirect their resources, and county judges and mayors are facing skyrocketing expenses. Texas is doing more than any state has ever done to protect the border, but it is clear that more is needed. In the Biden administration’s absence, Texas is stepping up to get the job done by building the border wall. Through this comprehensive public safety effort, we will secure the border, slow the influx of unlawful immigrants, and restore order in our border communities.”

Governor Abbott announced he authorized Texas to spend one billion dollars of the state budget on border security. New programs and personnel resources were tasked to take hold of the border crisis and get it under control. In addition, Governor Abbott called on other border region governors to join in Texas’s efforts. Still, like a proper Texas type of solution, Texas will do it independently and in a Texas-sized way.

The biggest applause came during the governor’s announcement that Texas would start constructing the border wall again.  With donated land, state property, and many dollars, Texas is solving its border crisis.  The adage “If you want something done right, do it yourself” really becomes apparent.

The Lone Star State has reached its limit with the federal administration under President Biden and has not heard from VP Kamala Harris.  Result?

Remember, Texas was once a nation all to its own. Texas is acting as the nation they once were. Texas is protecting its sovereignty by building the wall on its own. The Biden administration immediately jumped to action but not by helping secure the border as it should, but by suing Texas so they can’t.

Governor Abbott’s answer to that?  Immediately release 250 million dollars to start construction.

Maybe now Vice President Harris will find her way to the border. But, no, she will probably have to go to Europe first since she hasn’t been there either.