The Conservative New Year’s Resolution

Hopefully the holidays gave you rest, comfort, and quality time with family and friends.

Now that 2023 is officially here, it’s time to set our goals, and watch the changes happen before us.

Talking with many guests of the program, on and off the radio, 2023 seems to be the year of the crossroads. Republicans will be taking the House of Representatives (if they can figure out a way to unite as a conservative party). Nancy Pelosi is stepping down from leadership. Joe Biden has his eyes set on massive government programs. Democrats have their crosshairs on Donald Trump to make sure he does not become the GOP Presidential candidate. And the list goes on…

Our focus this year needs to be solely on how to stop the left wing progressive agenda. Even with our GOP controlled House, we know the game plan of the left:

– Ram liberal bills through the Senate.
– Joe Biden calls upon Republicans to “work together”.
– Blackmail Republicans into passing legislation, or the American people will die in the streets.
– Win over enough RINOs to pass the bills.

We see it Every. Single. Time. And enough is enough.

It’s time to call for our New Year’s Resolution!

1) No more social spending.
We’ve had enough. No more bailouts. No more loan forgiveness. No more universal income. No more “investments” into the people. No more government checks. It’s time we get the spending under control. The constitutional duty of Congress (specifically the House of Representatives) is to have the power of the purse, and set a budget. This is the year we make it happen.

2) End the green energy madness.
We may not be able to promote our agenda, but we can at least work to stop theirs. No more investments into alternative energies from the federal government. All alternative energy programs should come strictly from the private sector with cost efficiency, transparency, and consumer-driven demand.

3) Energy independence.
It’s time to drill, baby drill, and become energy independent again.

4) Call out the corruption.
We may not be able to end the corruption and closed door deals in DC, but we can at least call them out and expose them for the continued personal agendas and shadow government operations they are.

5) Limitation of the 4th branch of government.
While it seems impossible, all great philosophers remind us that “nothing is impossible”. It is time to limit the power of the bureaucracies, agencies, and government departments, and bring the power back to Congress. It is time for GOP House members to stop all bills and legislation from any agency that do not have their complete consent. All we need to do is call our House members and remind them what they were sent to DC to do.

6) Bring back federalism.
It’s time for the states to stand up and pick up the slack from the federal government, and bring the majority of powers back to the states.

2023 is a year to uphold our three pillars of conservatism. Right to Life. Right to Liberty. Right to Private Property.

We will be more vocal this year. We will not allow the left wing trolls and terrorists to intimidate us. We will not stand for an abusive government to become more tyrannical than what it already is. We will stand for what’s right, regardless of power and influence of the mainstream media.

2023 is OUR year.

Merry Christmas and may you have a federally less intrusive New Year!