The Cowards of Congress

By: - January 11, 2021

The other day, a “member” of Congress, who happens to be a LinkedIn “connection” of mine posted his statement concerning what had occurred at the nation’s Capitol building this past week.  Reading his post, I just could not help myself, I drafted and posted some comments.

“Nice statement, but the problem(s) is (are) so much more complex.  There is no way that one set of statements by the President, “We are going to the Capitol” to “try and give them the pride and boldness that they need to take back our country” could have set such a mob mentality into motion.  That mob has watched years of what it feels is injustice.  If members of Congress are going to view and present the situation so simplistically without addressing so many things that have occurred the past four to five years, we are in big trouble.  Many members of Congress have sat silent this past year when violence, justified by some claim of systemic social injustices, spread across the nation giving the appearance that such mob actions were condoned.  More statements blaming the President are not what this country needs at this time.  What is needed, true leaders who are willing to take on issues honestly, with courage, and not wilt under the politically correct mobs.

Where was your statement about this:”

The link leads to a video where Kamala Harris clearly condones and supports what has occurred this past summer.

One would think that the good Congressional Member would have responded, if he were to respond, with some eloquent grandiose words of great wisdom, expounding on his work in Congress to right the wrongs of our nation.  Actually, that is what I had hoped and thought I would see, but no.  He did a cowardly thing – he deleted my comments.  I think he did it so that others would not be able to see the comments and then start to question his embellished claims of great leadership.  Therefore, he censored me.

My point to this, the events of this past year have shown all the nation that it is about time to really challenge all of our government officials.  For years we have been asking them the same set of conservative/liberal slanted questions and getting the same old canned responses.  We have elected them in more of popularity contests rather than for their abilities to bring benefit to our nation.

Our members of Congress are the farthest thing from leaders.  They are supposed to objectively analyze the issues that create our American situation, bring forth legislation and allocate funding that corrects what is wrong, then vote to ensure resolution of the subject matter.  They have been failing us for years, because for the most part they have become a flock of cowards basing their decisions on their own self-serving political ambitions.

There is less than two years to prepare to challenge the congressional cowards at the ballot box.  It is time for people with intelligence, intellect, moral conviction, and histories of achievement to step forth to let the American public know they are out there and willing to take on the responsibilities of correcting a nation that is headed down a dark path of socialism and censorship.  The two evils that always are employed hand-in-hand together, used by elitists to demoralize and dominate the human spirit.