The Day Our Republic Died

By: - November 13, 2020

American history may list November 4th, 2020, as The Day Our Republic Died.

America, did you believe that a Trump loss would change the narrative? Did you believe that a Biden victory would appease Democrats and change their militant stance?

Would stealing this election bring us back to normal (whatever that is) and make up for the 2016 loss? Remember, this loss was supposed to be a Democrat lock. After 4 years of Democrats never accepting defeat – they were attempting to overthrow a duly-elected president – using special counsels, hearings and impeachment. We are told to suck it up. Just give up.

Did you think Democrats wouldn’t stop? Would they go to the extreme to regain their power? Did you think it was beyond comprehension they would not go to such absurd lengths as hiding and suppressing election counts or rigging election systems?

After All That Has Happened… Is It Truth or Fiction?

Could anyone EVER believe that this scenario could ever play out in our country – In the United States of America?

There is evidence of suppressing poll watchers, fraudulent votes, computer glitches, hundreds of signed affidavits, and FBI coercion. It should be the lead story of every news outlet, looking to do the right thing – OR – just to sell newspapers. In the past, hungry journalists looking to create their future would stop at nothing to unearth that story.

But today, this is not the case – WHY?

Ask yourself, why are we ignoring facts? However, they are ignored ONLY if they support a conservative in America today. Why were those responsible for the coup in the first place not immediately brought to justice?

Big Tech is spearheading the current suppression of information. They, along with the complicit media, are systematically destroying our confidence in government. In short, destroying our country.

Did We Awaken in Another Dimension?

Our perception of reality is changing. Evidence of wrongdoing is systematically erased in real-time. The internet (the central place for disseminating and sharing information) is censoring and delivering messaging inconsistent with the facts reported. Why?  Big Tech (Google, Facebook, Twitter) is conspiring with every major newspaper’s front page, internet outlet, and news network. All of them censoring facts. In some cases making up lies?  Why is  Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg investing almost  400Million in this election?

Trusted outlets that have created a new reality for years delivered hard breaking news, bringing truth to power. They believe that only they can tell Americans what truth is.  They are declaring war on the American people. Oh, and if you think otherwise – you will be sent to a reeducation camp.

All of these people, organizations and outside influencers are conspiring and assisting in the takeover of our government?  You would think as an American, this would be enough to make the entire population sit up and take notice.  If this were a television show, you would cue the music at this point – something like THE TWILIGHT ZONE  might be fitting.

Believe me, you did not wake up in another dimension. THIS is a new reality! However, you would be wrong to believe this could not, or is not happening in the USA.  That distinction should make your stomach turn.

Remember, the Left is now emboldened. So covered by media and big tech, they will not make similar mistakes made by the new Trump administration four years ago. They will not stop and be nice. (Despite President Trump’s Tweets, his political responses were measured.)  However, I do not believe that to be the case this time.

Russian Collusion a Hoax Without Retribution

Over the last three years, the Russian Collusion Scheme did more to hurt DEMOCRACY in our country than Vladimir Putin could have ever thought to accomplish. I don’t even believe he could have dreamed of a better scenario to destroy the fabric of our democracy. Using the media – as a front – our government sells the lie to the American people. Members of government conspire against the will of the people. (Some, like Adam Schiff with outright lies).

Four years ago, the people spoke and elected a non-politician. The political elite was hell-bent on stopping that in its tracks.  They then put in place a plan that will destroy what is left of the foundation of our country.

Over the last four years, Republican leadership attempted to unify the country. Despite bitter opposition, Republicans did not prosecute nor set the participating members of the treasonous coup as an example. That was a mistake. Quite possibly, because the coup was so deeply entrenched, it also took too long to ferret out those contributing to it. People conspiring, delaying the release of the material needed to bring to account those responsible.  Prosecutions never happened.

Do not expect the same result when power shifts.

Freedom of Speech: Silenced With a Complicit Media

If you thought that your First Amendment right to free speech will be honored, you would be wrong.  With the help of a complicit media, the tech giant’s manipulation of data will not report what is in plain sight. Free speech is an illusion. Allowing free speech will disappear.

Members of a potential Biden Administration are supporting censorship of ideas through social media. Conservative articles written are disappearing, their sources banning a free exchange of ideas. Journalists silenced for reporting facts. Dissension of the “facts” (as the media defines them) is no longer permitted on major platforms.  In this scenario, it would be like only selling a printing press to those in power.  The internet allows the media to not only frame the narrative but to dislodge any competing voices. With a few clicks of an algorithm, documents will disappear forever. Opposition silenced in one click.

Unlike the printed word, the manipulation of thought in the digital world is permanent. No copies will be left behind, keeping millions in the dark.  Just ask the millions of naïve voters that never saw details of Hunter Biden’s nefarious activities, nor Joe Biden’s role in them. Mainstream media is choosing not to report it. They tell the public, it is all unfounded. The media is hiding legitimate reports from the public, to shape their narrative of the facts and information. The internet is where many Americans get their news, and is totally censoring information. Not only suppressing the distribution, but any discussion banishes writers from their platform. Just ask Alex Jones or Breitbart News.

It is worse than burning books. It is erasing the past and creating an illicit future.

The Destruction of Due Process

Our media has done more to destroy democracy than any enemy could hope to achieve. The political elites, global media with big tech behind them, are dismantling our Constitution. The First Amendment is the latest step in the crusade to dismantle our cherished values.

The assault on the 4th Amendment due process began four years ago with the election results and the ensuing Russia mania. The destruction of lives was systematic. Just ask Bret Kavanaugh and Nicholas Sandman.

Proof (due process)  is not necessary to accuse anyone of a crime.  Providing verdicts of guilt or innocence only by the court of public opinion. Usually with an angry mob. Who needs proof? Mobs will tell people – believe what is said.  As mob rule takes over,  social media is becoming the tool. A sledgehammer employed to destroy people’s lives. Say something, and the world will pile on. Looting, pillaging and destroying property will follow.  If you are on the opposite side, your voice may never be heard.

Nancy Pelosi calls it the “smear campaign.” “Start a lie, and wrap it up.” Step one gets the complicit press to distribute the lie. Politicians will point to the written news article and smear it as fact. Joseph Goebbels utilized this strategy to destroy his political opponents in Nazi Germany. James Comey did it to start the Mueller investigation.  It is how the press worked on Donald Trump for four years. It is also the vehicle the press is using, declaring the presidency of Joe Biden before states even certify the results. They call it, and you will believe it.

The 4th Estate Abdicates its Responsibility

Our founders believed an independent press is an important check and balance on the actions of government. The press was given the label “The Fourth Estate.” However, for whatever reason, the press is joining forces with the government and is systematically destroying this trust. The press is set on destroying the presidency and the candidacy of Donald Trump. Stepping up their rhetoric since the 2016 election. As a result, destroying our nation’s fabric.

In this election, instead of questioning obvious dishonesty occurring throughout the country, they inform us that it does not exist. Clearly, obvious dishonesty is occurring. We can see that through eye witness reporting. Photos of watchers blocked from the ballot review show there is a problem. Why is this happening? Why is no one in the media asking questions?

Denying The Obvious

“It is not who votes, but who counts the vote that matters.” – Joseph Stalin

A tool used by Marxist countries to rig elections is to prevent the opposition from witnessing the count.  Illegality is occurring daily yet blatantly ignored by the media. The press is telling us there is nothing true about the allegations. Yet we are seeing what is happening with our own eyes. In Philadelphia and Detroit, Democrats illegally harassing poll watchers, blocking their view of the count. In Georgia, observers are told to halt the count.  After leaving for the night, it continued in secret. Continuing through the night as watchers left the room. Why are democrats preventing poll watchers from legally watching the process?

If there is nothing to hide, why are they blocking access to the view of concerned citizens? Why is the media ignoring obvious violations?

The software used to tabulate the vote was changing the votes so that President Trump could not win re-election. Why is the media and social networking not addressing obvious anomalies? More importantly – why is the media insisting, despite what we see with our eyes, that there is nothing going on?

Why would the media systematically claim nothing happened? That is blatantly insulting. It is insulting the intelligence of the American people.  Something is happening, which will not only alter our votes but the direction of our country. The press is now complicit in the destruction.  They are telling us what we see with our own eyes is wrong. As if it does not exist.

If You Cannot See It, It Did Not Happen

Major news outlets are suppressing discussion. Dismissing honest questioning as false.  They are outright censoring news reporting with opinions.  Monday afternoon, Neil Cavuto’s 5 pm show on Fox News left a live press conference because Kayleigh McEnany mentioned that Democrats are ignoring fraudulent voting. She was asking why the media is not investigating this. Is Cavuto with the rest of the news media not questioning obvious abnormalities? Why are commentators leaving press conferences or injecting opinions rather than reporting? Cavuto noted, “he could not support such nonsense.”  Since when is this objective news?

When Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota, mentioned the evidence of voter fraud occurring,  George Stephanopoulos quickly shot back, “There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.”

The Trump team is uncovering mounting evidence daily.  Interviews broadcast, pictures posted on-line, sending hundreds of affidavits to the courts. Why is all of this ignored?  Believable evidence and affidavits are systematically erased on social media and news outlets. Computer algorithms will make them disappear. We have a chance to correct this. Can we?

To adopt an old proverb:

If election fraud occurred with a candidate not supported by the media – would anyone report it?

Our nation is at the brink with the beginning of The Purge.

Bye-bye, American Pie.


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