The Devil Wants Your Guns

By Dan Wos

Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

Over the past few years, we have watched the political left as they incessantly attempt to divide America along ideological and political lines. We’ve seen their hatred.

We see their desperate attempts to divide the Country and we know they want control of the people, but in our republic, the Constitution and Bill of Rights protect certain inalienable rights. Those rights can’t be taken away by government, even by a majority vote and the 2nd Amendment is there to remind potential tyrants of that. In a democracy however, the majority is not restrained in this way and can impose its will on the minority. We hear them talk about democracy over republic, majority rule and groupthink over individual rights and we now understand their motives behind this deception.

We know why they want to pack the court and we’ve watched them pack the ballot boxes. Why? Because they know they are not selling what Americans want. They’re not selling the American dream. They’re selling government dependency, fear, and hate. Unfortunately, some are buying it.

Just like Hitler did to his Nazis, Democrats are doing to their voters in the way they condition the thought process. They fuel the fear and hatred by demonizing their political opponent in the eyes of those who can’t think for themselves. They tell you they’re protecting your freedom while taking away your freedom and some people continue to vote for them.

They steal our money through taxation and spend it irresponsibly, they prostitute our country through corrupt foreign deals, they flood America with illegal immigrants with the intent of acquiring financially dependent voters, they dull critical thought by encouraging dangerous drug use, they promote the killing of unborn babies, they rob you of your freedom under the guise of public safety and they teach children in our schools that America is racist. They turn kids against parents, they encourage fatherless homes through the welfare system, they rob children of their innocence through perverted sexual deviancy, they normalize pedophilia, they remove God from society, and then, they try to make you believe that they are the good guys.

They call you a fascist, a racist, a Nazi and hope that, you will stay busy defending yourself against the accusations rather than point out the fact that they are actually all of those things.

They are afraid of real Americans rising which is why they hate our 2nd Amendment. They make sure to keep an abundance of crime and violence occurring on our streets through bail reform, early release, allowing smash and grabs and positioning criminals as the victims. Simultaneously they do everything they can to disarm you and your family to keep you as vulnerable and helpless as possible. They create a victim/predator society, and they work hard to preserve it.

There is a very crafty, deceitful, and angry element living among us. They call themselves Democrats and they have been corrupted by a hateful thought process and a distorted sense of morality. They have been taught to believe that they are morally and intellectually superior while they systematically attack their fellow citizens and work hard to make others unarmed and helpless.

God gave us the right to defend our lives and our Founding Fathers wrote it down for the world to see. There’s honor in being the good guys even while enduring unjust attacks.  Real Americans are waking up and there will be vindication when evil falls.

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege, it’s your right. God gave it to you. Do not let the Devil take it away.


The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.

Dan Wos

Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

Host – The Loaded Mic

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