The End of the Spending Road

By: - February 6, 2023

Can you imagine a time when only three weeks into the new year the country is already out of money? Only four months into our fiscal year, we’re already out of money.

How does that happen?

The obvious answer is the passage of the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill during the holidays while you were spending time with friends and family. Typical for politicians.

If you remember back just two months ago, we asked the question, why Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans would support such an atrocious bill and allow a “budget” to pass so close to the transition of power, giving House GOP members more control of the financial security of the nation?

Now, because of that bill, only weeks into the new year, and nine months out from the end of the fiscal year, we’re out of money. The Federal Reserve has announced that they are taking “extreme measures” (whatever that means) to pay the debts of the nation. Now the battle is between 1) Raising the debt ceiling without question to continue spending. 2) Negotiating some spending cuts, THEN raising the debt ceiling to continue spending.

Enough is enough.

As of today, the US is in debt by 100% of our GDP. This means in order to pay all of our debts right now, it would take every literal penny from each man, woman, and child in the nation. How is this sustainable?

Only twenty years ago, we had laws on the books that capped our debt at 40% of the GDP. The conversation then was, “We need to begin to steer the economy back in the right direction. We cannot drastically shock the system by ending spending”.

Every elected official we’ve spoken to on the radio show today has told us, “We need to begin to steer the economy back in the right direction. We cannot drastically shock the system by ending spending”.

That ship has sailed. No more playing nice. It’s time to “shock the system”. Now is our time to advocate for a strict no tolerance policy for additional spending. Period. Laws need to be on the books saying we can never spend more than 100% of the GDP (as absurd as that is already).

We need to make it very clear to our elected officials that our terms of conversation should be “no new spending.” No negotiation. No compromise. The only way we continue to allow government to stay open for the next nine months of operation is by forcing them to re-allocate spending from current and future projects to cover debt, and interest on the debt.

Republicans have proposed a bill prioritizing spending so we will not default on US debt, which Democrats unsurprisingly have opposed for political purposes. And while this is a great start, we need to remember our strength.

Republicans control the House of Representatives. It may be a small majority, but a majority none-the-less. And while the Senate, President, and mainstream media will be blaming McCarthy and GOP members for wanting to default on debt (which as mentioned above is completely untrue), and will be putting pressure on them to cave, we have all the power: nothing happens without House consent.

I don’t care if the government shuts down for the next nine months until the new fiscal year. I will not support another Republican member if they support any bill that includes the raising of a debt ceiling.

This is the hill worth dying on.

We wanted to know what kind of power and influence we could have this year with only one chamber of one branch of government. This is it.

Now is our time to make a drastic change of course in this country. We can force the hands of elites to reconsider spending habits, and maybe even pause or eliminate government spending projects for the next few years. All it is going to take is willpower and a spine.

1) Continue to encourage GOP members to use their own platforms of communication to let the American people know what’s really going on. The media is already blaming McCarthy for refusing to compromise, while Biden is openly saying he is refusing to compromise. We cannot rely on the media to let anyone know what is truly going on.

2) Keep the pressure on your elected officials. Make phone calls, emails, personal visits. While they believe they have two years to win you back over before the next election, and they hope you forget their votes in this session, we need to remind them that we will never forget.


While I am concerned about the rhetoric from McCarthy and some Republicans looking to find “common ground”, we realize that when it comes to socialist spending from the left there is no common ground. But we are powerful. We are in control. And we will (hopefully) say enough is enough. We cannot have a political discussion on social issues, electoral issues, foreign policy, or anything else, if we are not financially stable.

Even with the uncertainty of our elected officials, I am optimistic that We The People will have a loud enough voice to make sure we force them into a submission of reason.

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