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Hitler’s vision for a united Europe under Nazism has come full circle. Today’s European Union, the EU, is executing Hitler’s plans for an economic, military, and cultural European federal super-state that  governs Europe with an iron fist, not a gloved hand. And, the EU that wants to govern behavior and what people think and say.

German hegemony of Europe and nearby island states, including the UK, Ireland, Iceland, has been on the same table as The Final Solution. 

It is time to blow it up (figuratively), the same way patriotic Germans who rejected the Nazi narrative tried!


The European Union is Adolf Hitler’s European Union – as documented by Rodney Atkinson, a UK Member of Parliament in the video you’ll see below. 

“The EU was founded and initially led by ‘former’ Nazis and Fascists, as was the Charlemagne Prize awarded to Tony Blair, Edward Heath, Roy Jenkins and others for their role in removing democratic sovereignty from the nation states of Europe.” No wonder, says Atkinson, that the EU has today reproduced the policies and structures of 1940s Europe and shows all the characteristics of a totalitarian anti democratic corporatist Empire — for that is what its fascist founders intended…”

It, as well as the euro political currency and the Lisbon Treaty, a sham, are hanging on by a thread, because of the European Parliament’s insistence that Muslims have a right to conquer Europe and rape its women again, after they had earlier occupied it for 150 years. The EP’s problem is that the Visegrád Group of states won’t play in the Open Society sandbox. They will in fact, even ally with Russia to put a stop to it.

The sooner both are gone, meaning The Lisbon Treaty and the euro, German, Dutch, Austrian, Norwegian, Finn, Danish, Swedish, and French women can go out on the streets again without being sexually molested.

It required a political currency with the backing of political banks to get the evil scheme going. The scheme to defraud European nations out of their history, culture, currency and their sovereignty.

The EU is meant to remove individual nation’s identities and sovereignty, and replace it with a leftwing Utopian vision free of the memory of Europe’s horrid Nazi past and history, but mostly free of the free thinker menace, free of the innovative and productive, and free of the Jewish presence in Europe that helped make Europe what it is. While at it, visible in the massive funding to the Palestinian Jihad, the “Palestinized” EU wants to free the European Jewish Homeland of the Jewish presence. In a change from its earlier policy, replace the six million peaceful, productive and innovative Jews it has murdered, with 50 million Muslims.

There’s an old story commonly heard in post-war Eastern Europe. It is a story one can see at the House of Terror in Budapest.

The museum chronicles the transition of Hungary from its Nazi to its Communist era.

As soon as they heard the Russian battalions rolling in from the east, Hungarian fascists and Nazis removed the lapels from their uniforms to which were pinned swastikas.

Afterward the envious and resentful left-wingers, socialist-fascist men and women, replaced the swastikas with lapels to which they affixed socialist hammers and sickles of Hope & Change going FORWARD!

The characters didn’t change. The sentiments didn’t change.

Both Nazi and Communist sentiments were based in the politics of envy and resentment of the productive and the successful.

The revolution didn’t change.

Only the uniforms changed from Nazi socialist to Communist socialist.

Business continued as usual: resentful, socialist, fascist, dictatorial and tyrannical.

Both systems ended in poverty and death.


Today the EU’s Palestinized- Nazis call Hungary a “Nazi state” for refusing to submit to an Islamist and LGBTQ invasion that Europe invited on itself. The Euro’s leftwing media went along with this narrative, the same way the US media promotes the  invasion of America from the southern border.

Now they’re calling Poland a Nazi state for its refusal to submit. And soon they’ll do likewise to Slovania, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Russia and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, the defamers are quietly closing their borders as their streets light up aflame, and are sending many invaders back to their origins.

The cited “Nazis” of Eastern Europe, Hungary and Poland, lost their sense of humor along with their heads a few hundred years ago to Muslim invasions and 150 years of occupation, and don’t want another invasion of Middle Eastern men of fighting age raping their daughters. 

Today the Eastern Euro women are the so-called “Nazis” who prefer not to indulge in impromptu sex while having their front teeth bashed out by crude Middle Eastern men of fighting age. For some unfathomable reason, they don’t want to be “owned” by barbarians shouting “Allahu Akbar!” 

They will tell you, “Take your diversity and shove it!”

The EU’s jackboot-licking media call these women “Nazis” and “right wingers.” And then they call Israelis Nazis for not submitting to the Jihad waged against them for a century.

Every day they demonstrate liberal “tolerance.”

PHOTO CREDITS by Author- Turkish Mosque, Hungary, now a bath

During WWII the real Nazis of Western Europe doing the name calling today, invaded Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Russia.The current EU’s movers and shaker’s fathers were the Nazis who had made defense and offense pacts with Middle Eastern leaders in 1939.

PHOTO CREDITS by Author – Turkish mosque in Budapest being renovated as a historical site

They failed to hold the territories cited. So they want the Muslims to help them out.

The organization of European States we call the European Union are filled with the Nazis and Fascists descendants. So susrprise.

After all, the European Union was the Führer’s idea in the first place!

You see, the biggest historical hoaxes taught in America’s school by leftwing ideologues was that the NAZIS were “right wing.”

In fact they were a “socialist worker’s party,” leftwing by definition. 

It’s in their name: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – NSDAP.

The Nazis were lefwingers always. The Soviets were left-wingers always.

There never was a right wing in Europe until modern times. Today’s right wing is represented by Israel and Jew-friendly eastern Europe.

You will find evil in the EU the likes of which you had never imagined, disguised as good. 

RODNEY ATKINSON: THE EUROPEAN UNION IS PRIMARILY A NAZI-FASCIST-RACIST EMPIRE …importing future slave labor with a happy spin…Inshallah, and what you’ll see are the chickens coming home to roost.




The statements are backed by reams of documented history detailing the names and provenance of the characters who made up the EU’s leadership.

This video is arguably the most damning indictment of postwar Europe and the EU, and it is as timely as it gets.

It details the Nazi origins, agenda, plans and processes that formed the EU, and the subsequent planned destruction of democratic sovereignty for every nation in Europe. The destruction of sovereignty was planned in secret behind closed doors and finalized in The Lisbon Treaty. More importantly, you’ll get to know the characters. We are speaking here about wiping out entire European nations, their cultures and history, and civilization as we knew it. 

It almost succeeded and may yet succeed.

And all this time you thought the Nazis lost the war, eh?

That is exactly what they want you to think.

Do you wonder why so few Nazi war criminals were ever prosecuted and why so few were assassinated?

They had friends in high places, from the Vatican, to every European government’s echo chambers.

The UK’s parliamentarian names the EU’s Nazi functionaries, collaborators and enablers. You will see the faces of their descendants who are still in love with neo-Nazi fascism and ideology. These are the people who call women and nations who “don’t get along” while being raped “Nazis.”

Or worse, “right wingers.” 

In fact, they sound just like your domestic media punditry in the US, don’t they?

Just substitute “RACIST” for Nazis.

These are Europe’s elites and movers and shakers. Not just Germany’s, but throughout Europe, the EU functionaries have reinvented themselves and transited into modern European politics. They planted themselves into the banks, universities, governments, and the EU’s central bureaucracies.

Just like the Hungarian Fascists who switched lapels on their uniforms and planted themselves into a new, but still familiar bureaucracy.

The EU’s formation and activities were a continuation of Hitler’s plans for a Greater Europe – united with one currency and one political will – a One World Government.

German led.

Today’s EU parallel the Nazi’s alignment with the Islamists during Hitler’s time.

Hitler’s organizational framework has not changed. It is the same plan it was eighty years ago – and the Czechs, Poles, Serbs, Slovaks, Croats and Hungarians, always the least powerful, alone stand up to resist it. They resist the very same way they had stood up to and resisted Communist Socialist Fascism, coercion, blackmail, and economic aggression. 

If you care about world affairs, this video may be one of the most informative and well-researched documentaries you can see, that provides insight into what is really happening in Europe, at G20, Bilderberg, and at Davos. In the United States. You will understand the real threat of the Iran Deal and why it is such a good deal for the genuine Nazis who can now execute – and finalize – the plans in Mein Kampf. The Final Solution.

The rest of the world will continue to remain in the dark awaiting Hope & Change.

These sons and grandsons, daughters and granddaughters of former fascists and elites today govern Europe.

They have nukes, money, power, and they are doing exactly what America’s president is doing.

Bowing to Islam, bowing to a socialist Utopia, and making the world a SAFER PLACE for Islam and socialism.

Not a safe place, for YOUR LIVES NEVER MATTERED.

The Brussels Project to destroy other nation’s sovereignty? 

Indoctrinate other’s children into LGBTQ dysfunction?

Blow it up like that Nazi stadium.

The Lisbon Treaty? Burn it down (figuretively) like the Reichtag!