The Future of the Democrat Party

What is next for the Democrat party after such an embarrassing show last week?

As the media can no longer ignore the obvious, and Democrat leaders hit the panic button, the country is about to experience the most bizarre election cycle we’ve ever seen.

Now it’s time for some speculation.

Over the weekend we heard news that the Biden administration had a sit down to discuss the future of the campaign. Donors are walking away, and party leaders are concerned of down ballot tickets across the country.

This far into the game, the question now is, how can a major political party recover from replacing the head of the presidential ticket?

To establish a brand new candidate, lay out a new platform, stand out as new and different on the campaign trail and prove yourself to the constituents, all in less than 127 days. Is it possible? It seems near impossible.

So let’s look at the potential replacements…

Kamala Harris- If there is a swap in the party, Kamala seems the most likely, or at least the most logical. As the VP, she’s been eyeing the position since the beginning. And with Democrat voters already choosing their primary preference in the early months of the year, Kamala seems the likely choice to take the top of the ticket and choose a new running mate. The problem, however, is her poll ratings are lower than Joe’s. Every time she speaks her numbers go down, and even in her home state, most Democrats and voter groups, mostly minority groups, do not like her. A Kamala presidential bid is a major loss to the Democrat party.

Hillary Clinton- A rematch of 2016? Could Hillary rise to the challenge again and take to the campaign? Another establishment candidate running the party behind the scenes, Clinton still thinks Trump stole her chance of fame and power, and is looking for revenge. The problem with this campaign is, like with Kamala, Hillary continues to be extremely unpopular among her own party. And unlike in 2016, they cannot play the card of Trump “colluding” with another nation to sabotage the threat. Could she create a new scheme in the next few months?

Michelle Obama- The celebrity of the bunch. While she’s repeatedly mentioned she does not want to run for office, we’ve heard that from politicians in the past, right before they announce their campaign. And while she has little to no governing experience, she is the celebrity rock star with the Obama name that could potentially excite voters enough on the Democrat side to turn out in November on such short notice. And besides…the Obamas are already running things behind the scenes anyways aren’t they? Now they can fulfill their agenda without using a Manchurian candidate in the office.

Gavin Newsom- The narcissist of the bunch. Gavin has his own ambitions and this could be the opportunity for him to pursue his next venture. And personally, I believe he would be the biggest threat to Trump in the election. Gavin has destroyed the state of California and even Democrats know it, but Gavin is smooth enough to lead voters down the road of his lies and manipulations. His debate/interview with Sean Hannity proved to us that he is slick and can win a debate easily, even if what he says is completely untrue. If he were in a one on one debate with Trump, I fear he would win. Trump doesn’t prep, nor rattle off stats and numbers, while Gavin could make them up, and appear to be the superior candidate. His downfall, however, is that he does not take orders from the Obamas. He has his own plans, and doesn’t seem like one to be the puppet many in DC are looking for in the presidency, making him unlikely to be the next candidate. Plus he doesn’t fit the narrative on being a minority, or woman, or part of the LGBTQ community.

Beyond these, no other candidate on the Democrat side has enough name recognition to rally the troops fast enough to win against Trump.

Great news for us… We can sit back, and if we do our due diligence to “get out the vote”, I see a very big win for us in November!