The Hunt For The Almighty Zero

By: - September 23, 2021

Westfield Washington Schools’ superintendent told parents that the school would only remove mask mandates when the Wuhan Coronavirus cases improve. When pressed on what metric is used to determine improvement, he had no answer. Is that because he had no guidance on the matter, or because he was looking for all of the cases to go away? Last year, all the legacy news stations could talk about was how many people were dying, yet now the daily reports are about how many cases there are. A year ago, Fauci and other talking heads told Americans that we must mask until the vaccine came out, and then we could return to “normal,” now, the vaccine has come out, and people are still getting sick. The Mayo Clinic describes herd immunity as 70% of the population vaccinated or recovered from an illness. To date, the U.S. has approximately 67% of our total population either fully “vaccinated” or recovered from the virus. Despite over 76% of adults having at least one shot, we’re seeing mask mandates sweeping across the country again as breakthrough cases pop up at a much greater tick than the “rare” amount that Dr. Fauci described.

Why do Americans accept constantly moving the goalposts? Perhaps it’s because the populace has been conditioned over time that the almighty zero case number is the only way to survive.

When discussing what Dr. Fauci calls breakthrough cases, I immediately think about how many people in the public eye reported having a breakthrough case. Governor Abbott of Texas, comedians Gabriel Iglesias and Chris Rock, Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich, boxer Oscar De La Hoya, and many more. There was an outbreak in Massachusetts which showed more than 70% of cases were breakthroughs. Also, several Olympians were forced to quarantine after having a post-injection positive test. Personally, out of about 50 coworkers, I know of at least seven who’ve had a breakthrough case, and six of them were symptomatic. One of which had severe adverse reactions to her shots. Maybe a little more than ten percent is considered rare, but how many other vaccines have the same amount of breakthrough cases, save the flu with 131 identified influenza A strains and only a portion of them included in the annual vaccine? The amount of breakthrough cases and the need for the fictional zero case count explains why the CDC has been changing the definition of “vaccination” from “the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease” to “the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection to a specific disease.”

While reviewing breakthrough cases, I find Israel to be a prime example of the effectiveness of these vaccines. Israel is not the only example but is significant because they have 78% of eligible Israelis over 12 years old vaccinated. Recent reports claim nearly 60% of the positive cases had previously received the shots. Yet, while the majority of Americans have received the same Pfizer injections, the CDC is still claiming breakthrough cases are rare and continue to push masks. That’s why I have wondered for some time if these ‘breakthrough infections’ would be the catalyst for the current administration to begin mandating the jab for more than just their employees. Now we know the White House believes it’s their right to direct the Labor Department and OSHA to force businesses to mandate the jabs for their employees. Dr. Fauci is even pushing the idea of school injection mandates quite hard now. If you listen to the “it’s rare” mantra that the media keeps selling to the country for the government, then why all the new mask mandates? Perhaps the vaccine is less effective than the 94% it was once touted as having. It could be because the studies only cared about severe cases instead of infectivity or virulence. These studies help explain why the CDC changed the definition of vaccination to hide that the “vaccines” developed were nothing more than therapeutics through genetic manipulation. Knowing this helps explain why the complete company name is Moderna Therapeutics, and they are known as a gene therapy company. Their website describes the science behind mRNA as “… to create a desired therapeutic effect”. Therapeutics won’t get you to a zero case metric because they’re designed to treat current cases and not grant you lasting immunity. It could even be that the government wants to keep their newfound power over the citizenry of this country, just like how Indiana’s governor keeps extending their public health emergency, all the while holding his maskless inaugural ball. Regardless of what you might believe about why the injections are being pushed, it is at the minimum because they’re seeking the hypothetical zero case number.

The CDC hunts for zero cases and continually attempts to convince everyone that their safety will always be in jeopardy with even one infection reported. The CDC behaves like New Zealand, which has repeatedly shut down after a single positive case. Despite the hunt for zero cases, they’ll never stop finding them as long as people continue to test for it. The Wuhan Coronavirus is the first virus in history that we test healthy and asymptomatic people for. If this wasn’t enough to ensure we’ll never find the magical zero cases, SARS-CoV-2 is also mutating just like viruses do. Many animal species carry this virus, and as long as a virus can be carried and transmitted by animals, humans will always be susceptible. This virus has already been found in tigers, dogs, cats, deer, and mink. The hunt for the fabled zero almost makes me wonder if they will try to inoculate animals as well.

As breakthroughs continue to surface, the hunt for zero continues. While emphasizing this need for no new infections to the public, booster shots are now being given the same emphasis. Israel is on their second booster and fourth shot from Pfizer, and the first booster is now being promoted and injected here in the United States. Due to so many still afraid of this virus, people are racing to get their third jab despite the FDA voting 16-2 against recommending it because of its questionable efficacy and safety.

Look how far we’ve fallen from the frozen ground of Valley Forge, all the way to the obedient masking of virus fearful citizens. For General Washington and his men, victory was a hopeful prayer with little chance of success. Today, the timid have an even smaller chance of ever seeing zero cases from this virus.

The idea of any virus having zero cases in the future is a fallacy when those viruses have more hosts than humans. If a virus is transmitted through vectors, such as mosquitoes, ticks, or other animals, eliminating those viruses is impossible. The flu has over 100 strains and are found in pets and farm animals, but a vaccine for the flu has been around since the 1940s. Yet, we still have tens of millions of flu cases in America each year. In the last ten years, according to the CDC, we’ve seen between 20 and 58 million symptomatic cases annually. SARS-CoV-2 has at least ten variants known to the CDC and likely more. The various strains have caused 42 million cases in just over a year and a half and are found in multiple animal species. Regardless of the effectiveness of vaccines, we will never see zero cases.

The mythical zero case count is just that, a myth.

Be smarter than what social media and other agencies that have anything to gain in promoting fear think you are. Don’t let them fool you into thinking one more shot or one more month of lockdowns and masks will get to a zero case threshold. The hunt for the almighty zero is nothing more than a snipe hunt.

Those who know better enjoy the fresh air, and to those who choose to live in fear, happy hunting.