The Not So Hidden Agenda of Higher Fuel Prices

By: - November 22, 2021

Prices are going up and we all know that.  Where just a short time ago the U.S. was energy independent for the first time, that is no more.  The move to become once again a fossil fuel under-producer started on the very first day of the Biden administration.

With his first act as President, the Keystone pipeline was halted.  Soon after many more acts and policies were put in place that seemed counterintuitive to most of us.  Oil leases were curtailed. Limitation on drilling and exploration were put in place.  Now we are even hearing of another pipeline, Line 5, in the crosshairs of the administration. On top of that, the banking industry is being pressured to not fund (lend) the oil industries the funds to finance new explorations and operations.  It is an orchestrated effort to bankrupt the energy sector.  In fact, one of the administration’s proposed nominees has actually said that aloud.  This at the same time the Biden administration is pressuring OPEC to produce more oil, something they disagreed with.  OPEC as much as said to the Biden administration to go pound sand.

Saule Omarova, Biden’s nominee for comptroller of the currency, said on video “coal, oil and gas, troubled industries” in which “a lot of the small players … are going to probably go bankrupt.” At least, we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right?”

As you listen to politicians on the left, the drumbeat to kill the energy industry in the U.S. seems a central point. But why?  Why would anyone in their right mind do everything they could to raise prices and handcuff the very industrial engine that has driven this country to greatness? Why?

Some in the news media say that they do not understand the thinking behind the new policies and measures but the reason is actually very clear.  We, the American people, have been told all along why this is happening.  Why didn’t we listen?

The real reason the oil and gas industry are being targeted by this administration:

From the very beginning of the Biden campaign and now solidly a central part of his administration is the move to electric vehicles, solar and wind power generation. He wants to hasten the phasing out of fossil fuels all on the altar of climate change.  He touts the building of 500,000 charging stations all over the country.  The administration is proposing large subsidies to purchase these new and nonexistent electric vehicles.  He has to, because the price of an electric vehicle is cost preventive for most people.

So how do you force the people of the U.S. to abandon their dependence on fossil fuel?  Easy, you make is so expensive that it is no longer affordable. Gas at four, five, or ten dollars a gallon will force some to stop using it. Trips will be scheduled more carefully, and cost will have to be considered unlike anything we have had to deal with before.

When it costs $150.00 to fill your tank, the thought of an electric car looks a little more feasible.  And if there is less and less fossil fuel or natural gas, not because of potential capacity but because of restrictions, then that electric power with all the government subsidies and support is more attractive. Remember, this is the Green New Deal.  This is what the Biden administration pushed and if they can’t get the public to buy in, they force it by making it impossible to do anything else.

Of course, the U.S. does not have the capacity to charge all these hundreds of thousands of E vehicles.  We do not have the charging stations yet. They are not built.  We don’t have the batteries for the cars.  We don’t have the solar panels or the rest.  However, guess who does, that is right, China.  Many of the needed components for the batteries and the panels and the infrastructure to go to electric power are not held by the U.S.

So also, look at what happens in a long winter.  The sun that solar energy depends on does not provide the power to the solar panels.  In an arctic cold spell, a time when people need to heat their homes, cloud cover and heavy snow and reduced hours of sunlight will reduce power production. In addition, don’t forget about ice.  Remember the giant wind generators in Texas that froze? Power production ceased from those units causing, in part, a total grid failure.

The Biden administration’s focus on the Green New Deal and climate change has influenced their decisions and policies to a very myopic view of the future. Instead of encouraging the fossil fuel industry to produce more and cleaner energy while also ramping up renewable “Green” energy, they have chosen to kill the coal, oil, and gas energy industry to force us to accept their view of what is better for us.

Their plan of electric cars, wind generators and solar power running the country, all before they have anything in place to make that happen is dangerous to the country.  It is ill conceived and frankly, the folly of an administration that is delusional and incompetent.

I am not saying that there is a conspiracy or concerted effort to make China all the richer on purpose but with the push to convert the U.S. from a fossil fuel to a green energy dependent country, that is the result.  We become dependent on foreign partners, partners that have a direct interest in our demise, to power our country.

Let me just close with this.  The policies this administration is following, a shift in policy to change the fundamental operations in the U.S. and the economy, was designed by a 32-year-old former barista, organizer for Bernie Sanders, and member of the Democratic Socialists of America who drives a  Tesla.

God help us.