The Power of Independent Media

By: - May 1, 2023

While the mainstream media may still be called the “mainstream media”, Americans are realizing the classic cable channel TV news is becoming more irrelevant by the day.

Many cable network channels and radio stations alike have forgotten a simple rule of the industry- that viewers and listeners do not follow their network for the network itself, they follow the network due to the content and hosts they broadcast. There are very few people that follow CNN, or Fox News, or any radio station just because of the call letters. They follow them to see or listen to Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, or even the Voice of Reason (not to compare our show to the reach and listenership of any of the these great legends). When those hosts disappear from the station do the listeners and viewers continue to follow the station, or the host?

After the recent firing of Tucker Carson at Fox News, the cable network had a rude awakening of watching their shares tank by close to $1 billion, and their ratings in the primetime 8pm slot fall from close to 3.2 million daily viewers to near 1.5 million just two days later.

Was it worth it?

At the same time, Tucker on the other hand releases a single video on his twitter feed, and within days had 23 million views, and near 80 million impressions on a single social media platform- higher numbers than the number one podcast in the world, Joe Rogan (roughly averaging 11 million downloads per episode).

However Tucker Carlson chooses to move forward with his ventures, these numbers show there is a desperate need for real, honest, and deep conversations about the important issues of the day. With the “information overload” in society, people are not looking for information, but wisdom on how to break down all the information thrown at them on a daily basis. It also shows that the mainstream media is not providing that for the mass media consumer.

And that is encouraging.

Each individual voice is important and is changing lives. No longer do the cable networks have an iron grip control on content. We do. We decide what is important. We hold everyone else accountable to truth, honesty, and common sense. We challenge the narrative on the issues.

Every podcast show, local radio show, small network TV show, internet podcasting network, or internet blogger is becoming a stronger voice every day. The consumer is choosing the independent talk over the talking heads.

It’s the end of controlled content.

So thank you: the viewer here, the podcast listener, the radio show listener, the live stream viewer. Thank you for keeping independent media alive, and thriving better than every before. When we ask what we can do, this is it. Fight the narrative and watch the establishment crumble under their own weight and egos.

Continue to find the shows that stand on principle rather than cower to corporate goons. Because this is why the government is scared to death of social media sites that are not under their jurisdiction, or websites that question their motives. And it’s those websites and shows that need more support than ever.

We are the catalyst. We are the change. We are the future.

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