There Is No Liberty In Mandates

By: - August 20, 2021

What happened to us? What happened to this country? There was a time not too long ago that our enemies wouldn’t mess with us for fear of swift and terrible retribution. It was like the height of the Roman Empire. Friends and foes alike would let anyone pass without confrontation who stated, “I am a Roman Citizen”. Today, this is no longer the case. Our Secretary of State was challenged and criticized by China in Alaska. American companies have been ransomed by foreign organizations. Great Britain chastised Biden for his handling of Afghanistan, and the Taliban threatens U.S. citizens attempting to leave the country. The world no longer sees the U.S. as the superpower it once was. Who could blame them with our leadership telling us to be afraid of everything and canceling individual liberty through mandates?

It’s not just the current administration trying to establish the state as everyone’s sugar daddy. Governors have been doing the same. This obvious over-reach is nothing new for certain Democrat governors who’ve mandated people to take the jab or don’t frequent any businesses, determine the type of grocery bag you can use, and tell you how many sugary drinks are allowed to be consumed. Republicans aren’t free from guilt here; they have been doing the same. They’ve locked down their states, extended declarations of emergencies for more than 500 days because of this virus, and centralized public health decisions to the statehouse. The only thing worse for liberty than a state declared mandate is the citizen’s acceptance of said mandates.

Public and government officials across the country have been usurping the individual liberties of Americans. Officials down to school boards are deciding it’s their job to protect children. That is a lie they tell the populace to create state-sponsored control. It is not the government’s job to protect you, just as it is not the school board’s job to protect children. That job, duty, and responsibility rests solely in the hands of the individual and the parent. When some Republicans, who run on a small government platform, stand idly by and sometimes issue these mandates, they tell the American public they no longer trust the citizens with their freedoms and liberties.

School boards are telling students that they shouldn’t trust their parents with the responsibility to decide what’s best for their children when they issue these mandates, sometimes without a vote. What a great way to make little state-run minds in this world. We, as the American public, have been letting the government take more and more power from the individual. Their expanded welfare is creating a generation dependent on the state-distributed dollar. They’re building a culture in which people will only listen to the state when it comes to decisions about their health by mandating medical choices for the individual. Now the current administration is bending to the will of terrorists and allowing themselves to be pushed around by the rest of the world. These actions, or inactions, create a nation that no longer leads or puts its citizens first. It’s creating a dependent culture reliant on the approval of other countries.

What happened to the America our founders fought and bled to create and protect? Are we all right with everything given up to the state? Government actors push that every decision made by the individual should be delegated to the state. Our founders and revolutionary soldiers are undoubtedly rolling in their graves. It’s time to stand up to the many mandates in this country that have been forced on its citizenry. It’s time to protect the parent’s right to parent their children. It is past time for America to act American again.