Trump Fade Away or Here Forever?

By: - December 16, 2020

It’s an interesting thought… to wonder how long before Donald Trump fades away.  Will it be newsworthy whenever he tweets in three months?  Six months?  A year or four?  I seriously doubt that he has the staying power for more than a year.  The realities of the new world will eventually cause him to be less and less relevant.  Particularly when he will soon face some pretty serious charges in New York state alone.   Plus, it will be hard for him to keep down other Republicans seeking to replace him.  There are a lot of good, tough-to-beat challengers out there.  Some who could seriously challenge Biden/Harris in 2024.

That’s why this article by Chris Cillizza of CNN is so appropriate.  A fight for the soul of the Republican Party is coming.  I doubt that Trump will last long.  Oh, by the way if the Republicans could get behind John Kasich, I’d vote for him.  And I’m a Democrat.