War in the Shadows: The Unconventional Warfare Shaping America’s Future

War in the Shadows: The Unconventional Warfare Shaping America’s Future

War in the Shadows: The Unconventional Warfare Shaping America’s Future – By Brendi Wells

Author: Brendi Wells

In the modern era, warfare has evolved beyond the conventional battlefields of the past, embracing a more insidious form of conflict that infiltrates every aspect of society. This article delves into the multifaceted arena of unconventional warfare, highlighting how these covert operations are not just a challenge to America’s security but a strategic maneuver aimed not only at undermining its very foundation but also at ultimately toppling the government.


Digital Information Warfare

At the forefront of unconventional warfare is the manipulation of information—a battleground where foreign entities not only leverage social media, fake news, and cyber tactics to distort public perception and incite societal divisions but also employ local state actors, turning them into traitors through blackmail, bribes, or whatever means necessary. This strategy ensures that infiltrators, acting as spies in every industry and government agency, are now in the majority, working against the American government and its people from the inside out. This digital onslaught goes far beyond the natural progression of technology, representing a calculated assault on democratic processes. Through the spread of misinformation and the exploitation of online platforms, adversaries aim to destabilize nations from within, eroding trust in public institutions and weakening the social fabric that binds communities together.


Economic Dependence and Espionage

America’s reliance on foreign manufacturing and technology has become a double-edged sword, compromising its economic sovereignty and opening avenues for espionage. Economic espionage, manifesting through corporate hacking and intellectual property theft, is a cornerstone of this unconventional warfare. By siphoning off America’s technological innovations and strategic secrets, adversaries aim to diminish its competitive edge and economic vitality, draining our resources and threatening national security and halting any form of future prosperity.


Influence Operations and Soft Power

The subtle yet potent force of soft power is wielded by foreign nations to shape global narratives to their advantage, often at America’s expense. Through cultural exchanges, control over media outlets, and influence within academic circles, these operations work to realign the international order subtly. This strategy of soft coercion seeks to alter perceptions and values, undermining American interests and promoting alternative worldviews that are conducive to the goals of the enemy.


Cybersecurity Threats and Infrastructure

The cyber domain has become a critical frontline in unconventional warfare, with attacks on essential infrastructure posing a grave threat to national security. Targeting energy grids, supply chains, water supplies, and election systems, these cyber operations have the potential to paralyze a nation. Executed remotely, they can disrupt millions of lives, sow chaos across societies, and undermine confidence in the nation’s ability to protect its citizens—all without a single soldier setting foot on American soil.


Medical Tyranny

An emerging tool in the arsenal of unconventional warfare is medical tyranny, where health crises are manipulated or fabricated to exert control over populations and governments. Through the imposition of restrictive health measures, mandatory medical interventions, and the control of pharmaceuticals including mandating a poison shot, adversaries not only undermine public health autonomy and create dependency on foreign entities, but they are also killing us without firing a single shot. This strategy not only exacerbates societal divisions but also enables external powers to influence domestic policies and individual freedoms, further destabilizing the nation.


Illegal Immigration and Border Flooding

A critical and often overlooked aspect of unconventional warfare is the orchestrated flooding of America’s borders with illegal immigrants, directed under the guise of promises for a new life. This influx is not a random occurrence but a calculated move to exploit American generosity and legal loopholes, burdening the social and economic infrastructure far beyond breaking point. Taxpayer money is diverted to support this migration and the newcomers upon their arrival, often at the expense of American citizens who find themselves excluded from homeless shelters and social security benefits. This scenario creates a paradox where the American people fund their own displacement and the gradual erosion of their societal cohesion and national identity.


Proxy Wars and Non-State Actors

America’s engagement with non-state actors and indirect involvement in proxy wars represent a significant dimension of unconventional warfare. These conflicts, often fought on foreign lands, drain resources, divert attention, and exact a heavy toll in human lives. By engaging in these shadow wars, adversaries leverage third parties to wage conflict, avoiding direct confrontation while steadily eroding America’s strategic advantages and international standing.


The specter of unconventional warfare demands a comprehensive reevaluation of our national security strategies and a robust defense mechanism that can adapt to the complexities of modern conflict. As America navigates these shadow wars, the imperative first step must be to identify and systematically purge all traitors embedded within industry, government, and non-profit organizations that serve as proxies for enemy interests, as well as other treacherous groups. This cleansing is essential; without excising this malignant influence at its root, America’s recovery and future safeguarding are in jeopardy. Exposing and eradicating evil in every facet of society is not just a governmental duty but a collective responsibility of every God fearing American.


To ensure the resilience of the Constitution and societal cohesion, America must bolster its cyber defenses, safeguard its economic interests, counter the proliferation of misinformation, address the challenges posed by medical tyranny, and forcefully contend with the intricacies of illegal immigration and border security. Vigilance and adaptability are paramount in this era of covert conflict, for the battle spans not only territorial lines but also the minds and hearts of the global populace.


Every American citizen plays a crucial role in this collective endeavor. Individuals can contribute by staying informed, critically evaluating information sources to combat misinformation, participating in civic activities that foster community strength, and advocating for transparency and accountability in public and private sectors. Support for policies that protect national interests and promote ethical governance is vital. Engaging in dialogue, educating oneself and others about the nuances of these unconventional threats, and demanding integrity from elected officials and industry leaders are steps every citizen can take toward fortifying the nation against these insidious wars.


In the face of such multifaceted challenges, unity, and proactive engagement are our most powerful weapons. Together, by exposing malfeasance and insisting on integrity across all spheres of influence, Americans can forge a resilient society capable of withstanding the shadowy tides of unconventional warfare. The path to recovery and enduring security lies in our collective action and unwavering commitment to the principles that define us.


In confronting the myriad challenges posed by unconventional warfare and the internal threats to its fabric, America faces a pivotal moment that calls for a return to its foundational principles, notably its Christian heritage. The nation was built upon values that emphasize faith, liberty, and integrity, values that are deeply intertwined with a collective trust in God. It’s evident that as society drifts further from these guiding principles, it edges closer to discord and fragility. The path to national resilience and moral fortitude lies not only in strategic defenses and policy reforms but also in a collective spiritual warfare and renewal.


This call to action is rooted in the belief that spiritual revival is paramount to national healing and strength. The biblical scripture from 2 Chronicles 7:14 encapsulates this sentiment perfectly: “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” This verse is a powerful reminder of the transformative power of faith and repentance, teaching that healing and prosperity are within reach if our nation collectively turns back to Father God.


Therefore, alongside the necessary steps to purge malevolent influences from its midst, safeguard its borders, and protect its democratic institutions, America must rekindle its spiritual connection. Every citizen’s endeavor to foster unity, integrity, and a deeper sense of community is crucial in this journey. By doing so, Americans not only work towards securing their nation from external and internal threats but also towards healing the spiritual and moral fabric of their society.


In conclusion, as America navigates through the challenges of unconventional warfare and societal division, the solution lies not only in strategic and civic actions but also in a profound spiritual reawakening. By returning to the principles upon which it was founded and heeding the call to humility and prayer, America can hope to see a restoration of its strength, unity, and prosperity. The promise of healing and renewal, as assured by the timeless words of scripture, stands as a beacon of hope for a nation in search of its path back to Father that will ultimately lead back to prosperity, peace and stability

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