What Are You Afraid Of?

By: - August 27, 2021

Long gone are the days where FDR’s words, “All we have to fear is fear itself.” rang true. Today, Americans seem to be afraid of so many things. For some, it might be government overreach. For others, it might be rising inflation and rising national debt. However, far too many people fear a virus that we now know is treatable, survivable, and highly politicized. That fear is evident as schools begin to mandate masks again, people wait impatiently to inject their child with a shot, and the White House pushes businesses to start requiring injections. I don’t know about you, but this new normal sucks.

To return to “normal,” Fauci instructed Americans that everyone had to get a shot billed as 94% effective two weeks after the second dose. Some people couldn’t wait to get in line for it, but others hesitated. Then companies and local governments started offering donuts, cash, lottery tickets, and more to get jabbed. As Americans still waited, employers started mandating it for employment. Now federal employees are required to have their vax pass or submit to regular testing. We’ve begun seeing corporations and concerts requiring an injection status or a two day old negative test.

The more they force compliance, the more questions, and distrust I experience.

After years of trust in the government, which lulled them into compliance, people have had the wool pulled over their eyes. The constant lies about this virus and its ‘vaccines’ do nothing but garner distrust for many people. The latest lie, or preliminary research, is that the 94% effective shot needs a booster eight months later after the two doses. It could simply be a lack of a completed trial as they gave the placebo group the shot after two months, then sought emergency use authorization following that. Or maybe it could be that the last time a company tried to tackle an mRNA vaccine, they killed all the animal trial subjects when they reintroduced the virus. This time around, phase two, or animal trials, were skipped altogether. I guess next time, Pfizer and Moderna should study a brand new type of vaccine a bit longer before taking it to the market; if you can call the market, prepaid shots.

Fauci told the American people that breakthrough cases are rare and adverse reactions usually are nothing more than a fever and some aches. Then why do we see celebrities and prominent government officials have a positive test after receiving their mandated injection? Then why does my coworker, who made sure all attendees to her wedding had received the shot, suddenly suspect what she’s experiencing are side effects a month after multiple asymptomatic positive tests, which were six months after her last shot? Why does my boss’s physician believe her heart attack was a vaccine injury just a couple of months after she raced to get her injections?  Again, Fauci told the American people these issues were rare; however, I personally know more people that have had an injury, harmful side effect, or breakthrough case than I do those who needed hospitalization with the virus.

We’re supposed to be so afraid of this virus that districts have reinstituted masking mandates after as little as two days of being back to school. Locally, four school districts sent out emails to parents at about four in the afternoon on a Friday to go back to mandatory masking. This while the state fair continues twenty miles to the south in a county with a higher positivity rate and a governor putting on his inaugural ball the next week with 6000 people invited a few miles away. In the same county, a two-show concert for a major artist takes place in one of the school districts, and an NFL training camp takes place in another. These events are allowed to happen unmasked, while nearly all businesses won’t require one either, but your kids have to wear a mask in school. The very day before the mandate came out, I was in my school’s administrator’s offices without a single mask in view. However, the next day, the school board president wants parents to live in fear by twisting the news of two nearby children’s hospitals stating they’re seeing most SARS-CoV-2 treated at home among children, into fear of the infection itself. I guess the virus just attacked all the school buildings overnight, and every illness equates to hospitalization or fatality. That’s why the county I live in and the county directly to the south where those children’s hospitals reside have seen fourteen school-age hospitalizations in a month, compared to 2848 positive cases. That’s a .5% infection hospitalization rate.

Locally, I see parents, taxpayers, and employees pulling the blinkers off. They’ve decided not to worry about the scare tactics perpetrated on the American people anymore. Employees are turning in their jab exemption forms by the dozens, medical freedom rallies are popping up everywhere, and communities are attending school board meetings in record numbers. Four days after the school masking mandate, which expanded to a fifth local school, board meetings took place in two neighboring districts under masking orders. The meetings were so packed with angry parents that it was standing room only. My school board saw people with signs lined up an hour early, and 70% of attendees refused to wear the mandated mask. During this meeting, the only data given from anyone in favor of masks was from a pediatrician that took a community mitigation measures study and presented it as a pro-mask study. According to this pediatrician, the flu reduction from the combined mitigation measures of school shutdowns, mass gathering restrictions, telework, stay-at-home orders, and masks was only due to masks in her presentation. She pushed the envelope even further by telling the room that RSV is causing the ICUs to be full of sick kids, that schools should mask the children every flu and RSV season. Funny, I thought it was the SARS-CoV-2 cases that necessitated the mask mandates. Is that really what this country has devolved into? Are we a land full of scared citizens who can’t stand any illness to befall anyone, or a nation of livestock taught never to question anything and be good little citizens following orders? Thank goodness so many have stood up and said enough is enough. “I’m not afraid of this virus!”

The quote, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty,” has never rung so true.

Not only do I wonder what so many in this country are afraid of, but why are they afraid? Is it because the government told everyone they had to get this vaccine to survive? Is it that we watched the death dashboard on the nightly news every night? Or is it because we’ve become a society of helicopter parents that can’t stand any hardship befalling our kids? The latter might explain why we’ve allowed children to stay on their parent’s insurance until twenty-six and beg for a $15 minimum wage instead of teaching them to work for what they want. It might even explain why pregnant mothers have been told since the injection rollout to get the jab when there were no expectant mothers in the trials. It’s time to remember that getting sick sucks, but it only makes your immune system stronger. It’s time to step up to the fearful rhetoric circulating the interwebs and remember Reagan warned us about the government coming to help. Rise beyond your fear and decide for yourself what is best for you, as our God-given liberty gives us the inalienable right to do.

So what are you afraid of? You are stronger than you think, and it’s time to stop letting fear control this country.