Where is Real Leadership?

The past couple of weeks have been hard to watch on college campuses across the nation with such hate, anti-Semitism, violence, and “insurrection”.
While I haven’t discussed it much on the radio, I intentionally avoided the issue. Why? Because it’s completely stupid. What purpose does a protest at Columbia University have on policy and military action in Israel from the Prime Minister?
Here is a tip for the young generation wanting to “change the world for the better”. If you’re going to be an activist, do something that is actually productive.
What a wild concept.
Not to bring up the “back in my day” arguments, but as former College Republican member, we held a number of our own rallies. But we always remembered to purpose for the rally.
1) To bring awareness and education to an issue.
2) To have fun and annoy the other side.
Standing outside with signs chanting may make you sound smart (not), but it doesn’t accomplish anything. There are times we need a political jolt of energy and excitement where a rally or event helps, but to actually change something, it’s utterly useless. So you either can change the way to bring awareness, or become more violent for people to pay attention to you; which is obviously the direction these protesters have taken.
As we begin to look to the young generations to take up the torch and fight for what they believe in, these protests concern me in a deeper manner (other than the obvious lack of intelligence and anti-Semitism allowed on university grounds). We should be asking a bigger question. “Where are the leaders”?
Where are the ones that will take their passion and do something constructive? Where are the ones who will become a humanitarian overseas? Or (God forbid) an ACLU lawyer to fight for rights, or even to fly themselves to Gaza and fight alongside Hamas in an attempt to stop the evil regime of Zionists taking over the world (sarcasm inserted).
What scares me even more than the uneducated Ivy League college student fighting against American values, is the fact that we don’t know how to actually fight back against policies we disagree with. As a much needed reminder, standing and chanting with a sign doesn’t change policy. Posting angry posts on social media does not change policy, and becoming emotionally “triggered” when someone disagrees with you does not change policy.
Times have changed from the days of the Boston Tea Party and a Declaration of Independence from authority, to angry tweets and blocking traffic.
As for us conservatives, the next big question for us is how will we begin to push back against both an authoritarian government that continues to strip away personal rights and a young generation that violently allows it to happen?
We have a huge opportunity right now as we see a vast number of “RINO” wishy-washy middle of the road politicians leaving office due to “the changing political landscape”. Now is the time we can truly get conservatives in office that are willing to fight for principles and stand for what’s right, regardless of personal attacks.
No more following, but making a following.
The good times led to weak men, that led to hard times. Now it’s time for the strong men to make good times again.
It’s time for real leaders to show themselves.