AOC Claims People Who Borrow Guns Are Spouse Abusers, Tops Friday Roundup

By: - September 6, 2019

Too much to cover. Let’s dispense with the piffle and get to it 

  • AOC is a ridiculous person. But then in many ways, we live in a clown-car kind of a society, so she fits right in. Her latest quip was challenging Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who tweeted a message in support of the Second Amendment where he mentioned that with universal checks he wouldn’t be able to lend his friends handguns for protection. AOC responded that his friends “likely abused their spouse or have a violent criminal record.” She doesn’t know these people. Never met them. But they’re not from NYC or Los Angeles, so obviously they beat their spouses like a rug. Of course, naturally. SOP. Or as Crenshaw noted about where he and his pals live and her ignorance of it, “This is America outside NYC.” Bingo.
  • And speaking of the absurd, the situation in the UK, if possible, got weirder over the last day. Parliament has basically overthrown the government, a coup indeed, and has decided how and when Brexit will be managed. Insult to the nation number one. Number two? When Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson said fine, let the people decide, even though they’ve called for elections hundreds of times in the last year, the Labour Party led the push to thwart an election and continues to usurp the legitimate government. For now at least, the UK is a tea and crumpet sham of a democracy. In the place that can be called the mother of representative government the national legislature no longer represents the people, it ignores them. Oliver Cromwell, call your office. The Rump Parliament sits again.
  • Starbucks honcho and loony fanatic Howard Schultz is calling off his 2020 presidential exploratory effort. That’ll be one mocha-leftistloser dorkachino, to go.
  • Former Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe is dead. The murderous despot was a typical socialist tinhorn, ruining his country politically and economically. He makes one wish for surety there is a hell.
  • CNN railed that the president got his geography wrong when he said Dorian could have an effect on Alabama, even though their own forecasts said the same thing. Then CNN embarrassed themselves further by putting Mississippi where Alabama should have been on a graphic. Yup, the international news network that can’t read a map.
  • Pete Buttigieg believes if you eat hamburgers or use straws you are contributing to climate change and should immediately cease and desist, for the good of the planet. However, if you use jets and fossil fuel burning vehicles to get to campaign stops and television appearances, well, that’s alright then.
  • Race hustler and onetime ESPN personality Jemele Hill thinks that black athletes should leave white colleges. Isn’t it interesting that the left and the Ku Klux Klan think so alike on race issues.
  • Top tier Dem Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said yesterday that overpopulation must be stopped by abortion and population control. Same thing that was said over fifty years ago in Paul Ehrlich’s “The Population Bomb.” Ehrlich said unless we made population control mandatory the world would be soon starving and without order. Ummmm, not quite. Today’s Chicken Littles like Sanders use the same ploy to try and worm their way into more power over our lives. They want the state, regardless what they say when they claim to be for “reproductive freedom,” to be involved in our bedrooms and our intimate lives to a degree past creepy. What their doomsday scenarios also do not factor in are the advances of science and technology in dealing with population and hunger issues. Though one country did take Ehrlich’s and Sanders’ advice. That country is China and it resulted in the wholesale murder of millions of just born female infants deemed not strong enough to work in an agrarian economy. In Guangxi province alone, 17,000 women were subjected to forced sterilizations under the Chinese one-child policy. All this is of no concern to Bernie Sanders and the Dems. The Chinese are fellow Marxists to them, how can they do any wrong?
  • And finally, though few notice or will report on it, #metoo continues to unravel. Alva Johnson, who said President Trump forcibly kissed her in 2016, had her case thrown out of court as she was contradicted by several eyewitnesses. Debra Katz, Christine Ford’s radical feminist lawyer, admitted that Ford’s motivation was political not legal. She knew she would lose but wanted to hurt Kavanaugh going in so he’d have less credibility on the bench. His other accusers have been exposed as airhead frauds. Even the case against Spacey was thrown out, and the Weinstein case is postponed again and generally going nowhere. Does the lack of hunt in that crippled dog give them pause? Nahhh. Hysterical leftist women and their pet eunuchs would have us believe that so many Bolshie women were innocent victims of the fascist white patriarchy. Yet, a second later they opine that the cosmic force of feminist majesty, power, and wisdom should propel them to the White House. Do victims get to do that? One would think they are too busy being oppressed to think about such grand vistas. After all, shopping online to find red-caped pilgrim-like get ups to really prove your oppression takes time. Have a nice weekend.