Cancel Culture Rages On

By: - February 4, 2022
Who would’ve thought a non-political, even slightly left leaning, podcaster would be considered one of the most influential media personalities, and the “trend setter” for many conservative, limited government, health freedom advocates?
What a strange world we live in today.
With the ongoing attacks against Joe Rogan, we need to see this issue as a deeper sign of the ever increasing role of censorship, and the red flag we need to be aware of… That soon even the “free world” of podcasting will be controlled and limited as to what content is allowed.
Right now the beauty of podcasting is… It’s a free world! Anyone can start a podcast on any topic (and I encourage people to do so). They can talk about anything from what they made for dinner, to claiming to be a time traveler warning us about the invasion of penguins. You have that freedom. You have a voice, and are allowed to use it.
So what will change after the Joe Rogan debacle?
The entire protest began after Rogan had two very qualified and respected experts on the program discussing the “alternative” side to the pandemic.
That was AFTER having numerous mainstream doctors and experts on the program giving the same talking points we hear every day.
Now it’s branched out to minority artists protesting Spotify due to Rogan’s view on race. The veil has been lifted, and we now realize it’s not about “fake news”, or “mis-information”, but solely an agenda to cancel any content that does not go with the mainstream media.
Let’s tie this issue into the latest report of Whoopi Goldberg being suspended from The View for two weeks due to her comment that the Holocaust was “not about race”.
Imagine if Joe Rogan had made the same comment. It wouldn’t be a two week suspension, but a cancellation of his show on Spotify, litigation against him for hate speech, and demonization of any of his 11+ million followers.
Point? Cancel Culture is the expert on protecting their own and looking the other way, while going out of their way to find those against the narrative to destroy and silence.
So what does this have to do with us?
There are two points to ponder and take away from these issues.
1) If they can push to cancel a podcaster, whose only purpose was to have entertaining content and conversations with guests, it’s only a matter of time before they cancel every podcaster with an alternative view.
Spotify has announced they will be placing disclaimers on any “controversial guests or content” on podcasts. While it may seem cool and hip like it was with the parental advisories on CDs and music in the 90s, how long before that “controversial content” becomes “dangerous” for the general public or common good?
2) It’s a bigger issue that’s been becoming more prevalent over the last two years during the COVID pandemic. The government (like usual) demands obedience. They demand compliance. They demand complacency. The federal government, and many states, held onto the COVID economic shutdowns for as long as they possibly could, stating high COVID case numbers, hospitalizations, etc, while pushing for growth in social programs, and dependency.
And it was all done under the name of “public safety and the common good”.
If we do not question the generally accepted narrative, what will we blindly go along with?
An opinion article from The Hill exposes the agenda of what may be in our near future…. Now that we’ve let it get to this point.
If we stand complacent with any public health measure in the name of the general welfare or common good, what other issues are critical to the “general welfare or common good” that would be acceptable to shut down society for, or create new regulatory laws limiting personal liberty?
Climate change?
Rich people?
Gas vehicles?
Once a control freak gets a taste of control… They want more, and they find new and creative ways to not let it go.
The positive news? Most of us see it coming, and realize we can stop it in this year with elections, education, wisdom, and leading by example.
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