Divided We Stand: Disintegration of U.S. Party Relations

By: - June 10, 2021

America is still a relatively young country and has a lot of growing pains, one of the worst being the political system. As time has worn on, our party relations within our political system have become so divisive that it threatens to completely fall apart.

Early Warnings

This isn’t anything new and has been coming for a long time, since America’s inception in fact. Many of the Founding Fathers were divided over the creation of the U.S. Constitution and split into two emerging parties.

Because of that, George Washington was able to witness firsthand the effects of two parties through the destruction of friendships and arguments that led nowhere while the people they were meant to help suffered.

Seeing the future that two parties would bring, Washington spoke against them upon entering his second term. Fifteen presidencies later, Abraham Lincoln also warned that America could only be destroyed from within and no one heeded those calls.

FDR and the Rise of Socialism

Fast-forward to the 1940s after the Great Depression. It was at this time that FDR was president and the disintegration of party relations really escalated. Using the Great Depression as justification to the American people, FDR passed a number of laws with some being declared unconstitutional.

The New Deal passed as a jerk-reaction to try and prevent or end the Depression, of which it failed on both counts. In fact, it only served to divide the classes further and barely lowered unemployment which would continue to be a problem for decades.

While the New Deal failed and some of the laws pushed were removed, it put the idea in the minds of the modern Democrats which then saw a bold shift toward socialism in American politics.

Vietnam and the Loss of Family Values

That shift had a lot of Americans trying to find the best gun safes to stuff their firearms in as more people were arming themselves. Turmoil hit a higher point around the Vietnam-era when riots and violence between gangs and military spilled into the streets.

Leftist politicians capitalized on the anti-Vietnam sentiments and convinced many of the American people that the war was fabricated for corporate gains. Protestors were led to believe that Ho Chi Minh was a hero for wanting to unite his country.

The political divide became even more separated with family values taking a hit. Conservatives have been against the progressive movements of immorality from unmarried or teen pregnancies to abortion with love and marriage being almost discarded as valuable.

With no attempt to compromise or appeal to the other political spectrum, U.S. party relations began a steep decline to where they are today.

Cries for Change

If the Great Depression saw a push for socialism, current events have seen a call for communism in the guise of reform. Leftist politicians support rioting that borders on anarchism while the right seeks to condemn the violent activism. Americans want to use their best pistol sights for target and sport shooting, not getting into skirmishes with fellow countrymen.

Leftist propaganda enforces extremism and calls for universal healthcare and people blindly support it despite the fact that millions would lose their own healthcare. Anti-America hate speech is at an all-time high with no end in sight.

Republicans are standing fast to their ideals, but the modern Democratic Party doesn’t seem to be interested in including the other side. It doesn’t help that the media is used to push agendas and fear-monger the American people into hating one side or the other.

The insistence by the far left to press on with no compromise in mind for the right and a refusal to accept any kind of middle ground is sending the American political system spiraling into disintegration that it may never recover from.