If You Wished to Bring Forth a Society that is Completely Dependent and Subservient

If you wished to bring forth a society that is completely dependent and subservient, you would prey upon the youth.  Our general understanding of the adolescent mind tells us that in general youth base their judgement and decision processes on emotion. This makes them highly susceptible to rhetoric that presents the world not in reality, but as that of wishful thinking of what could be.  Historically, the totalitarian ideologies of socialism and communism have always played upon altruistic desires and emotions of youth, who choose to believe human society can be mandated, regulated, and/or otherwise forced to behave as ants or bees in a hive, where the population’s only objective should be working to fulfill the requirements of the collective.  It is easy to convince youth to discount, ignore, and/or deny the glaring fact that humans are an animal that is not driven by instinct.  We as individuals have an array of desires, dreams, hopes, wishes, cravings that are almost as unique as our finger prints.  We do have concern for the collective, but that is tempered by the knowledge that we are individuals with self-determination and priorities that help us determine how we manage our lives.

You would make sure you infiltrate the education system and create closed spheres of influence controlled by people that youth are taught and expected to respect and revere.  But these people are not put in their positions to educate and nurture intellectual development of the youth.   They are there to maintain a constant mantra that there are those, outside of the “education” system who wish to do harm to society and stifle its progression toward a utopian existence.  Realizing youth have several very strong desires, two of them being a sense of belonging to a special group and having a unique identity, you create a pseudoscience that meets their emotional expectations.  “Gender identity” is perfect for achieving the objective.  There is no scientific/medical test, or will ever be, that can prove or disprove a gender identity, it is all based on emotional “feelings.”  However, to the mind of a youth telling them that they can determine their gender provides them with a uniqueness, without having to expend any effort, and makes them part of a “special” group.  It is all fictitious, but an under-developed mind can be easily convinced to believe it is reality.

You would bring forth, distribute, and normalize a vice that clearly causes cognitive decline.  The last thing you want are youth thinking about what they are being told.  Cannabis is an ideal narcotic to achieve this objective.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states: Marijuana can cause permanent IQ loss of as much as 8 points when people start using it at a young age. These IQ points do not come back, even after quitting marijuana.” and “Research shows that people who use marijuana are more likely to have relationship problems, worse educational outcomes, lower career achievement, and reduced life satisfaction.” The narcotic appears to be very good at creating dysfunctional individuals with diminished intelligence.  Hopefully, their brain development is stymied enough that they will forever base their actions mostly on emotional thought processes.

You would determine an enemy who is trying to oppress your target audience.  During the 17th century, in the British colonies of North America the “witch” was used very effectively.   The Bolsheviks choose the capitalist “bourgeoisie” who they claimed preyed upon the poor “proletariat.”  The NAZIs claimed it was the Jew who oppressed advancement of German society.  However, the “white supremacist” is a much more well thought out, but fictitious enemy.  There are so many Caucasians in the US and every one of them could be suspect of conducting the most diabolical schemes to oppress others.  Even worse, they might harbor deep-seated heinous thoughts, such as people who are successful in life might be that way, because they use their intellect and work hard to advance themselves.

You would make the claim that you are working, with all your might, to protect the “unique” individuals from the white supremacist and others who would rob others of “freedom” by challenging the gender identity pseudoscience or the claims that there are organized white supremacy practitioners who are opposing all others in society who look and think differently.

You would attempt to make it a “hate crime” to not agree with the nonsense with which you are indoctrinating the youth.

You would create “safe spaces” in the schools where you claim you are sheltering the youth from all the evils of the world.

After a few years, you will be able to form mobs of dedicated political zealots whom you will be able to manipulate and control with simple-phrase repetitive mantras that play on nothing but emotion. They would be very willing to threaten and attempt to intimidate others who were unwilling to think as they do, giving you great power and control over society as a whole.

We all know that no one would ever be so devious to attempt to do such things.