Lies My President Told Me

By: - October 8, 2023

I understand the graft and corruption that are President Biden’s normal mode of business. What I can’t accept are the President’s lies about us. We are far better than he claims, and I refuse to let my neighbors be blamed for our President’s failings.

-President Biden said that more children die from being shot than from all other causes. That isn’t true. What the President refused to say is that honest gun owners like you and your neighbors prevented over 30-thousand murders a year because they had a firearm to defend the people they love. Did the President ignore the lives you save because he is too forgetful, or because he is too bigoted against us?

-The President said we have to stop the epidemic of gun violence we hear and see on the news. The President refused to say that the nightly violence we see and hear is from our failing Democrat controlled cities. The president refused to mention that most counties won’t have a single murder this year. He ignored that the worst 2-percent of our counties account for over half of our murders. The worst 5-percent account for about two-thirds of our murders. Even within those failed Democrat controlled cities, most of the murders are within a few zip codes. What our President can’t say is that we are seeing an epidemic of political failure and corruption on the nightly news. Democrats destroyed our once beautiful cities like Detroit, Baltimore, and Washington DC. Now those politicians need to blame you.

-The President said that modern rifles were the cause of this violence. He didn’t tell you that the overwhelming majority of murders, even mass-murders, are committed with handguns. He ignored that more of us are beaten to death with hands and feet than are killed with modern rifles. The President didn’t mention that you and your neighbors use a “modern rifle” to protect yourself thousands of times every month. You didn’t know that because the corporate media refused to correct the old man’s lies.

-The President lied again when he said that criminals get their guns from rogue gun shops and gun shows. He refused to mention that every one of the 23-thousand firearms regulations that apply at the federally licensed gun shop also applies at the gun show. He refused to mention that violent criminals with guns are part of drug gangs in our failed Democrat controlled cities. These gangs get their weapons the same way they get their drugs; they get them off the street. On average, it is 11 years from when a firearm is stolen until it is recovered in a crime. Instead, the President blamed you for the black market in drugs, people, and guns that he created by throwing open the border.

-The President said that mass-murder was caused because deranged narcissists had an unprecedented access to firearms. What the President hid was that the shocking death toll in mass-murders wasn’t because of some super weapon, but because all the victims were defenseless and disarmed. Virtually all mass-murderers attack us in “gun-free” zones. The President brags that he helped pass the “gun-free school zone” act. In fact, his signature legislation put targets on our kid’s backs and left them as sitting ducks for celebrity seeking murderers. What the President refused to say was that honest citizens like you and your neighbors stopped mass-murder about every 19 days. On the occasions when a mass-murderer tried to attack us where we can be armed, ordinary armed citizens stop the murderer over two-thirds of the time and with an 80-percent reduction in fatalities. In the last 8 years, you and your neighbors saved almost two-thousand lives as you stopped mass-murderers. Thank you.

You stopped murder and mass-murder because you were armed. Because it is so common and touches so many lives, perhaps it is more important that you and your neighbors stop assault and robbery thousands of times a day. Because you were armed, you also stopped sexual assaults by the hundreds-of-thousands each year. I thank you even if our President won’t.

The corporate media refused to correct the President’s lies. Now, Democrat politicians, anti-gun billionaires, and the mainstream media think that ordinary people like you should be disarmed because you’re too dangerous. I have to ask, too dangerous to whom?

Let me, and millions of people like me, thank you for the lives you save.


This article was originally posted at the SlowFacts blog and is used with permission.

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