Living Well with Feng Shui: Health and Happiness

By: - August 3, 2021

Happiness is an inside job?  Happiness begins at home?  Working for a better life than the generation before?  Once the basis of wholesome living, these concepts seem prehistoric in America today.  Traditional values of seeking a prosperous, fulfilling life are now replaced by fear, depression, anger, and selfishness (as in: ‘how long can I get the government to pay me to sit home?’).  Goals of happiness and freedom seem in short supply.  Enter Feng Shui.

It’s difficult to not get caught up in the negativity, but we are wasting the very limited days of our lives.  Feng Shui improves not just our environments, but our personal lives by upgrading our thoughts, attitudes, and actions.  Anger doesn’t hurt those who hurt us – it just destroys ourselves.  This is not Living Well, my friends.  What can we do?

Begin with the home’s Health sector.  Although it’s one of the least sexy or requested areas of focus, it’s the best place to start.  Occupying the home’s center position, Health is the only sector that ‘touches,’ i.e., directly affects, every other area and aspect of life.  Refining Health improves not only the well being we derive from our homes, but also our own private and public physical and mental wellness.

Our thoughts rule our lives, so let’s upgrade those first.

A $7 artwork sign in my home that I glance at often reads:  REFUSE TO SINK.   (Readers may recall that my life and home are replete with water references.)  Any object that restores positive thoughts and feelings for you in a fleeting second is worth the price – especially at $7.

Our thoughts form our attitudes and affect the energy we express. Do we choose health, happiness, and Living Well, or indigestion, anger, and a meager existence?  People say “I can’t help what I think,’ or ‘this is who I am.’ But that’s an excuse.  Every minute we decide who we are and what we’re willing to accept.  Maybe we’ll have a return engagement in 500 years; maybe we won’t.  Commit to refusing negativity and Living Well in this lifetime.  Don’t give up.  Always keep it classy.  Refuse to Sink.

Our home environments should be welcoming, energizing AND relaxing.

Health Sector (center) Feng Shui suggestion:  Nurture Yourself

The Health Sector element is Earth.  Use soft, earth-tone colors of brown, tan, beige, gold, yellow, green.

Use earth elements as ‘energizers’ including tile, ceramics, art of landscapes or other abundant/healthful items (gardens, fruit), plants, statuary (cranes and swans represent longevity); tiger eye or picture jasper are beautiful stones for grounding.

Personal qualities to cultivate: Strength (physical and emotional), grounding, and happiness.

Important Feng Shui Rule:  In upgrading your environment, only use energizers that resonate positively with you – that remind you of your goal.  Feng Shui is Living Well in happiness, health, and success.  Negativity, in thought, word, or action, is never Living Well.

Feng Shui advice:  If your dining room is in the Health sector, dine elegantly (even if alone) on a meal prepared with love and infused with positive intentions.  One’s whole life can change with an elegant meal.  A beautiful bowl of fresh fruits, candles, soft lighting, flowers (yes, even alone) can inspire a new direction.  Raise a toast to yourself, your ancestors, our country.  Raise a toast to Living Well.  You deserve it. PS:  Do it even if the dining room is not in the center!

Magic Happens, and the Magic is You