Lockdowns, Face Masks, and Kill Them All

By: - November 19, 2020

Years back, I represented (as a federally registered lobbyist) a company that manufactures containment units for humans who had been exposed to pathogens that could be contagious and present dangers to others.  I learned a lot from that experience, to include that we as humans are not the great masters of our earthly domain as we wish to pretend.  To the earth and nature, we (humans) are just another species competing for space and resources.  COVID-19 has been a good demonstration of these facts.

When the western world gained a widespread realization of the existence of COVID-19, mob mentality and hysteria became the rule.  Those in power, politically, capitalized on the situation by mandating lockdowns, face masks, and the corralling of the elderly under the care of others.  A small percentage in our society who are still able to maintain a meaningful level of intellect realized that such actions were and are futile.  COVID-19, this tiny little virus that nature has produced is well adapted to bond with so many things and reproduce at will.  It seems to easily transmit within animal species, across animal species, to the human animal, throughout humans, and even from humans to other species.  It survives in the air and on almost any surface it lands.  Somehow the egotistical human being wishes to believe this force of nature can be stopped through societal mandates, but time has shown that is not the case.

I myself have found it interesting and amusing to watch society’s fearful reaction to the virus.  Understand, I do not see myself in any way immune to the virus, I have and continue to live a very healthy lifestyle, which along with youth seem, thus far to be the only real defenses against COVID-19.  The old cliché applies here, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  However, my amusement for the world COVID-19 situation has expired.  This is not because of the continued use or expansion of lockdowns and face masks, but what is now occurring in respect to other species of animals.

The government of Denmark is attempting to “cull” millions of mink, because they are showing exposure to a mutated COVID-19 virus.  Several points: “cull” is a nice word for murder.  I bet you did not realize that mink are farm raised for their fur, which by the way is mostly sold in China.  Yes, to the same people who eat rhino, elephant tusks, bats, and pangolin scales.   This tells us a great deal about their society, but that is a story for another day.   As for the murdering of the mink, the Danish government is acting on societal fears.  Somehow, they believe that they can morally justify mass exterminations with the claim of protecting their human population, which they cannot safeguard in any way, shape, or form.  If you have intellect, you must ask the question what species will be next and when will human ego and ignorance stop such insanity?  Humans brought the virus to the mink, but now humans are going to kill them – how noble of the Danish Government.

COVID-19 is nature at its best, mutating and adapting to survive.  The virus will infect many species, killing along the way.  We humans are kidding ourselves that we have any real power over that part of nature.  The true cure for this and any virus is to live a good life before it is over.

A good friend of mine reminded me of the “Dark Ages” when many in society came to believe that the actions of “witches” were bringing forth the “Black Death”, the bubonic plague.  Since it was often difficult to locate and punish the witches, people took out their anger and hostilities on animals they claimed to know collaborated with those agents of Satan.  The people murdered a lot of cats.  The witches must have become angry and decided to conjure up a lot of rodents with fleas.

The COVID-19 insanity has demonstrated that humanity, over the past millennium may have advanced a lot with science, technology, and innovation, but not one step forward in the area of common sense.