Very Scary

The media has been reporting that the Taliban intend to rule Afghanistan under “Sharia Law.”  It has also been stated differently, “within the framework of Islamic law.”  Media pundits have been drafting opinion articles telling people “what they should know” about such “law.”  Many are stating that it is “law” based on the writings of the Quran.  However, from their comments and opinions, it is apparent that few of these pundits have read the Quran.

The Quran consists of 114 Suras (chapters).  It contains a lot of Biblical history, including that of Adam, Moses, Lot (Lut), and Jesus (the son of Mary).  The writer(s) of the book seem(s) to have had a very good understanding of Judaism and Christianity.  There are portions in the book that provide some guidance for life’s activities.  Brief descriptions that depict interruptions of heaven are found in some chapters.  The fate of a person who does not believe what is written in the book is explained.  There are even mentions of the Djinn.  The Djinn seem to be somewhat demonic beings who lurk the earth in many shapes and forms.  A true Muslim accepts every word of the Quran as fact, therefore must believe Djinn exist.

Note: Sura 5, 26 “We created man of dried clay, of dark loam molded; and the Djinn had we before created of subtle fire.”

It is clear to anyone who reads the Quran that it is not good to largely base law upon.  Many of the Islamic-based nations of the world seem to understand this, they have adapted their own sets of written civil and criminal laws, based on modern civil society.  However, in Afghanistan it is clearly not the intention of the Taliban to create such a set of laws.  Their intent is to again bring forth a “legal” system that is based in Islamic fundamentalism.

The peoples within the vast majority of “Western” society and cultures have no understanding of Islam, Sharia, or anything related to Muslim fundamentalism philosophy.  On a high level of understanding, the philosophy dictates an adherence to stringent personal and social behaviors.  The reasonable Western concept of “live and let live” is not something that is tolerated in the Islamic fundamental consciousness.  Therefore, true Muslim believers are compelled to interfere with the lives of others.  Dissension of thought is not tolerated, which creates a very scary situation for any free-thinking individual trapped within their society or social structures.

Because of our (Western) society’s embrace of the “live and let live” attitude, we have attempted to accept and tolerate Islamic fundamental traditions, norms, and behaviors.  The Taliban of Afghanistan will again demonstrate to the other societies of the world that our attempts at not being judgmental of their “culture” is detrimental to civil society.  The free people of the Earth should learn what Islam really is; a good start would be to read the Quran.  The women of our society should do this with great haste.