3D-Printed Guns: Shaping the Truth for Anti-Gun Enthusiasts

By: - August 5, 2018

This is an open letter to all the #guncontrolnow and #gunsense people crying that the sky is falling over 3D-printed guns. Stop all the lies  and/or complete ignorance. Like anything else to do with firearms, if you only knew about a 10th of what you need to, you would know how silly your articles and postings are.

To start, a person can’t sneak a 3D gun on a plane and people will not be churning them out by the thousands.

I am going to probably give you a heart attack by what I am about to say if you’re anti-firearm and worried about these 3D-printed guns, but here goes. People have been making un-serialized and homemade guns for decades. Do you need CPR now? Yes, that’s right, it has been completely legal to manufacture your own guns at home and use them, for many years. In fact, a whole industry has been born of this.

For many years, firearms enthusiasts have been making their own, workable, well-functioning, “un-serialized” guns from metal without a 3D printer! Yes, that’s right, it’s called making a gun from an 80 percent lower grade. Google it. There are many of us out here that like working with our hands and we like firearms for fun, sport, and self-protection. And we like to combine our hobbies, so we create our own firearms. They are perfectly legal, have no serial numbers, and yes, they are untraceable by the government, but what does that matter? Once you make it, you must keep it, unless you put a serial number on it and register it with the Feds, but what fun is that?

If you would research a bit about the 3D printing of guns, you would realize that they are not printing the entire gun, only parts. And, no, they are not able to pass through metal detectors undetected. What utter hogwash! You are being lied to and misled by those very people that want to make you helpless and remove your rights.

A 3D-printed gun must have certain parts made from metal. Additionally, the ammunition is standard ammunition, and that alone is made from lots of metal and is detectable by metal detectors. Oh, and one of the most important parts: the gun can only hold and fire one round at a time. All of you who are crying about “high capacity magazines” should be pushing for these guns to become the standard used by everyone!

(Credit: Michael Thad Carter/Forbes via Facebook’s Lovelyselva Raj)

So, you folks wailing and gnashing your teeth about 3D-printed guns are just laughed at by 99 percent of the gun- owning population or anyone that knows anything about them. Why? Because we realize that only a silly person, with way too much money on their hands, would buy a 3D printer, print that huge ugly 3D-printed gun, and then try and use it in a crime as a single shot firearm. Why do that when you can buy a nice, commercially available 80 percent lower and build your own gun for far less than the cost of the 3D printed firearm?

Oh, and to really get the anti-firearms folks going, the 3D-printed firearm issue was not a case about the Second Amendment. I know you probably have been told otherwise, but the court case was being argued on a First Amendment rights issue. I guess now that you #gunsense and #guncontrolnow people know that, you will be against the First Amendment also? Please, if you do nothing else after reading this, do a Google search and learn a little about the topic you are trying to speak on. Your lack of knowledge is making you look foolish with your sky-is-falling cry. The sky isn’t falling, but it seems intelligence is plummeting.

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