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Stay informed about unfolding situations around the world
with curated feeds to inform your actions.

OpsLens World View

The new way to VIEW the world

Find all types of articles and obtain a clear vision of the entire world

Search any kind of information and find the truth behind the headlines

Translate any article in any language instantly with just one click and keep updated on all world news

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OpsLens uses an AI-enabled solution empowering teams with timely global situational awareness through local perspectives and curated feeds of multilingual content.

Get informed instantly

Publicly available information (PAI) is drawn from relevant voices including hyper-local news, police and emergency services, transportation infrastructure, public utilities, government agencies and elected officials – from thousands of locations around the world and within the United States at the country, state, and city level.


  • Maintain global situational awareness of unfolding events
    anywhere in the world unbound by origin or language
  • Access content based on specific locations, topics, and voices for real-time insight into hyper-local events
  • Gain a more accurate and comprehensive perspective of the situation from diverse sources
  • Access to 1.3 million posts per day from 20 million active blogs, 70K news sites with 800-900K articles per day, and 15 million messages per day from 355K sites
  • We collect in all languages

How it Works

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