A Party With No Plan?

By: - April 4, 2022

Imagine if you will… A majority political party preparing for an upcoming election season… And not having a single platform or positive talking point to run on.

Welcome to the Democrat party of 2022.

It’s easy to sense the desperation in a party wanting to remain in control… But not having anything to win over voters. So what do they do?

They lie.
They manipulate.
And they make stuff up.

The best example to give is the current gas price hike. According to EIA.gov, since December of 2020, gas prices have steadily risen.

December 2020: $2.15
January 2021: $2.24
February 2021: $2.40
March 2021: $2.71
April 2021: $2.85
May 2021: $2.71
June 2021: $3.03
July 2021: $3.12
August 2021: $3.15
September 2021: $3.17
October 2021: $3.19
November 2021: $3.39
December 2021: $3.34
January 2022: $3.28
February 2022: $3.44
March 2022: $4.10

Yet even with the ongoing hatred against the oil industry, the ending of energy independence, and the destruction of reasonable gas prices for over a year now, the Biden administration/Democrats have hidden behind green initiatives, the Russia war, and the continued demonization of “evil oil companies” as the reason for the high prices.

Is anyone actually buying that crap?

The Biden team has even gone as far as reaching out to young “TikTok” influencers and giving them exclusive interviews with very specific talking points blaming the Russian war for high gas prices to hopefully win over the young crowd with no understanding of current events.

Yea… That’s called desperation.

And while the issues were caused BY their policies… They now have come up with “solutions” to SOLVE the policy blunders.

Here’s their plan..
1) Push the auto industry to manufacture cars with 49 miles per gallon limits.

While this does nothing to solve gas prices, it does push their overall goal to a more “green” economy with battery powered cars, and the end to efficient, cost effective energy. A typical political “solution” to a typical political problem. Force an unpopular agenda during a time of crisis, so people think you’ve done “SOMETHING”.

At the same time, the government will now have even more control over the private sector and auto industry than ever before…. Can we say tyranny?

2) Release 1 million barrels of oil from our reserves per day for the next 6 months.

When President Trump left office, he was one of the first Presidents to have our oil reserves completely full, while also having net exports of oil.

Now we are begging OPEC to send us more oil, while moving to ban oil, coal, and natural gas coming from Russia.

The US consumes 22-24 million barrels of oil per day, with near 40% of that going to automotive.

How exactly is releasing 1 million barrels per day going to solve the high gas prices?

This “solution” again only feeds into the long term agenda of progressives wanting to look like they are solving an issue, but in the end setting us up for failure and disaster. This move will do nothing to lower gas prices (except for maybe a few cents), while depleting our oil reserves. And when the next global catastrophe happens (another shutdown?), we’ll have nothing to fall back on.

By the next lockdown, we’ll see near $8/gas, and they will encourage to you save money by “buying electric”.

3) Blame Russia.

It’s been obvious for years that Democrats never take responsibility for any crisis they create, and this is no different.

The first statement released by the Biden administration after the invasion of Ukraine, was that it was going to cause gas prices to rise, even before we banned the import of Russian oil.

In retrospect, it’s perfect for the progressive takeover. Blame one of largest oil producing nations in the world, cut off supply, encourage other nations to do the same, isolate them, and lower global oil trade, all in an effort to again push for green production and electric vehicles.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Now going into election season- do the Democrats have a plan? Sure they do. Just not a plan to solve the issues crippling the American people.

It’s a plan to promote their unpopular agenda and force us into industries that are not cost effective, not efficient, and could very well overload the system we have in place.

It’s a plan focused on personal goal and objective, rather than addressing the needs of the American people.

The positive news?

Long term personal agendas are a hard sell during an election when people want relief NOW.

This is where the GOP and conservatives step in. It’s our duty to expose their selfish goals, and bring actual immediate relief to the country by promoting common sense solutions.

Deregulate the energy industry.
Open up drilling.
Become energy independent again.
Refill our reserves.

That is a plan America can get behind.

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