A Vote For More Dead Cops

By: - October 26, 2020

Rather than being concerned with impending criminal investigations at the highest level, Barack Obama was in North Miami, Florida, over the weekend, delivering a racist and divisive speech that propped up the former Vice President as someone who could “lead us out of these dark times”. 

The disgraced former President said, “we cannot abandon those protesters that inspired us over the summer”, referring to the violent criminal mob called ‘Black Lives Matter’ that burned cities to the ground, assaulted innocent bystanders, threw Molotov cocktails at police officers and looted locally owned businesses, resulting in the closure of restaurants, auto parts stores, corner stores and grocery markets. 

Obama labeled our nation’s hero cops as bigoted bullies that perpetuate a culture of systemic racism and biased policing, while propping up career criminals and violent offenders like George Floyd, as he called for ‘black and brown’ people to get out and vote.

The false narrative seems to be falling on deaf ears, as more and more minority communities are walking away from the Democratic Party, citing their reasoning as their embrace of the positive message of unity that Trump continues to deliver across the country at rallies that are seeing crowds of over 20,000 supporters. 

Meanwhile, Biden and Obama are hosting ‘drive-in’ rallies that have been bringing whopping crowds of 20 to 40 cars with an occasional horn honk, only to be overshadowed by Trump Supporters from the outside chanting ‘4 more years’. Biden took the opportunity to address the supporters of the President in Bucks County, PA by calling them ‘chumps’ in a divisive slough of insults, while in the same breath claiming he would be a ‘leader for all’. 

It is well documented that the Obama Administration illegally spied on the Trump Campaign, and into the Trump presidency. The Trump Administration has referred to these actions as ‘high crimes of treason’, and has eluded to an investigation by the Justice Department, headed by AG Bill Barr. 

The Biden campaign has come under fire for allegations of criminal corruption involving the former Vice President, who is alleged to have been receiving monetary benefits from the schemes divised by Hunter Biden in Ukraine, Russia and China, as a computer surfaced which contains damning text messages and photographs that include references to Joe Biden getting a portion of the money being raked in by the then Vice President’s son and illicit pics of Hunter Biden with half-naked girl(s) under the age of 15.

Obama addressed a small crowd about the re-election of Donald Trump by saying, ‘if President Trump cannot answer tough questions, it’s our job to make sure he doesn’t get a second term’, but failed to mention that the Democratic candidate has yet to deliver an answer on the packing of the Supreme Court or a flat out denial of the allegations surrounding his son’s criminal activity and the former Vice President’s involvement in several foreign countries historically known as adversaries to the Untied States. 

It is commonly known that the most defined opponent to law enforcement is the criminal element. Criminals do not like the police, plain and simple. Knowing that, the question for police officers that are still deciding how to vote, that should heavily weigh in that decision should be, why does Joe Biden condemn the police, call them racists, support the defunding of departments and broadly indict nearly 1 million heroes in our country for the actions of one? 

These strikingly bold and slanderous statements diminish the authority of police officers, insult the integrity of those that serve and floods the ears of young potential voters with a false narrative that damns all of those in uniform that run directly toward gunfire to protect all of the citizens in their jurisdiction, regardless of the color of their skin, sexual orientation or who they intend to vote for on November 3.

Trump has been an adamant supporter of cops, has pushed for legislation that will enhance sentencing for criminals that assault the police and constantly refers to police officers as heroes at events like ‘Cops for Trump’ around the country.

It is clear that a Biden/Harris administration would rather bury dead cops than criminal thugs, which is why for most of us that work in the criminal justice system, it is plainly obvious that a vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is a vote to end the legitimacy of policing in America, and will lead to more destruction, more violence, more looting, more fires and more dead cops.