A Wake Up Call For the Republican Party And The Path Forward

By: - January 13, 2021

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For the past seven days, we have witnessed progressive leftist politicians denounce and decry President Trump and his supporters as everything from “domestic terrorists” to “insurrectionists;” this is no surprise as for the past four years, the left has been seething with an unhinged and irrational hate of all things and all people tied to Trump.  This parade of leftists would be unbearable enough on its own were they not also accompanied by several Republicans, who have decided to condemn Trump and his supporters, turning on their own so to speak.  Stand out names include Senator Pat Toomey, Senator Mitt Romney, Rep. Liz Cheney, Rep. Adam Kinzinger and the list goes on. 

In the past 48 hours, I have received about four emails from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) asking me a variety of untimely questions including “Who do I think should run for President in 2024,” “Do I think Nancy Pelosi will work with House Republicans on key measures in 2021,” “What do I think Republican legislative priorities should be for 2021” and an assortment of other queries, all inane given the current situation at hand.  Too many Republicans are grievously out of touch with the mood of the roughly 74 million voters who cast a ballot for President Trump on November 3rd. The party needs to wake up and they need to wake up now.   

Republicans demand one thing from their party at this time, an investigation into what is perceived to be and, based on the extremely compelling and well-sourced data, most likely was a wildly fraudulent election in certain states.  They demand elected Republican leaders stand up for them and for their vote.

The GOP did a grave disservice to their voters and to their party when they failed to act against and block mail-in-ballots, a new form of voting deemed essential by Democrats due to the China virus.  Yet little meaningful objection was made on the Right and mail-in-ballots went out in record numbers to dead people, to fake addresses, to barren fields, you name it!  Everyone knew mail-in-ballots would be rife with fraud yet why did we, as in the Republican party, not fight to stop this? 

Fast forward to November 4th, very few Republican senators and congressmen spoke out regarding the mounting questions around the election; as the weeks progressed, not only did we hear very little from vast swaths of the party, many began to voice objections to any sort of investigation whatsoever.  Meanwhile, the electorate justifiably seethed.  Moving towards Christmas, all eyes were on the January 5th run-off election.  Republican leaders flooded to Georgia to campaign for Senators Loeffler and Perdue.  John Fredericks, John Fredericks Radio Show & Former Virginia Chairman of the Trump for President Campaign, moved his headquarters to Georgia to report on the election in early November; he had a very strong ear on the ground to the mood of Republican voters.  Starting in mid-November, both John Fredericks and Steve Bannon warmed Senators Loeffler and Perdue to support an investigation into the allegations of Georgia electoral fraud as voters were demanding it.  Yet, on the back of that, nothing from Senators Loeffler and Perdue till on the very eve of the election, too little too late. Georgia’s so-called Republican Governor and Secretary of State did as little as possible to enable President Trump’s lawyers to investigate allegations in Georgia. Yet, we are to be surprised that the Republican Senators lost in Georgia on January 5th?  Several GOP members hurled accusations at attorney Lin Wood for suggesting to voters they should not vote for Senators ,who were not defending their November 3rd vote.  While Lin’s advice on that matter was misguided, the GOP establishment has only itself to blame for its abject failure.  Can you really expect voters to come out and enthusiastically support a party and candidates that are not supporting them and their concerns over the larger Presidential election?  You cannot. 

And now, let us move to the present time, on January 6th, 8 senators and 139 house members supported at least one objection during the electoral vote count.  8 senators and 139 house members had the courage and the conviction to stand up and defend the Republic and its citizen’s right to a free and fair election.  8 senators and 139 house members did what a majority of Republican voters wanted them to do. The rest of the Republicans either pulled back their objections due to the unfortunate events that unfolded at the Capitol that afternoon or had long decided it was “time to move on.” 

Time to move on, that has been the overwhelming mood of the Republican party. However the electorate is not just going to move on, not just going to forget that many of our votes were effectively cancelled.  Nor are voters going to forget the elected Republicans who effectively sold them out to the progressive left.  This morning, we have House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarty, suggesting a resolution of censure against the President and Rep. Peter Meijer saying he could back impeachment.  It is hard to believe we have a Republican leader suggesting a censure against the President, who has been the strongest advocate of law and order in the past four years, a President who never called for violence on the 6th but called for a walk to the capitol to protest peacefully and patriotically.  Does Rep. McCarthy have any idea how repugnant such an utterance is to a great segment of GOP voters? And then we have Rep. Meijer potentially siding with the progressive left’s impeachment call, a continuation of the four year witch hunt.   Rep. Meijer must look at the Republican polling numbers on impeachment if he hopes for any future in DC. 

So what is wrong with our party?   Too many of our elected representatives are craven and self interested putting their political careers before the good of the people and the Republic.  They lack the moral courage and desire to fight and defend their voters and their country. In past years, this game has worked which is exactly why we have stale feckless leaders like Senator Mitch McConnell in office today.  However, times are now different.  In the past weeks, voters have just witnessed what is likely the single largest electoral fraud in US history; they have also witnessed the single largest assault on free speech since the crafting of the First Amendment.  The country has not been this divided since the Civil War.  Today, elected Republicans, who are not standing up and fighting for their electorate, need to realize their political careers are over; they simply will not win re-election.

If the Republican party is serious about uniting the party, top GOP leadership and the RNC will immediately embark on a new course that includes the following: 
– Unite, as a party, against the Democrat call for impeachment and false usage of the 25th amendment; 
– Immediately cease any plans of censure of President Trump;
– Deliver a sharp message to members like Senator Murkowski, if you are flirting with leaving the GOP, leave, the door is open; 
– Reach out to the few Democrats gravely unhappy with their own party and its vision and encourage more transitions just as we saw with Rep Vernon Jones; 
– Support and call for state legislatures in key states that submitted two sets of electors to fully and openly investigate all allegations of fraud; 
– Support Rep. Devin Nunes call to bring RICO charges against Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Amazon and unleash the DOJ and the FBI upon them; 
– Demand for the rollback of Section 230 and end the idiotic protection of Big Tech

Every day, Republican leaders should be writing op-ed pieces in newspapers and speaking on major and local TV/ radio stations addressing all of the points above.  In other words, they should be visibly  fighting, yes fighting, for their electorate and for our Republic.  The vicious and corrupt Democratic party has unleashed a war on the Right, Republican leaders must fight back and they must fight hard.  This is a war for survival. 

As for us, as for the electorate, we must hold our party accountable.  Any Republican who is caving to the Left and failing to support us now must face the biggest primary challenge of his life when he or she is up for re-election.  For those up for re-election in the upcoming 2022 race, those primaries start now.  We have no time to waste and no patience to spare.  Elected Republicans are either on the side of a free Republic with fair elections and a protected first amendment or they are not; the choice is binary.