A Winning Party Platform?

State Legislative sessions are about wrapped up for the year, and most politicians in DC and in each state, are now on the campaign trail.

In normal years, most parties, especially the dominant party of Washington, has a universal platform for all their candidates, showing unity, and a goal of the party. It provides the voter an opportunity to see what they’ve done in power, what still needs to be done, and what they are currently working on. The opposition party usually focuses on the negative effects of the current policies, and how they could do it better.

This election cycle… Our job is easy.

With a major early lead in most national polls, Republicans only need to focus on one thing… How hard it is for average Americans to survive.

I’m not a “doom and gloom” kind of guy, nor do I like purely negative campaigns; however, this election cycle it isn’t hard to show the reality of the situation. We don’t have to go out of our way to find examples of people struggling to make ends meet. To fill up their gas tanks. To find basic necessities like baby formula, on the store shelves.

To show the results of a country moving toward socialism.

If Republicans are going to win in the midterms, all they have to do is show how frustrating it is to live under a Democrat-run leadership.

But what will Democrats do? They’ve lied about job growth and the economy. They’ve lied about immigration. They’ve lied about guns. They’ve lied about children. They’ve lied about Iran and Russia. And none of it has won over the voters.

My prediction? Expect more chaos in the country between now and November.

Democrats thrive on anarchy, fear, and desperation.

When things get bad, we have been conditioned to look toward the government to “do something” to solve the issue. The problem is that 98% of the time, the issue was created by the same ones we turn to, to fix it (by design?).

When there is another shooting… We turn to government for more gun laws.

When gas is high… We turn to government to punish evil oil companies.

When we run out of baby formula… We turn to government to ship it in from China.

When rent is too expensive… We turn to government to give us subsidies and handouts.

When student loans are too much… We turn to government to bail us out.

Traditionally the American people do not change leadership during times of war and uncertainty, as we try to stay stable and do not wish to have a new group of leaders starting over and making the problems potentially worse.

This is the only hope Democrats have going into election season. While their policies have destroyed the American dream, their only saving grace is to create so much uncertainty and anarchy, we are too busy struggling to survive to worry about changing leadership.

It’s a truly evil plan that I don’t think will work. The base of the Democrat party is vacating. Minorities, women, and young voters are feeling the “burn” under Biden, and the pendulum is swinging back to common sense.

But as that happens, we may see more disasters and anarchy in the streets… Because according to a Democrat….

“Never let a crisis go to waste.”