America, If My Culture Offends You, Is Liberty Next?

I spoke at a rally held last year in Baltimore on Columbus Day to protest the desecration of a beautiful statue erected by the Italian Americans of Little Italy. Disgustingly an angry mob threw the large statue into the Inner Harbor. Concerned citizens showed up, appalled that vandals are allowed to desecrate the memory of an Italian American hero in their city. However, only a very small number supported the rally. The politicians with their silence showed they did not care. By completely ignoring the event, and the resulting city council decision, it became a tacit approval of what happened. The Italian American community, once strong in Baltimore, lost its voice and was devastated.

However, three Republican candidates running for office had the guts to speak out about the crime. Mayoral candidate Zulieka Baysmore, city council candidate, Giovani Patterson, and U.S. congressional candidate Tim Fazenbaker, in addition to city council members representing the Italian American community showed up to voice their support and understanding about what was at stake. I spoke along with the others to voice why what happened was wrong. We received some local press coverage from local news and TV outlets, but by and large the media stayed silent.  They reported the incident, but they seem to believe the lies spread about Columbus. Like many today, these lies are examples of how liberty and freedoms are waning. Unfortunately, a year later, they erased Columbus Day in Maryland.

Today, Columbus is erased. Tomorrow, who is next? WHY?

Columbus Day and Cancellation Culture

In Maryland, they cancelled Columbus Day.  The holiday no longer exists on the calendar. Schools are open, the parade is history. The Knights of Columbus have a private ceremony. (Afraid to speak out – they too might be cancelled).  Columbus Day, is now Indigenous People’s Day. Last year, the Baltimore city council voted to rename the holiday. We have Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month. We even have Gay Pride Month.  I don’t mind, if you want to give Native Americans their day. Go right ahead.  But stop cancelling my culture while you are at it. I do not understand what makes your culture more important than mine? Do you even know why there is a Columbus Day?

As the toppled and destroyed statues of Christopher Columbus over the last year one by one disappeared across  many cities some choose to cancel Christopher Columbus and remove him from memory. Why is this happening? I must ask the simple question to all involved. If my culture offends you, then does yours matter more than mine?

All of my history teachers from high school, growing up in the Bronx NY,  taught us one of life’s most important  lessons.  “It is impossible to judge history from today’s standards.  History is only to be judged from the reality of the time.”  Unfortunately, we are building an entire cancel culture on one specific thought – destroy anything or anyone not meeting the current “standards.”

Whether you were a twelve-year-old when you wrote in your brother’s high school yearbook, or you wore the wrong costume as a nine-year-old on Halloween, or a world explorer- in addition, if your past is anything less than perfect (however, ONLY if you are a conservative – liberals get a pass). SILENCE THEM ALL! YOU WILL BE CANCELLED!

A Tale of  Two Cities

In New York City, where I was born, they still hold the Columbus Day Parade. Mayor Bill De Blasio (claiming to be part Italian), has his conflicts. Sometimes he is either for Columbus or against him. So much that he has considered the removal of the NY City statue on Columbus Circle.  He likes the parade though, he gets to march with voters.

But Mayor De Blasio wouldn’t get to march in a parade in Baltimore. Mayor Brandon Scott of Baltimore and the city council last year said Columbus does not represent “present-day values.” What values are those? Values that allow a mob to throw a Statue into the Baltimore City Inner Harbor, on a hot summer night to the sounds of cheers. What are the values that would arbitrarily tear down statues to an Italian American and Catholic hero?  Catholics created a worldwide organization that has done much good- all in his name. So, whose values are you promoting, when you tear down his statue?

The erasure of culture is a two-way street. Is my culture worth any less than yours? What or who are we honoring when we erect a statue? Individual contribution and accomplishments or the perfection of a life?

George Orwell said it best:

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Cancel Columbus?  – All Based on Marxist Lies

Howard Zinn started this nonsense. His racist portrayal of Columbus in a book written in 1980 is false.  Zinn left out specific evidence contrary  to support his thesis. Evidence was purposely disregarded (unethically designed to prove his point). The biggest problem is that people believe it, without any critical thinking, and without any evidence.

Because Zinn’s lies are mentioned in the film “Good Will Hunting,” did that make his accusation true?  (Zinn, a self proclaimed Marxist, is a neighbor of actor Matt Damon.) Did anyone ask the purpose of the lies?  Zinn conveniently spread lies to sow discontent. Marxists do not want our country to exist in peace. They choose to sow division.  So what if Columbus was a hero to Italian Americans… So what if Zinn lied!

Marxism’s goal is to  destroy our culture, starting with the heroes we have chosen to admire. Marxism seeks to remove all heroes.  Spreading  lies, ultimately seeking to eliminate liberties. Choosing to discredit all trust that binds us- eliminate Columbus, Washington, Lincoln- they all are part of the plan. Attempting to destroy the culture we live in today – at any cost.

America, Like Columbus, Is Not Racist

I believe honorable Americans wake up wanting to live a good life. Most want to live among their fellow brothers and sisters in peace. People do not awaken thinking about racial issues, until it confronts them. People only wish to earn a living, feed their families, and live in safety. I know of no one that awakens with contempt and hatred for people they never met.

Maybe I am alone in that thought, but I do not believe America is a racist nation. We are told this argument is going on everywhere, in every household, about the hatred of one race versus another. I believe the argument is started by the very people profiting from the disagreement.

The Mob Rules Today – No One is Safe

The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long that nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was… The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.  – Milan Kundera

Race-baiting mobs rail about inequality, making haters and criminals do their bidding. Unbelievably, we see looting in the street. All for free goods, without any form of prosecution, or consequence. Mobs tear down statues and monuments, at the same time destroying inner city businesses- those businesses that support the local community.  They make it a point to incite fear in anyone who disagrees.  When will heroes we create today become our enemies tomorrow? This can only stifle contribution.

Can anyone live in that world? Without the whole of everyone’s contributions, this world would not be a desirable place to live.  If you are asking for perfection, then this world will no longer admire anyone.  There can be no heroes, which is sad. Columbus is still a hero to some, tearing down his statue won’t change that! It will only change how many people admire him. Columbus is dead. He is difficult to offend.

Our Liberty At Risk

Regardless of political affiliation, I doubt anyone would agree with anyone taking matters into their own hands and unilaterally destroying property, or lives. What happened in Baltimore, and other cities across America is a cultural realignment. What happened was clear- the mob did not just seek to destroy Columbus’ memory. They chose to destroy our trust and faith in each other. Pitting us at odds against one another. The debate is not the lawlessness, or the lack of accountability of government. They want people to fight about a statue! Using inflammatory words to pit us against each other.

Today, people are upset about recent flight cancellations caused by pilots and crews objecting to vaccinations. The media is telling us that being stranded is more important than the fight for liberty!  I understand why it is news. Yes, it is inconvenient. Our government is ordering everyone to give in, or face unpleasant consequences. Consequently and forcibly we are coerced to capitulate to our government leaders. Acquiesce to the state or lose your livelihood. Believe only what is fed to you as truth. That is our new reality. Protest THAT – at your own peril.

Our government is now feeding us truth. Obliterating any form of debate or disagreement. Government is telling you what you must believe, even forcing vaccinations on the public. Disagree with government, or the henchmen in social media, and expect to be silenced.  Consequently, if you are vociferous, expect to be considered a domestic terrorist. Not only is government cancelling thought, but removing our liberty from us as well.  Freedom is slowly dying, and we are watching it fade quickly.  Once gone, we will never get it back.  Just ask the Australians how fast it happened, and if they are free to choose any longer?

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” – Ronald Reagan

Today’s Heroes – Become Tomorrow’s Villains

America, tell me about the people who chose to tear down a statue and throw it into places like Baltimore Inner Harbor. Or tell me why the mayor chose to build a plywood box around the Columbus statue in Philadelphia, PA (I guess walls do keep people out).

People, seem to want to destroy on a whim. Incidents are increasing every day preventing ordinary citizens across the world from dissent. It is happening in countries and within governments we thought were free. Watching liberty die before our eyes, someone says something we do not like or agree with– WE CANCEL THEM.

People are paid to ruin the lives of those the opposition disagrees with. Ultimately, censoring anyone not in lock step with the liberal left. Many search people’s past for evidence to prove guilt, or guilt by association. In other words, the objective is to have people who speak out humiliated, embarrassed, eliminated, fired, or cancelled.  Sometimes this happens without warning or reason. Sometimes making things up to fit a narrative or story line.  Almost as if the truth is no longer needed, just a small doubt will do the trick, all done in an effort to get the desired result. Think about it, if they can do it to Columbus, why not you or me or anyone?

As a result, some will never work again and many will lose their wealth, some their freedom. Consequently some will lose their families and friends. In other words, this is becoming a sport. The end result, take away everything people hold dear to them, while everyone watches how they quiver. It is an example of what will happen to people that speak out. The cancel culture is becoming the latest power trip.

What is next? Beating people in the streets who disagree?

Columbus The Explorer

I would rather my children look up to a man who set out on a voyage with just a dream than a mob wanting to destroy that dream. Columbus’ dream resulted in the discovery of a new world. The mob’s dream will destroy our world, and our way of life.

In conclusion, was Columbus flawed?  Of course he was – does that make his accomplishments any less laudatory? Regardless of reason, violence and hatred is never to be condoned. Is what people are doing to Columbus today any different that what some claim he did 600 years ago?  If you say Columbus demanded the indigenous culture to change to fit his concept of the world, then what are you doing now?  If it was wrong then, it is wrong now!

You want a debate about Christopher Columbus – Let’s have one!