Anti-Gun Advocates Use Bias Media to Smear NRA and Its Members Who Carry ‘Murder Insurance’

By: - November 8, 2017

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve started noticing common headlines that have really stuck out as being anti-firearm and anti-law-abiding citizen. These headlines were not just from one media source either —  looking at them together made it more than obvious that the media outlets publishing these stories got the headline and content from one source.

The first headline I saw read “NRA Offering ‘Murder Insurance’ or Protection in Self-Defense Cases?”. That headline is very misleading. It is very anti- NRA and anti-firearms. I found it funny that one of the “gun control” points that the very misinformed Mom’s Demand Action has used in the past — wanting to require concealed firearms carriers to have additional insurance — is now considered “murder insurance”.

This headline was quickly followed by many others that either used the exact same wording, or changed one word and kept the “Murder Insurance” part. We all know that is what they wanted readers to remember.

They thought that the NRA could be made to look like a murder encouraging conglomerate

What is even funnier, especially to anyone that is informed at all on these issues, is that the NRA offering self-defense insurance is nothing new. They are actually a late comer to the game of self-defense insurance — it has been around for some time. I have had this type of insurance for several years through the “USCCA”, also known as the United States Concealed Carry Association. They have been selling self-defense insurance for years, along with others. The USCCA website makes a good point for those of us that believe self-defense is a right and duty to our family:

“You want safety and security for your family. You’d do anything to protect them. But, did you know that you’re still vulnerable to criminal charges and financial ruin – even if you did everything right? Your USCCA membership arms you with the education, training, and self-defense insurance you need to protect your family with confidence. Because, after all, doing the right thing shouldn’t cost you everything…”

If you use your firearm in self-defense, there is a good chance you will need to hire an attorney to make sure you are not taken advantage of. You may face improper charges for using self-defense, the insurance will help you fund your legal defense. I personally have the Platinum Plan, meaning I have the highest level of funding. It’s nothing different than my car insurance or any other legal insurance.

But the media obviously did not know this had been going on for some time. They thought that they would take some shots at the NRA for this, thinking that it was something out of the ordinary. So they sent the headlines and content out to the other anti-rights media outlets:

More and more media outlets picked up the same outrageous headline and distributed it, thinking that people would just see the headline and assume that the NRA is selling insurance that allows you to murder someone. How stupid does the media think the majority of the public is? Well, obviously they think we are very stupid. I really think that it is very obvious who is funding the media story, I would not be one bit surprised to find checks from Michael Bloomberg and his anti-firearms groups in the mailboxes of each of these media outlets.

What is the idea behind the attacks on this non-story? They thought that the NRA could be made to look like a murder encouraging conglomerate. But anyone with half a brain realizes that the stories are nothing more than a very poor attempt to smear the NRA. USCCA, U.S. Law Shield, CCW Safe, and Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network have already been selling this form of insurance for years.

So, with all the attention on the “murder insurance” that is being offered, I hope that more law abiding firearms carriers will think about getting some form of insurance to help protect them and their families financially. Personally, I think that all the media outlets that ran this story did was help the general public realize just how in the pocket of the anti-firearms and anti-rights sources these outlets are.

Personally, the NRA and other self-defense insurance companies could not have asked for easier free advertisement. And look, the anti-firearms side has been yelling for years that they wanted to require concealed carriers have additional insurance, and when we do it without being forced, it’s called murder insurance. How much more misguided can you be?

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