AOC Calls the Tune for Dems, Tops Monday Briefing

By: - September 23, 2019

It was a great football Sunday, which is naturally followed by a slew of news on Monday. Ergo…

  • Nancy Pelosi really tries hard not to give the president what he wants. But like Michael Corleone in Godfather III, just when she thought she was out AOC pulls her back in…into the impeachment gambit. Nancy knows how it would backfire on the Dems. But AOC, not the brightest of bulbs, doesn’t care. She just wants to have her fit and threatens Pelosi with bad juju from the hard left if she doesn’t get her way. Which is complete Dem inside baseball, as almost no sane person, thus leaving out the majority of Dems, wants to go the impeachment route. The smarter party operatives want to focus on middle class bribes and a scandal that might have legs. We’ll see who wins. A good bet is that lots of rhetoric will be spent on this with no definitive action. So again AOC wins, and loses at the same time. Lucky for Nancy she doesn’t know the difference.
  • The scenario looks increasingly dark for Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, as various enemies close in from all sides. The Arab members of the Knesset have endorsed the opposition—not a big surprise. Kingmaker Avigdor Lieberman is still playing hard to get. But I would guess, not for long. Say hello to PM Gantz.
  • The Brits have indicated that if we decide to move on Iran they may join us. Knowing this president’s aversion to foreign wars, they surmise it will be a limited strike. They will be correct. The question is, is naked aggression deterred by limited strikes?
  • Canadian conservative Andrew Scheer may be the next prime minister of that nation, as our northern neighbors grow tired of PM Zoolander and his let’s-play-dress-up antics. The election is in less than a month. Stay tuned.
  • Mitt Romney and his RINO tendencies are in the news again. On the heels of saying he may not support the president for reelection, he now is joining Dems characterizing a normal phone call to a foreign leader as somehow suspicious. You can always rely on Mitt, to be unreliable.
  • Speaking of that phone call, it may open up a Pandora’s Box for the best shot the Dems currently have against Trump. If the president can beat the Mueller witch hunt this is small potatoes. However, Biden is dirty up to his neck here and he doesn’t need this kind of attention as Liz Warren further isolates him in polls.
  • Cory Booker may be dropping out soon. Smart move for him. The real bloodletting hasn’t started yet and thus none of his fingerprints will be on a political corpse. Which increases his chances for the veep slot, a position he has been running for all along.
  • There is a poll or two wandering around that make a fetish out of the president’s supposed personal disapproval ratings. Want to know how a poll is skewed? Consider who paid for it. If it emanates from major media it’s not a legitimate survey. It’s agitprop. And anyway, trying to read November 2020 tea leaves now is like attempting to ascertain next year’s World Series winner before next year’s season starts. Talk to us in October 2020.
  • After Corey Lewandowski’s bravura performance on the Hill his chances for gaining the GOP Senate nod in New Hampshire have markedly improved. Would love to see this guy in Congress, as he makes a regular habit of showing up Dems for the boorish socialist airheads that they have come to be.
  • The Greta phenom is merely more proof that the left is comprised of the wisdom of teenagers and their sanctimony as well. As anyone, and I am in this category, who is the parent of a teenager knows, adolescent life experience is not the best qualification for leadership or the giving of counsel on any subject outside of Instagram and self-serving angst. Combine that with the left’s taste for prenatal sacrifice and their quasi-religious worship of flora and fauna and you have a political philosophy that is on the cutting edge of ideology. That is, if that ideology takes its cues from the prevailing ideals of the Bronze Age.
  • And finally, the president held a rock ‘em sock ‘em rally in Texas with Indian Prime Minister Modi in front of 50,000 screaming fans. It was amusingly billed as the “Howdy Modi” bash, but looked more like the Beatles at Shea Stadium. This kind of outreach, added to his economic accomplishments for other minorities, is kinda weird coming from a guy who the Dems label a “racist.” Trump’s peculiar brand of racism seems to be playing well with his alleged targets, as he is decisively up in polls across the board with “people of color,” as the idiot left would term it. In fact, if he keeps this up he could end up receiving more minority votes than any Republican in modern memory. Odd fate, for a racist. Have a good week.