Black Friday and The Cold Dark Winter

By: - November 27, 2020

As Thanksgiving comes and goes, we’re officially smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season. The beginning of the ‘cold and dark winter’ Joe Biden promised potential voters would blanket America, should he be elected president as he squared off against President Donald Trump during the final presidential debate, is upon us – and we feel it.

There’s no doubt you felt a different vibe during yesterday’s holiday meal and celebration of thanks, as family members stayed at home rather than joining you for the traditional time of gathering that represents the epitome of American culture. 

The slippery slope of lockdowns, restrictions and mandates doesn’t stop at the threat of fines, and even jail time, for refusal to wear a mask in your own home or gathering with more than five of your closest friends or family members during the holiday season. Now, the CDC is signaling that in order to avoid contracting COVID-19, you should avoid singing and consuming alcohol. 

The spread of the virus can only be contained if you and I demonstrate patience while shutting down our small businesses, the closure of restaurants and bars, the depletion or total eradication of social interaction in the absence of sporting events, concerts and holiday parades, right?

Don’t be selfish. Wear a mask, you narcissistic idiot! Do it for your neighbor! Do it for the store clerk! Do it for the teachers! The teachers, who by the way, we’re theoretically saving by keeping our kids from a real education in a school environment while everything normal, including youth sports, is taken from them, essentially stripping them of any childhood normalcy and enjoyment, but we need to keep the teachers safe! This is the message, but the truth is, at least in the district where my kids are supposed to be getting the education I pay for, the teachers are still at the school. They’re teaching from their classrooms. All of these teachers that all come from different homes, who spend time with family members that work jobs around other people who may be carriers of the deadly and dangerous highly-contagious world-ending plague… are all sharing a daily environment together. All of those families, basically living together. Makes sense. 

But maybe I’m focused on the wrong thing. I mean, why am I looking into the facts? Why does it matter that I have questions about the inconsistencies regarding COVID mandates? Why do I even dare ask how I’m more susceptible to a viral infection if I sing and dance, versus the angry woman that may live forever because she sits alone at home in the dark… quietly. With no singing… no company… no smiles… no family…

Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree when I ask about the livelihood of my friend who owns a restaurant, or if I show my disgust with the almighty regime because the jobs that were just permanently cut in our country outnumber the deaths caused by the virus that boasts a killing rate of, oh my God, .02% – – – Here come the trolls – Stew doesn’t even care about all of the people this thing is killing, what an insensitive jerk, I bet he doesn’t know someone that has had COVID. I wonder how he would feel if it hit his own family or if someone close to him died from the coronavirus? 

Death is tragic. Any death. Well, most deaths are tragic. But the fact is, although the end of life is the worst part of the cycle, and although it’s hard to say goodbye to our loved ones, everyone has to die of something, and there is no escaping it. If this thing was killing our kids, younger people or mass numbers of generally healthy Americans at alarming rates, my sensitivity may be shockingly evident, but the fact is this whole thing has been a lie from day one. The virus isn’t scary, but the way people are reacting to it is utterly disgusting and completely insane. 

The fact is, not only do over 99% of people who contract this live, but those numbers are a fallacy, as well. We know the majority of the people who die with the coronavirus didn’t die FROM the coronavirus. Of the round-about 250,000 people that have supposedly died from COVID-19, how many ACTUALLY did? We will never know, and that should concern everyone. We know medical providers are labeling COVID deaths, even in the absence of a COVID test. Medical providers and hospitals are FOR-PROFIT BUSINESSES concerned with their bottom line, most of which are run by administrators who aren’t medical experts themselves, but business majors with a job to keep. “Well, they had COVID-like symptoms, so let’s check the box, cash the check.” Shameful. 

I’m sorry that I don’t believe the magical vaccine that’s about to hit the market is going to stop any of this, and by the way, has anyone ever asked themselves why the common cold doesn’t have an effective vaccination? Why is the influenza vaccination only 37% effective against something that has adversely affected patients worldwide since the beginning of time, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans every year? After all these years, we still can’t beat the common cold, but suddenly we have a vaccine that will be 95% effective against the only virus that has ever shut down the entire world? What if the vaccine actually weakens your immune system after it alters your DNA to make you more susceptible to the virus itself, forcing you to bow to your knees and admit that the virus really was deadly? Maybe if you don’t get the vaccine, you’ll be restricted from getting a driver’s license, can’t go hunting, get a gun, vote or go to the store? Why aren’t you asking these questions, and why am I demonized when I do?

I better not see any pictures from any of you out shopping today at the ‘big box’ store that’s supposedly safe to be at on ‘Black Friday’ while the owner of your local hardware store, deli, restaurant or bar is sitting at home trying to figure out whether to pay the heat bill or the mortgage, as they try to explain to their kids why they won’t have a Christmas, and deal with the pain of knowing their former employees are in that same position. 

But… science. Right? Science. 

I called it at the beginning of this thing, before patient zero ever even entered the United States after the virus was manufactured in China. I predicted every last thing from the control and compliance to government money spending and the dehumanization of supposedly free people in America. I was called a conspiracy theorist and a racist. Of course. But I was right. I was right about all of it, and I’m right about this one, too.

The President’s silence is calculated. Since Donald Trump came down that escalator on his famous descent with the first lady and announced his candidacy for the highest office in the world, he’s been 5 steps ahead of these pseudo aristocrats. His 3:30 AM tweets that the world is told to hate him for have been the only real truthful communication the president could have with the citizens of the United States in a world of the social media banning, blocking and censorship combined with an agenda-driven media that cheers for the side of the radical progressives. If not for the president’s Twitter account, what would you hear? Just turn on CNN.  You get it. The point is, this silence is calculated, and it’s because he knows. He knows the truth, just like the bombs of truth he’s been dropping for the last 4 years exposing the very establishment parasites that illegally spied on his campaign and presidency and spent 4 years using taxpayer dollars in failed attempt after failed attempt to unseat a duly elected president, he knows this…the nuke is about to drop. Joe Biden will NEVER be sworn in as the President of the United States.

COVID-19 will go down as the second biggest hoax to have ever been perpetrated on the American people, only to be overshadowed by a completely fraudulent election that will have turned the only truly free country left in the world into another totalitarian ruled communist republic against the will of Americans whose votes were stolen away from them in the middle of the night.