Border Patrol Agents Seeing Record Numbers of Illegal Crossings While Dems Deny Reality

By: - June 15, 2019

Mounting reports consistently tell us what we already know: illegal immigration is a problem, a huge one. U.S. Border Patrol agents continue to bear the burden of border crossings. A June 14, 2019 Customs and Border Protection (CBP) press release headline read “Felon and Wanted Subject Apprehensions Highlight Busy Week for El Paso Sector Border Patrol Agents.” I bet fatigued and fed-up federal agents are finding the phrase “busy week” to be a stale one. I also bet Dems see this as no biggie.

The announcement went on to describe record numbers of immigrants trying to breach the border into the United States, among them “criminal illegal aliens attempting to enter undetected among the large groups.” No, that’s not new either. Nor are self-blinded Dems. But the beat goes on.

An incident on 09 June 2019 underscores the out-of-control nature regarding our nation’s border lines and those who’ll do anything to cross it, including battering federal agents who try to stem, the tide on the frontlines. One border agent spotted three immigrants cross the southern border into Texas. He detained them for questioning when they began to beat him before fleeing on foot. Two of the three were apprehended. “The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was summoned to the scene and has charged two illegal aliens with assault of a Federal Agent,” read the CBP bulletin.

The press release goes on to highlight six more border apprehensions, all of whom are possessed of a criminal nature in one form or another. But if the Dems were responsible for that border outpost…yikes. More monsters among us.

In tandem with this CBP report recapping just this week alone is a CNN expose describing ICE agents quarantining over 5,200s immigrants who they suspect have chicken pox and mumps. “ICE has recorded cases of either mumps or chicken pox in 39 immigration detention centers nationwide,” an ICE spokesperson told the media. Gee, I wonder how those ailments arrived.

Overwhelmed and understaffed, border patrol agents chronicled “nearly 133,000 migrants” in May alone, wrote CNN‘s Priscilla Alvarez. Just peanuts, mere chump-change, right Dems?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin K. McAleenan keeps informing Congress about his personnel being overburdened with border crossings while short-staffed and now infected by sicknesses derived from migrant detainees. Vitamin C oughta do it, right Dems?

The CBP commish elucidated to lawmakers’ ears: “Their morale is impacted. They’re tired. A lot of them have gotten sick. They’ve been exposed to flu, chicken pox, measles, mumps all kinds of challenges in terms of the medical care. They’re spending time in hospitals overnight.

In March 2019, The New York Times published a stat-view and analysis of the swelled border crossings, titling their piece “Border at ‘Breaking Point’ as More Than 76,000 Unauthorized Migrants Cross in a Month.” Surely that is a mere monthly teensy-weensy number to leftist lawmakers. Oh well. Guess federal immigration agents will just have to deal with the non-problem as best they can.

Also, note the Times‘s craftiness in the caption used below its lead-in photo-imagery: “The Trump administration’s hard-line stance on keeping migrants out is pushing asylum seekers to take remote and dangerous routes into the United States. And a wall might not be able to fix that.” That statement does not lack a slant against the president enforcing what is already on the law books and previously overlooked by the Obama administration.

“Hard-line stance” is a shrouded way to misguide readers into thinking the commander-in-chief is doing something wrong; quite the opposite is true. “Keeping migrants out” is the president’s responsibility, until each one of them accounts for citizenship privilege. “Pushing asylum seekers” is what asylum seekers’ feet do, not the president. “Remote and dangerous routes” is remedied when one recognizes legitimate processes designed with you in mind.

Gosh, I forgot they were discussing an increase in border crossings; instead, I got distracted thinking they were again dogging the president and doing a smack-down for doing things his way, a way with which they choose to oppose. A way which is not necessarily wrong at all.

Oh, yeah…we were analyzing the record numbers of illegal immigrants crossing our southern threshold (or attempting to) and the overworked men and women who are responsible to net each and every one of them, including the criminal ones our president often reminds us are bastardizing our country and murdering some of our cops. Kate Steinle’s murder by a five-time deportee armed with a gun and sick mentality immediately comes to mind. Mollie Tibbetts is yet another bloodstain created by a criminal alien, a preventable one.

They keep coming. In droves. Repeatedly by border agents we are being told we are being overrun at the southern border. Now we have health concerns with which to contend. I hope Dems are soaped and sudsy enough behind their safe walls.