Brownshirt Media

By: - December 2, 2020

I had a phone conversation, the other day, that absolutely floored me. I don’t know why I’m so surprised by what this person told me, but I suppose even having the mindset of an independent and free critical thinker that relentlessly seeks the truth every day in every aspect of life, I still take SOME innocence for granted, but I shouldn’t. 

These radical progressives on the left are criminals, and their co-conspirators, known as the media, are equally as guilty as they shamelessly lie and try so desperately to run interference amid story suppression, cover-ups and painfully obvious bias. The careless, selfish, negligent and enabling hacks that call themselves journalists have a reminiscent similarity and striking resemblance to history that is almost scary to illustrate.

Hitler utilized the frustration of the unemployed and veteran soldiers to assemble an unofficial army of thugs, commonly known as the ‘brownshirts’ or ‘stormtroopers’, whose function was to intimidate his political opponents and to protect the early Nazi party.

The information citizens soak up on today’s nightly programs use aliases to disguise themselves with catchy and honest-sounding monikers like ‘nightly news’, ‘world news’ ‘investigative reporting’ or ‘eyewitness news’. The money-driven conglomerates present a facade of integrity, honesty and bravery, but in reality they’re running away from the truth to save themselves from being the next targeted victims of today’s ‘cancel culture’. They’re cowards, and they’ve jumped ship bailing away from the president because they don’t feel like they need him anymore. 

For five years, the gutless mob has profited from the advertising dollars they’ve attracted with notable ratings they’ve been able to achieve mostly thanks to Donald Trump and his campaign and presidency. But now the media’s handlers have given them their spoon-fed narrative and a specific directive from a new incoming presidential administration, and they’ve abandoned freedom-loving, Trump supporting, pro-police conservatives. They’ve turned their backs on the very idea of a free America.

During my phone conversation with a new business partner, he began talking about his elderly parents. TK revealed a shocking story. He told me that for the longest time, his parents were conservative Republicans, and that any time he walked into their home he could expect, with almost certainty, that FOX News would be on the television. That’s all they watched. Sometime shortly after COVID-19 was manufactured and released to the world at the hands of the bad actors in China, his parents began tuning into CNN, and it stuck. For months, TK talked with his parents asking about their sudden change of heart, but he was met with resistance and liberal talking points they’d been programmed to repeat in a parroting fashion. Suddenly, the orange man had become bad, the world was a scary place, and everyone was racist. But here’s the most shocking revelation during the call – they had no idea about a story involving physical evidence of a massive criminal scheme involving the former vice president who sold out his office compromising the national security of our country while being implicated in a money-grabbing scandal in foreign countries with his son. They had no idea that the number two man in the most corrupt presidential administration to ever occupy the White House had allegedly brokered backroom deals with our nation’s adversaries. Deals that came with a price tag. Deals with the promise of pay-backs and quid pro quos, and now, it’s time for Russia, Kazakhstan and China to cash in. They had no idea that Hunter Biden’s laptop was discovered and reported to have contained pornographic images of minor children related to the Bidens, text messages that exposed him as a sex predator involved with child trafficking, or emails that verify Joe Biden’s involvement with all of it. They simply didn’t know. They had no idea. 

If it’s not shocking to you that we live in a place where those trusted with the responsibility of delivering objective news are actual acting conspirators in criminal cover-ups, you just simply don’t belong here. If it doesn’t absolutely rock you to the core, knowing that our media has turned into the stormtroopers of today, the criminal mob’s propaganda machine, the ruling class mouthpiece designed to indoctrinate impressionable minds and ears that still hold news agencies in high regard, you can consider yourself ‘cancelled’. 

What other stories have you missed? How many millions of Americans have been sheltered from the same stories of corruption and deceit? How many of those millions would have pulled a lever at the ballot box for a 47 year career criminal, racist, war-mongering, Epstein Island visiting, hair sniffing, do-nothing pervert had they had access to the information? 

The media should make their moves with extreme caution, and reflect on world events from our history. The brownshirts may have helped Hitler to power, but they did so only to ultimately be betrayed and eventually slaughtered by him. 

The media and information technology industry has participated in acts of treason against citizens of the United States. There’s no mincing words, that’s a fact, and it’s coming to light. Big tech is being exposed as they block and ban pro-police conservative voices, companies and even non-profit charities that support law enforcement and military veterans. Internet search platforms like Google should and will be held accountable, if not by big government, by the biggest and most likely to prevail, strongest force the world has ever seen – pissed off American patriots.