Buyer Beware

Back in December I wrote an article called “Will The True Conservatives Please Stand Up?” after a seasoned state representative asked if I would support his Senate race. You can go back and read the article to find out why I said no. More recently a “conservative” candidate running for local office, asked if I would support her candidacy, so let’s discuss that.

First and foremost, I believe local office is the most important office that we have in this country. We also know that liberals have dominated some of them for years. We need strong conservative candidates to run for these seats to fight for our values. School re-openings, gender identity curriculum, and other “social justice” initiatives have been a huge focus for conservatives. Our focus locally has been to fully support any conservative candidate and that’s where the story begins.

I first met Jenna at a political luncheon. She was soft spoken and seemed to check some of the initial conservative boxes based on resume alone. Soon after meeting her she stated she would be running as a conservative for a local office. Since she was a new candidate and she had no voting history as an elected official, I gave it no further thought in determining if she was a true conservative. I’ll admit now that I should’ve immediately screened her social media as I did previously.

When I finally looked at her social media, I found out that last year she had attended local BLM protests. This obviously raised red flags and required explanation.

I contacted Jenna so that she could explain the BLM rally photos and videos. Maybe she realized that BLM was a Marxist terrorist organization and soon after walked away from them. So, without letting her know that I saw the social media postings, I proceed to ask her what her stance was on Critical Race Theory. She said she did not support anyone educating on race and the law. I allowed that answer to pass. I then proceeded to ask her how long she considered herself to be a conservative? This would be an easy answer for most of us that are solid in our beliefs. She did not respond.  I then told her that I was asking because of the social media content on her page. What Republican would willingly and knowingly attend a BLM rally? She again didn’t respond.

I soon found out that she removed the content from her social media page and blocked me from seeing further content because I was asking questions she didn’t like.  I had found a liberal posing as a conservative candidate, so that she could receive financial backing and grassroots support.

I encourage everyone to run for office, but if you are going to call yourself a conservative then you better meet the criteria for the brand. It is very important we vet the candidates we are going to support. We will have less swamp to drain if we don’t let swamp creatures get elected.