China Whips Out the Karaoke Card to Paint United States as Inferior

Notoriously handy with propaganda, China has resorted to using Karaoke to spread its message that it intends to one-up the United States in the persisting trade war.

A reportedly former Chinese official has penned a song called “Trade War” and uploaded it to a site called WeChat so Chinese patriots can, you know, sing along. According to a May 22 BBC report, the song dogging the United States has been on fire with increasing viral strength. Writing for the BBC, Kerry Allen claims some of the lyrics include “beat it out of its wits” and other condemnations implying the Chinese government’s superior intelligence over U.S. brainpower, diligence, and stewardship over GDP affairs.

It is usually impressive for anyone to use creative juices to express what is on one’s mind. The song’s writer, a retired Chinese official identified as a lyricist as well, Zhao Liangtian composed the tune to colorize the wrangling between his country’s leadership, President Xi Jinping, and President Donald Trump, both flexing muscle over trade tariffs and going tit for tat over the last handful of months. Naturally, he elevated his nation and subjugated America.

“Since the trade war broke out, I felt the urge to do something,” Liangtian told Bloomberg News. Oh, yes, must do… something. Like write the following powerful lyrics exuding a profoundly patriotic message:

Trade war!

Trade war!

Not afraid of the outrageous challenge!

Not afraid of the outrageous challenge!

A trade war is happening over the Pacific Ocean.

Belt and road is connecting.

If the perpetrator wants to fight.

We will beat him out of his wits.

You can view the entire music video, if you wish.

Why Karaoke and how strong is its reach? BBC‘s Allen states, “Karaoke is popular in China and Beijing knows that songs are an effective way of conveying official thinking to young people.” Official thinking? So, like brainwashing…like filling up others’ brain cells, which also implies citizens can’t decide for themselves? Silly me. Of course: Communism.

According to Bloomberg, Mr. Liangtian is “also an accredited member of the Poetry Institute of China, which is affiliated with the Communist Party’s propaganda department.” Dedicated, he is (or made to be). Liangtian reportedly spent one-third of his monthly income ($232 USD) to produce “Trade War.” Top 40,000,000,000,000…here we come.

Let the “people’s war” wage on…while I try to feverishly brainwash this song and images of dancing Pokémon from my cranium space.