CNN Preemptively Reports Government Officials Under Investigation In Capital Hill Riot

By: - January 14, 2021

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CNN released a report this morning describing a preplanned attack on the U.S. Capital on January 6th. The gist of the article is that Federal investigators are following leads and tracking down the perpetrators.

However, there are some peculiar declarations in the report.

Evidence uncovered so far, including weapons and tactics seen on surveillance video, suggests a level of planning that has led investigators to believe the attack on the US Capitol was not just a protest that spiraled out of control, a federal law enforcement official says, wrote CNN.

The presence of corruption prosecutors and agents is in part because of their expertise in financial investigations. “We are following the money,” the official said.

‘Corruption prosecutors’ means Public Integrity prosecutors from the Department of Justice. In other words, investigators who investigate and prosecute corrupt government officials.

The ‘We are following the money’ seems to be misdirection. The incident at the Capital was a terrorist operation, and yes, preplanned, an attack on the American seat of government. Much information has already been and will be released on this reality. Counter-terror investigators have long used the ‘money trail’ as a vehicle to round up terror networks. They don’t need Public Integrity officials to accomplish this task.

In short, what CNN released this morning, in a bid to regain some journalistic credibility, was an admission that the operation was planned on the inside, and government officials were involved, hence the Public Integrity prosecutorial involvement.

We expect much to be released in the coming hours on this ‘Information Operation’ being executed on the American people. One thing is for sure, the United States is under attack from foreign powers, and these enemies are colluding with traitors inside the Federal government.