Coming To A Cesspool Near You

By: - December 4, 2020

The attack on our nation’s police officers is in full effect, and the overt violence against cops is escalating at alarming rates as more and more brave and selfless serving law enforcement officers are ambushed while sitting in patrol cars, jumped by large crowds and mobs of criminal thugs and thrown to the wolves by cowardly and politically motivated command staffs that bow in the presence of special interest businesses like Black Lives Matter, Incorporated, a political party known for its blue dot contributions and multi-million dollar donations to Democratic candidates that have actually become the enemy to those willing to wash their feet, literally. 

We have seen video after video of elected top cops and appointed chiefs at anti-police riots helping criminals make signs as they prepare to assault citizens in the community, destroy locally owned businesses, and light officer occupied police precincts on fire while they scream anti-police chants calling for the shooting of cops and death to America.

So, where is the media during all of this, and how are they using the false narrative of systemic racism within the community of heroes willing to run toward gunfire to help the very members of the minority communities that wish to defund, disband and abolish their very existence? 

Without the independent and honest reporting of media outlets like ‘Thin Blue Line TV’, you wouldn’t hear a peep about the West Virginia officer who was shot in the face on Tuesday. You won’t hear about the CHP motorcycle officer that was killed during an on-duty crash or the armed murder suspect who fired an AR-15 at police in Detroit just 24 hours ago. 

We won’t see the miserable and angry cowards at CNN or MSNBC reporting on these assaults, and these are only a couple examples of hundreds of incidents that police are involved with every single day as they provide courageous service to every man, woman or child in the communities they protect with dignity and honor no matter the color of their skin, sexual orientation, or who they voted for on November 3.  

Why don’t we hear our local, state and federal elected representatives talking about the things cops see on a daily basis, the despair and complete loss or absence of hope in their hearts, the divorce rate that plagues the law enforcement profession, the post-traumatic stress that officers deal with as a result of the horrific scenes they’re first to arrive at, how they’re protecting your kids while they’re away from their own, or the alarming rate at which cops are killing themselves because of all of it. 

It’s not a coincidence that all of this is happening in Democrat controlled cities. Put politics aside. Think objectively for a minute. Whether or not you recognize that Donald Trump is a pro-police, law and order president is irrelevant, because we’re dealing with facts, and the fact is liberal progressive radicals have a plan that includes the same destruction of small business and middle class empowerment that the criminals seek to destroy, and the plan is working. Don’t take my word for it, seriously, look around. Argue with me, if you wish, but I’ll bet high stakes in Vegas against the odds of you taking your wife and kids, your mom or your grandma for a weekend getaway in Detroit. I bet you won’t be sightseeing in Chicago or Philadelphia any time soon. You’re not looking for a week of sun and relaxation in Baltimore, and I would bet big money against the likelihood that you’ll be cashing in on your hard-earned paid vacation time for a siesta in Portland, Seattle or Minneapolis. 

Politicians and politically-motivated command staffs at your local and state law enforcement agencies don’t care about you, as a matter of fact they don’t care about anything, other than their own careers and aspirations for advancement. They don’t care about your safety, because theirs is guaranteed. They move police assets to their own neighborhoods while calling for the defunding, dissolution, downsizing and total abolishment of police presence in yours. 

Meanwhile, the calls for defunding are working well if you’re a criminal with the malicious intent to victimize innocent, hard-working taxpaying citizens of Minneapolis and the others I’ve mentioned. 

While money is pulled from the budget for the Minneapolis Police Department, taxpayers are realizing the burden of funding outside agencies to assist the MPD in fighting crime. That works, right? I mean, it works for optics. Mayor Jacob Frey can stand in front of his flock of sheep and honestly say he’s complying with their demands, but won’t point out the increased cost for a less-effective method of providing police services. Why? Well, just see my previous points. He doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about Minneapolis. He doesn’t care about business owners, police lives or the lives of you and your family. He’s into himself, his advancement, and his aspirations alone.

So while citizens and officers beg for more cops, he cuts them while bringing in other agencies to patrol a city they’re not familiar with, don’t have ties to and haven’t a shred of community interest in because they’ll be thrown under the bus and tossed to the wolves in any case where force is required to apprehend and arrest a violent criminal. The result? Passive policing.

The proactivity of officers is way down, and I don’t blame them one bit. Why would a cop be interested in confronting a convicted felon he or she knows to be carrying a gun? Why would an officer stop a car that’s affiliated with a gang-banging dope dealer? Why would a reasonable law enforcement officer drive down the alley where suspicious activity attracted his attention at 3 AM? So he can be burned by his admin? Fired and subjected to criminal charges should he or she have to defend themselves for using superior force and violence of action? So they can give up everything they’ve ever worked for, including their job, career, retirement or even freedom? 

The result of this is a crime-ridden city. Carjackings are up 537%. Yes. 537%. Violent crimes are exploding as the push continues to get rid of cops in these Democrat controlled cities, almost begging criminals from other areas to come and join the party. 

If getting rid of your cops or the desire for those that remain to do proactive police work isn’t bad enough, just imagine if there was no threat of jail time for stealing a car, stealing someone’s identity or selling drugs. Well, that’s happening in Minneapolis, also. 

According to local county attorneys and the Minnesota State Attorney General, there will no longer be a requirement of bail for 19 crimes that victimize innocents in the city of Minneapolis, and this is expected to be implemented statewide in a short period of time. 

Possession or sale of drugs, theft under $35,000, theft of a motor vehicle, forgery, criminal damage to property, identity theft, mail theft, wrongfully obtaining public assistance and counterfeiting currency are just a few crimes on the list of many that no longer require the posting of bail to be released from jail when you commit these crimes. Seriously?

Here’s the invitation for career criminals to come into your city and turn it into a cesspool of crime and violence. And, what’s the consistent and common denominator in all of these crimes? They victimize those that work to better a community by owning a business, residing in the city limits and paying taxes for the exchange of the very services that are being taken away from them by a progressive social justice warrior that uses trending hashtags and catchy political mainstream lingo.

Law enforcement is gone in America. Cops will never again be taken seriously in any of these cities run by liberals, and in a Biden administration, you can expect this trend to become the next ‘pandemic’ the media will ignore, unless the narrative can be flipped to support the radical transformation the progressive elitists are seeking to benefit themselves.