Disinformation – A Tool to Hide Results of the Arizona Audit

Last week, a radio report declared that Maricopa County will spend nearly $3 million to replace voting equipment. That report did not resonate with what I was doing at the time (I live in Maryland).  Until the middle of the night, when my subconscious woke me.  I shouted, “ARIZONA IS DOING WHAT?”

The Arizona Paradigm

As a result, at 3 am I went to my computer and looked up a report by “AZCentral” on the internet:

The county will spend millions to purchase and then destroy the old equipment that was subpoenaed for the audit as well as for new systems before the upcoming elections.

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously for the funding after the county announced June 28 it would not reuse most of the voting equipment that was in the possession of contractors for the audit.

I am an IT expert with over forty years of experience, one-quarter spent in internal audit and independent verification and validation (IV&V), also I am an application developer, and an integral part of large government projects. What I see are lies! An epic example of disinformation spread to alter public opinion. I was shocked, this is outright propaganda!

The reporting obfuscates and confuses ordinary citizens. Most do not spend their daily life in front of a computer as I do. The story is an absolute charade, with mainstream media chiming in agreement. Emphatically casting any who disagree as kooks or crazy, with Big Tech placing notice on every story. “Nothing has been proven.” Then call me a nut, because something is really wrong here!

How Computers Work

Computers consist of hardware and software. Software programs communicate with hardware producing raw data. Recording results using hardware input. Software (called applications) utilize operating systems pairing hardware to process data. Voting machines utilize scanning equipment to read ballots. Subsequently storing results in files. In lay terms: A voter fills out a ballot and pushes it through the voting machine (a scanner). Dominion software reads the scan, adding one vote to the appropriate candidate.

A ballot is constant. Scanners and computer screens are hardware devices communicating results. In order to alter  results, software must be modified. A chain of custody has no value in this scenario, since the only purpose of the machinery is counting votes. The accusation by Secretary of State Hobbs and Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is deliberately false and misleading. A scanner takes a picture of the ballot. A monitor displays results on the screen to the voter. None of these devices perform any processing of data. Printers only print what the software sends to it. Data is transmitted and calculated using software, creating data files to store the information on a hard drive.

Computer Software Chosen For the Election

Dominion software has a singular purpose – tally results (ballots), quickening the speed of reporting election results. Therefore, the ONLY job of Dominion software is managing input and total (count) the votes. The software as written should never interpret or alter votes cast.  Fill a circle on a ballot, and a vote tally shows up for the correct candidate.  Ballot audits prove a one-to-one match between votes and a tabulated result.  Finally, numbers must foot like a financial ledger down to the penny or vote. If it doesn’t, that is a problem

Computer processor boards calculate data.  Keep in mind, SOFTWARE tells the processor the work to be done. In this case the operating system uses commands to communicate with hardware. Linking together hardware and software. Only application software (the Dominion program) produces results.

Therefore, it is completely erroneous to demand all of the computer hardware must be destroyed…

UNLESS – Hold that thought for a moment.


Contaminated Voting Machines ?

If, as Arizona Secretary of State Hobbs claims, voting machines were contaminated, what exactly was the contamination to the physical hardware?  Surely, drives are always wiped clean and software reloaded before every election. Effectively, every office and candidate changes for each election cycle.  Consequently, software reprogramming constantly occurs, updating the newest slate of candidates, or routine fixes of software anomalies. There is nothing new about software updates before each election cycle.

So why is Arizona deliberately destroying perfectly reliable and expensive voting machines ($2.8 million)?  If application software written determines a tally or a result of votes entered into the scanner, then why change the scanner?  (Again): The scanner is a piece of input hardware (like a keyboard). Scanners consist of glass and a camera taking a photo of the ballot. Software identifies boxes filled from the picture. The software’s only job: identify the box filled and add the result to the vote tally. Nothing happens unless software reads results from the scan. If nothing appears in a box, there is no tally for a candidate. Finally, software logs the number of boxes filled for each candidate saving data in a file and producing a report. Ultimately, final reports correspond exactly to the number of ballots entered with an exact number of votes cast for each candidate, we assume with 100% accuracy.

(The Arizona audit did both – Running ballots through a scanner verifying the tally outcome. Simultaneously a manual count verified the two outcomes as correct. Recounting discrepancies. Everything required 100% accuracy.)

If 90% of a voting machine does not perform any processing, why is Arizona destroying voting machines? If audit results matched the ballot counts – What is going on here? 


Destroying AZ’s Voting Machines Destroys Evidence

Now back to the original premise – software programs send a display of  ballots scanned to voters using a monitor (output). The software tallies ACTUAL results and records them on a data file. For example, when depositing cash into your bank, you receive a receipt or screen verification. The device or teller counts deposited money and provides a receipt.  Sending updates  to a bank account. Simultaneously software is recording an amount equal to the receipt, into a bank ledger system. Every deposit amount is verified to the penny.

Why is Arizona destroying entire voting machines? What could become “contaminated” in an audit?   Which hardware is “contaminated?”

If  Dominion machines were acting properly in the last election, why would Arizona Secretary of State and Maricopa County need to remove and destroy all of the hardware? Why not re-certify each machine? Inspections could identify any unauthorized changes to equipment. Dominion would need only to load software updates, automatically refreshing the drive before the next election. This is a normal part of the election cycle. Hardware and software are tested. Verification and testing is always done. Lastly, certifying software to work accurately with new ballots. This is not a new process.

Therefore, the only logical reason to destroy voting machines is someone knows something went very wrong!

Destroy EVIDENCE – All in the name of “voter security.” Nice concept with the opposite result – Is everyone buying this? 


Laymen Examples of How Something is Wrong

Computers are complex, with many moving parts performing software calculations. The majority of people using technology do not know how software and hardware interact. Let me give you a few great layman examples.

“Honey, I just loaded some software from Microsoft that they said may potentially have a security risk; even though they said they fixed the problem and sent an update, we need to spend $1,000 on a whole  new system, processor monitor, scanner, printer, everything– because you never know” – OVERKILL

“I added unleaded regular gasoline to our $45,000 Ford SUV today instead of unleaded premium required by the manufacturer. It contaminated the engine, so we should destroy this one and buy another” – IMPOSSIBLE

“I have contaminated strings on my guitar. Let me throw out my guitar!” – ABSURD

Mom and Dad, our Sony Bravo 75 inch Christmas gift is contaminated. I played unsanctioned video games on it. We also must replace the PlayStation 5 we bought. Because that is useless too – NOT HAPPENING


The media is trying hard to sell lies to the American people. Does all the protest make you believe that something is wrong?


Smoke and Illusion

Why would the Huffington Post and other media outlets put out false rhetoric? In addition, why is no one in “mainstream media” questioning the inaccuracy of these statements?  Why discredit the report, and any implications that might be made? When an entire country is fed lies as truth, we have devolved into a new world of smoke and illusion.

The purpose? Divert attention away from truth, while moving the machines out!  Removing all evidence of impropriety. Results can never trace back to a source.  What do these hard drives have on them? That answer would be more interesting than the question!

The Arizona example has now moved us to another level of concern.  If Arizona Secretary of State Hobbs and Homeland Security have bonded together to request  destruction of these machines, what are they hiding?  Destroy machines and no one will ever find the truth. Prevent verifications (audits) to determine definitive conclusions  – in effect, destroy evidence? Evidence destroyed cannot catch anyone committing a crime. (Remember Hillary’s smashed hard drives?)

2020 was OUR election America!.  Elections are the core of our Democratic Republic. Certainly, our votes are sacred.  What just happened in America? We have been told that Banana Republics do this. We are told to sit idly and accept this farce as reality?

America should be concerned. However, our media seems uninterested in integrity and fairness in this election.  Their candidate “won”.


Diverting Our Attention

While America is fighting over turf, rights, and inequalities (important personal issues), our media exaggerates those events as neon signs, blinding us from reality: an election stolen before our eyes.  While American brothers and sisters fight,  disinformation will prevent them from seeing fires raging on the horizon or enemies at the gate. Evidently, all using a sleight of hand.

Equally important, media displays Americans as hopelessly fighting battles amongst ourselves daily. Explicitly moving our eyes away from protecting our most priceless value – freedom. The end result, giving away our freedom to the very people claiming to “protect” us from one other. Effectively altering facts broadcast as truth. The media chronicles many small disparate groups (minorities) needing protection, portraying everyone as a minority. Why? United people will never be broken. No one influences united people. Influence occurs when we believe we are alone!

Watch as coordinating series of events planned distract and disarm people. Meanwhile, our leaders insist that only they can keep us safe from each other. Safety will always be the rallying call; freedom will be the cost. Dictators do that! It is what Castro promised in Cuba, Lenin in Russia, Hitler in Germany. True freedom will become a memory.


What is at Stake?

Our Constitution, provided media a role, as the 4th estate. Another check and balance from government overreach. Corporate ownership, greed, and elites usurped that power. There were once armies of press concerned about our country’s future. Today, reporters no longer deliver accurate and real news. They are concerned more with being the story than reporting it. Large corporations own the messaging and news delivery. Conglomerates are selling their version of of the truth, calling it news. Resulting in an enslavement of WE THE PEOPLE.

A media tunnel defines each message of the day. Media organizations and Big Tech attempt to silence dissent. Big Tech in conjunction with media ridicules opposing views, while a cancel culture destroys lives of anyone in disagreement.

Finally, America is transforming into slaves of a singular agenda.  When media and their partners in Big Tech suppress questions and alternatives, can we ever be a country of WE, THE PEOPLE?  Finally, we will become a country of a ruling elite class, an exclusive club where the people will never be given a voice.

America, wake up! It is  abundantly clear, something happened on Nov 4th, 2020.  If not corrected, the government you will get will determine ALL outcomes.  Their success will mean we will lose our country as we have known it.

In summary,  this is a call to every American: Wake up – it’s happening now.