Do What You’re Told! Mommy Media and Daddy Government Say So!

By: - February 9, 2021

The censorship and hypocritical media bias of today is so incredibly blatant, intentional and out-in-the-open, it’s almost as if the state controlled communist media of America is actually taunting conservatives, Christians and constitutionalists.

Journalism is dead, integrity in the media is totally gone and the guaranteed right to speak freely provided by the First Amendment has been given the Jimmy Hoffa treatment; crushed by the mob and buried in some unknown concrete pillar, tossed into the river and forgotten about, never to be heard from, found or spoken of again.

These things we know, but are not spiritually or constitutionally bound to accept. We represent a silent majority, that we can all agree on. We understand that although the media and progressive radicals define themselves as the ‘tolerant’ and ‘kind’ educated elite, the real love for humanity comes from God-fearing, freedom-loving, liberty-embracing Americans like us.

We fight off hate with prayer, turn the other cheek, play “Mr. Nice Guy” and engage in diplomatic debate to further the agenda for limited government, lower taxes, gun rights, safe neighborhoods, more well-trained cops and the right to vote for elected representatives that we feel will go, as promised, and fight for the wishes of their constituents. That’s how it’s supposed to work. We expect them to fight for us.

These expectations have also proven to be far-reaching as more and more local, state and federal ‘officials’ are abandoning the fight, leaving us with the REAL pandemic infiltrating our country at alarming speed, creating eminent wide-spread infection, casualties, crippling side effects and long term damage.

The plague is Communism, and it has made its way to the greatest country in the history of our planet, and those that are bringing it here are arriving in similar fashion as illegals crossing our border, meeting absolutely no resistance from those we count on to protect our future generations, our kids, our grandchildren simply by upholding an oath they took to protect and defend the rights provided to us by the Constitution. They’re gone. They’re absent. They’re cowards, and they’ve cut and run away from patriotism in a desperate attempt to empower and enrich themselves at the cost of your love for God, your family, your business, and your freedom.

To better understand how to fight, we must first understand what we are up against. We must study the enemy of freedom and learn how the beast satisfies its hunger. We must recognize that the puppeteers may not always be visible, but their plan is in plain sight, carried out by celebrity Hollywood actors, people of influence and power, politicians, and those working at the highest levels of our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

We have to recognize the power of propaganda, the rate at which the major broadcast networks, cable news channels and print publications spread mis- and disinformation, and then understand how quickly the spread happens.

When you really think about that, you have to ask yourself, “How many average Americans are really paying attention to radio programs like mine?” – But even more powerful and revealing is how many are not. It’s not their fault, and, although I’d really enjoy an audience of 330 million every day, we know that the spread of real truth, gospel, the love for our country and revelation of facts and evidence is always and consistently called into question, discredited by ‘independent fact checkers’, deleted, censored, banned completely, and slow-to-spread due to shadow-banning and other nefarious tactics used by the global faction.

So what does this accomplish? How does silencing an estimated 100 million people become effective, rather than causing an uprise? Well, if you take away responsible journalism, courageous reporting of facts and truth and then, in turn, overwhelm the remaining populous with the narrative you wish to form, you’ve completed step one. Then, they buy off the unions and educators responsible for carrying out the remaining indoctrination on their most unsuspecting and innocent targets… Our children.

By doing this, you can force compliance of those that aren’t used to using violence to solve their differences. Anarchist hate groups causing terror on the streets of America become the fastest growing corporations because they’re funded by billionaires embedded into the swamp, and then the media pushes the narrative even further as these groups aren’t exposed for the burning, looting, assaults and murders they’re responsible for, but instead nominated for a peace prize. Let that sink in.

When you vilify an entire group of people for one action, and prop up the other as martyrs, there’s an immediate feeling of emboldenment and rapid growth of the organizations because young people want to become involved with the fight against an enemy they’ve been told to hate, even if it’s their own family, their own mother, their own father, brothers, sisters, etc., you understand…

This is where the cancel culture is born, but cancelling someone is no longer limited to a 30 day stint in the Facebook gray-bar hotel. What’s really happening with the cancel culture is so astonishing and wide spread, I’m convinced it would absolutely rock the core of the 200 million people that have no idea it’s even going on.

These are the people that have taken the blue pill of ignorance, placed their trust in their representatives, hold the media in high regard and expect the reporting to be above bar, and don’t question why Lou Dobbs was fired after carrying the longtime highest-rated program on the FOX Business Network.

These are the families just getting home from a soccer practice, baseball game or piano lessons. They’re rushing in the door, trying to throw dinner together, help the kids with their homework, get everything ready for tomorrow’s early morning drive to grandpa’s cabin or another day at school and work… They’re busy. Just like the rest of us. They don’t buy into the ‘conspiracy theories’ of Lin Wood and Sidney Powell – Mike Lindell and the Gateway Pundit – because they’ve been told, and they follow orders. They will unsuspectingly believe that what daddy government says is right may be in the best interest of their family, and whatever mommy media says has to be true.

Here’s where the danger comes. What if these people are raising teenagers, or still have young adults living with them, and those young and impressionable minds and ears that have been infiltrated by social justice warriors at school are now hearing that anyone that supported Donald J. Trump and was present at the events at the Capitol on January 6 should be labeled as “domestic terrorists” – these people should be investigated and jailed. They’re business owners in your community, and they’re dangerous!

This is how the communists up the ante, so to say. It doesn’t matter if a person that was there to patriotically and peacefully assemble didn’t participate in any criminal activity. Their actions and activity really don’t matter at all. They don’t have to have committed a crime to be guilty. They’re just guilty because we tell you they are, and now they’re racists and domestic terrorists that caused the death of police officers and used force to attempt to overthrow the government.