Empire States, PsyWar, and the Rebirth of Nazi Extremism in World War III – 1776 Returns

By: - September 29, 2023

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The morally ambiguous nature of successful statecraft continues to baffle the American masses. To judge the means with no clear understanding of the ends is a fool’s errand. 

After decades of imperial ambition and advanced psychological warfare operations, old hostilities between East and West have once again gone kinetic in Ukraine. Simultaneously, a global color revolution is underway, and everyone is choosing sides and forming battle lines. Debate rages about which sphere of influence is ultimately responsible for the rapid degradation of order on this planet — there’s no shortage of blame to pass around. 

Some just want to watch the world burn. 

While American conservatives now easily identify the role of “woke” leftist revolutionary action in destroying the United States, many fail to see the full spectrum of operations — how each political sub-group is accounted for in the greater game of geopolitical chess. Conversely, leftist progressives have similar tunnel vision in their assessments of right-wing extremism. Ideological bias across the political spectrum has rendered many blind to their own culpability.

As a result, the United States is dangerously disabled by division and, so far, unable to unite in opposition toward two of the most substantial threats to our Republic:

The rising tide of neo-Nazi, accelerationist extremism and the Russian puppet master who pulls the strings. 

Although Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) reported in September 2022 that “The Secret Service was tracking at least one neo-Nazi group and multiple individuals that planned to engage in violence and occupy the Capitol building more than a week before the January 6th insurrection,” it was only last week when millions of conservatives realized actual neo-Nazis with ties to Ukraine were on the ground in D.C. that day.

Laura Loomer reports: 

“It’s time for the CIA, FBI and DOJ to come clean about the Ukrainian Nazi spies they used to create conflict at the US Capitol on J6 2021.

They need to be asked why they have withheld that information from the public, and the FBI needs to be forced to come clean about their relationship with Neo Nazi Ukrainian spy Sergai Dybynyn and why he was at the US Capitol on J6 2021. 

They have already identified him as a spy internally but this has been kept secret from the American people for over two years now. 

The government has been lying to all of us about some of the real instigators on J6, which includes US Government backed Ukrainian Nazis who have been photographed with high level US politicians and US Senators dating back to 2014. 

It really exposes why our elected officials are so invested in Ukraine. 

They are literally using Ukrainian Nazis for their CIA organized color revolutions in the US. 

They did it at Charlottesville. 

They did it on J6. 

They did to to try to impeach Donald Trump. 

And now they are doing it again in an election year by using Ukrainian Nazis and actual Nazis to instigate conflict in key swing states like Florida and Iowa as a way to create fake news stories about right wingers being Nazis, when in reality, these Nazis are Biden supporters who support Biden because of his pro-Ukraine policies by their own admission.” 

While Loomer is correct in some respects, nothing about her report is “breaking”, and her analysis is undeniably biased.

The Dybynyn story is old news for anyone who’s investigated January 6th, and frankly, it’s never led anywhere other than the endless rabbit holes of rampant conspiracy speculation on Reddit. 

Even though CREW covered some basics from the USSS intelligence report, the organization completely ignored verifiable Ukrainian ties to Vorherrschaft Division (the neo-Nazi group responsible for the threats) along with the fact that known individuals were apparently permitted to operate with impunity by the United States Governmentshifting blame for what happened toward less radical groups like the Proud Boys. Perhaps even more conspicuously, Loomer and other right-wing media influencers have chosen to ignore this report and subsequent analysis entirely. It remains anyone’s guess as to why. 

But after a “Blood Tribe” public relations stunt went viral, Loomer focused her efforts and pushed a now discredited story about how a Floridian neo-Nazi, with extensive facial tattoos, is the silver bullet to prove Trump supporters have zero culpability for the riot at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 — a demonstrably false idea.   

Beyond the many disturbing insinuations, one might make of these facts, neo-Nazi ideology is undoubtedly on the rise, both at home and abroad. The current conflict in Ukraine is a central rallying point for this rebirth. As adherents work to accelerate the collapse of the United States and the  current world order, it is imperative that we understand the deeper roots of the issue, and even more importantly, how it relates to the decades old, Soviet Art of War tactics of ideological subversion through disinformation — the central pillar of Russian intelligence operations against the United States. 

While ideologically compromised partisans denigrate American citizens and institutions alike, much of the public remains largely ignorant of the current peril. Historical perspective is required to understand what’s really happeningto accept the consequences of America’s incredibly checkered past and defeat the monster that we must now face in the present.  

Like Beowulf’s fight against his fire-breathing dragon, our current existential crisis began an entire generation ago.  

In the immediate aftermath of the Allied Victory in Europe, the United States and the Soviet Union maintained an “outwardly cordial” relationship — in spite of the fact that greater conflict existed just beneath the surface.

US intelligence was rightly concerned with the possibility of a future conflict with the USSR and made efforts to exploit anti-Soviet, Ukrainian Nationalist movements for strategic interest. The idea was to provide material and organizational support to displaced persons behind the Iron Curtain, later to be used as espionage agents, propagandists, and paramilitary saboteurs. 

Although some in the burgeoning US Intelligence Community expressed concerns regarding wartime atrocities committed by anti-Soviets during the bitter conflict between the Wermacht and the Red Army, American officials nonetheless pushed forward with plans and by Fall, 1946, the Strategic Services Unit utilized well-established ties with the Vatican to solidify contact with anti-Soviet leadership in Germany — primarily the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council and Stepan Bandera’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.  

Nevertheless, problems persisted — leading US Intelligence Asset Zsolt Aradi to a cold conclusion:

“If it should be decided not to use these people and their organization for intelligence purposes, it would be better to arrest not only Bandera, but all the leaders whose names and whereabouts are known to us.”

Although US intelligence officials acknowledged the fact that Bandera ran a primarily “terrorist organization”, Harry Rositzke, acting chief of Special Projects Division-Soviet, noted the complicated reality of addressing the “Ukrainian Problem” in a letter written in early 1947:

“If we accept the premise that political support is out, we must also face the fact that in the long run operations using the Ukrainians as an organized group will probably turn out to be worthless —simply because without political support the Ukrainian nationalist groups will be decimated by Soviet pressure and demoralization. It is therefore difficult to see the Bandera problem as really significant. The effects of Bandera’s arrest will only be to precipitate an inevitable development.”

Stepan Bandera

By the end of 1947, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was officially established by the National Security Act, and was subsequently directed by the National Security Council to conduct covert psychological operations through “active cooperation” with Ukrainian and other Eastern European anti-Soviet emigre groups.  

While western intelligence experienced minimal successes in Eastern Europe with so-called “aktivnye meropriyatiya,” or “active measures”, the USSR was ahead of the game. 

In the early 1920s, the Bolshevik Cheka created “Operatsiya Trest” or “Operation Trust” through the establishment of the “Monarchist Union of Central Russia” — an anti-Bolshevik front organization created to deceive White Army refugees and other opposition forces — including foreign intelligence agencies. 

Followers of the fake resistance movement were fed disinformation about a group of powerful military officers enacting an elaborate plan to take down the ruling Bolsheviks and stop the Communist takeover of Russia. 

Unrestricted by any adherence to rule of law that hampered traditional regime enforcement, the Cheka’s influence and brutality blossomed.

Most historians say roughly 100,000 dissenters were killed as a result of their operations. 

Cheka tactics were so successful that they served as the basis of the Committee for State Security (KGB) and a model for modern intelligence operations throughout Eastern Europe and beyond — including those conducted by CIA in the aftermath of World War II. 

But while the Soviets continued to build on previous successes, the newly created CIA lagged behind. In fact, it remains debatable as to whether or not US Intelligence ever effectively controlled the Ukrainian groups they worked with.

Although US led active measures were bolstered by the NSC directives in the late 1940’s, complications increased, and in 1950, CIA’s primary contact in Munich, Myron Matvieyko, had become unreliable, prompting CIA to withdraw support.

In 1951, Matvieyko “defected to the Soviets and denounced the entire Ukrainian emigre leadership as Nazi collaborators and tools of the ‘capitalist intelligence service,’” confirming “suspicions that he had been a Soviet double agent throughout his work with US intelligence.”

Considering the way things played out in the latter half of the 20th Century, it could easily be argued that KGB was pulling the strings the entire time — playing the long game of creating counterintelligence honeypots for overzealous American spies and anti-Soviet Nazis alike. 

Myron Matvieyko

Throughout the 1950’s and beyond, the KGB engaged in a relentless campaign of disinformation and ideological subversion around the world. To be fair, the United Stated was doing the same, but with far less experience.

In the game of active measures, experience and patience mean everything.  

In 1958, 24-year-old KGB Spy Oleg Kalugin came to the United States as a Fullbright Scholar at Columbia University. He spent the next 32 years of his life nestling neatly into American society while collecting information, recruiting spies, and — most importantly to the KGB — actively subverting the hearts and minds of the enemy through his cover as a journalism student and then later as public relations officer. 

In a 1998 interview, Kalugin described “the heart and soul” of the KGB is “Not intelligence collection, but subversion: active measures to weaken the West, to drive wedges in the Western community alliances of all sorts, particularly NATO, to sow discord among allies, to weaken the United States in the eyes of the people of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and thus to prepare ground in case the war really occurs. To make America more vulnerable to the anger and distrust of other peoples.”

In 1984, Defected KGB Spy Yuri Bezmenov explained how the process of destroying a free society, namely the United States of America, consists of four stages:

Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, and Normalization   

“To put it in the simplest of terms, ideological subversion is a method to make native populations ashamed of valid and valued traditions including religion, history, heritage, and culture. Disrupting governments by any possible means, spreading disunity among citizens, and turning younger generations against older ones are some of the principles of ideological subversion that KGB has borrowed from Sun Tzu’s book Art of War.”

Yuri Bezmenov

In 1981, KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov expressed trepidation about the Ronald Reagan presidency as well as a pressing need to mitigate American attempts to subvert Soviet Socialism in Russia:

“We must strengthen our work, approach it even more cleverly in a Chekist fashion, and develop bold ideas. Better legends ought to be applied in order to defeat the enemy even more effectively…Our main efforts are directed towards rolling back the influences arising from ideological subversion from abroad. The West is undertaking the most strenuous efforts to stoke ideological and psychological warfare against us. They want to sow doubts, disbelief, and fear in the countries of the socialist commonwealth. In general, we have no problems. Our population is stiffened. There is some hysteria, but we are preparing the people to be ready for potential provocations.

We are for peace and will continue to fight for it. Still, one does not know how the Reagan Administration will act. Comrade Brezhnev has demanded that we draw the appropriate conclusions.”

Despite the KGB’s best efforts, it is widely believed that the Soviet Union lost the Cold War as a result of Reagan’s dedication to American exceptionalism in the face of the “Evil Empire”.

KGB Officer Oleg Kalugin further explained to CNN: 

“KGB was … an omnipotent organization compared to any counterpart in the West or East. I think they were the greatest. In terms of their size: half a million; in terms of ruthlessness: I mean, millions of people executed; and in terms of their sophistication, because it was one of the oldest security and intelligence services, perhaps the only service as experienced [as] the British one. …

The Soviet secret police was not supposed to be petty; it was omnipotent, it was funded well, it had the best-educated people, it had access to almost everything, and yet it failed in the long run — which shows that the cause they were fighting for was not the right one.”

Although the Reagan strategy proved effective and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev was forced to “tear down that wall”, America became increasingly lackadaisical in the years that followed and the Soviet process of ideological subversion was reeking steady havoc — infecting hearts and minds like a virus in the undercurrents of American society. 

As a means of survival through the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian spy-craft changed its face, and in 1994 KGB’s transformation to the Federal Security Service (FSB) was official.

Intelligence operations which began in the late 1940s continued.  

On March 6, 2000, Vladimir Putin suggested the Russian Federation should join NATO after President Bill Clinton publicly declared the Russian President was “someone we could do business with.” Nevertheless, it’s now understood that any dreams of a NATO alliance with Russia were mostly smoke and mirrors.

The United States wasn’t interested in sharing power over Europe — or elsewhere, for that matter. 

But imperial ambition always has consequences.   

After only a decade of global hegemony, the sins of our fathers would finally drag the full force of the United States into the Graveyard of Empires in Afghanistan.   

Afghanistan CGI

The sudden collapse of the Soviet Union left Washington, D.C. as the unilateral arbiter of the New World Order, and America was tasked with policing the entire globe.  

Seeds sewn by US Intelligence during the Cold War continued to blossom abroad while racial tension boiled over at home. In the twilight years of the 20th century, American operations in the Middle-East boomeranged and transformed into the threat of Islamic Terrorism. The attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, lay bare numerous miscalculations from the past.

Mujahideen warriors, which CIA exploited throughout the 1980’s to weaken the USSR, had become our mortal enemies.  

Although intended to increase cooperation between FBI and CIA, George W. Bush’s reactionary decision to expand the intelligence apparatus through the USA Patriot Act actually served to weaken the overall purpose. Privatization of large portions of the intelligence mission led to a breakdown of ideological bonds which had previously held the deep state together. 

Facilitated by increased bureaucracy compartmentalization after the establishment of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in 2005, the motives of self-serving entrepreneurs completely overtook any original charter of CIA operations — opening the door for disinformation agents with political agendas to run operations with the support of the United States Government. 

Throughout the War on Terror at the dawn of the 21st Century, the United States struggled to bring freedom to the Islamic world — likely because the stated mission was just a cover for strategic interests which included encircling the former Soviet Empire and subverting Russian influence wherever possible. The hopes of achieving any greater aspirations were further undermined by greedy western oligarchs whose only agenda was to maximize profits — perfectly pleased with bastardizing military and intelligence operations and enriching themselves through the expenditure of American blood.

Millions of civilians lost their lives as a direct result of the globalist Ponzi scheme and any idealistic dreams of democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan evaporated like drops of water in the desert.

While direct military intervention floundered, Fifth Generation tactics came into their own through the Facebook and Twitter uprisings of the Arab Spring — perhaps the greatest modern flex of American intelligence muscle. But although the movement brought short-term successes in bringing “democracy” to the Islamic world, disagreements over policy toward Syria only solidified Russian perception of Western intentions and Putin assumed he was the next target. In late 2012, four Americans were killed when Islamic military’s attacked the U.S. Emabassy in Benghazi — a catastrophic error which cascaded into further division over American operations abroad.

In January 2013, President Obama signed legislation that altered portions of the U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, also known as the Smith-Mundt Act, removing the ban on dissemination of media from U.S. Government funded propaganda outlets such as Voice of America and Radio Free Europe.  

The Associated Press Explains:

“During consideration of the bill, critics voiced concern that lifting the restrictions could result in information designed to influence foreign audiences being used against American citizens. Proponents countered that the ban made it difficult for Americans to access and evaluate this content.

The U.S. government created the agency now known as the U.S. Agency for Global Media during World War II to broadcast American-centric programming to foreign audiences. With an $805 million annual operating budget, agency oversees five media networks that reach millions of viewers and listeners abroad.

‘When it was first passed in 1948, the ban wasn’t even about protecting the public from propaganda,’ Emily Metzgar, professor at The Media School at Indiana University, told The Associated Press. ‘The ban was about protecting a nascent broadcast industry in the United States in the early post-war years… . But these restrictions became framed as something that was about preventing the poison within those agencies from being distributed to the American public.’”

In June 2013, mere months after taking a job as an NSA contractor, Edward Snowden leaked thousands of classified documents to the media but the full scope of what he copied continues to be a subject of public debate.

U.S. Army General Martin Dempsey explained further in March 2014:

“The vast majority of the documents that Snowden … exfiltrated from our highest levels of security … had nothing to do with exposing government oversight of domestic activities. The vast majority of those were related to our military capabilities, operations, tactics, techniques, and procedures.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the supposedly “disillusioned” Snowden flew to Moscow just two days after the Department of Justice charged him with two violations of the 1917 Espionage Act on June 21, 2013. After more than a full decade of quagmire and lies in the Middle East, Snowden gave U.S. citizens even more reason to distrust their own government.

In spite of the fact that Snowden had essentially committed treason and subsequently defected to the foreign adversary which stood to benefit, much of America lauded his actions online.  

One week later, Obama’s changes to the Smith-Mundt Act went into effect, and on July 1, 2013, corporate media was finally free to disseminate “the poison within those agencies” to the American public.

To this day, many Americans perceive the changes to Smith-Mundt as a turning point in the information war. For some, it was the very moment when the US Government became irrevocably implicated in a nefarious Marxist agenda with Obama at the helm. 

Unfortunately, all perception of reality was increasingly twisted. Discerning between legitimate news and planted disinformation had become more of a wilderness of mirrors than ever before.

For Putin, the truth of all matters remained mostly irrelevant. Developments in the early 2010s signaled the beginning of a new era in active measures and disinformation through the weaponization of American social media.

The Russian President and KGB trained; active measures expert watched with the subtlety of a serpent — engaging his digital soldiers in the next phase of conflict with the West — patiently waiting for the ideal opportunity to conduct a kinetic strike. 

In November 2013, less than six months after Snowden fled to Russia, protests erupted in the streets of Kyiv after Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s opted not to sign the European Union–Ukraine Association Agreement — a decision which nullified resounding approval from Ukrainian Parliament earlier in the year. 

Far-right, Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups were at the vanguard of the Maidan protests. After nearly four months of conflict and hundreds of deaths, Yanukovych’s government abandoned Kyiv and seemingly pro-NATO forces took control of the city. 

In response, further protests erupted, and Vladimir Putin responded kinetically with the occupation and annexation of Crimea and Harry Rositzky’s “Ukrainian problem” was at the top of the headlines. Much like Afghanistan was for Islamic Fascism throughout 40 years of proxy war between the KGB and CIA, Ukraine had remained a fertile breeding ground for neo-Nazi ideology and renewed conflict only helped to accelerate radicalization. 

Putin’s invasion of Crimea in 2014 was a development years in the making, and the Russo-Ukrainian War was now fully underway.  

Despite losing political control of Kyiv, Vladimir Putin had contingency plans in place — well aware of the effect American sentiment would have on his plans to reclaim former Soviet Republics and increase Russia’s global influence.  

Although the new pro-western leadership in Ukraine was, and is, (along with their NATO counterparts) undoubtedly corrupt, Putin understood ahead of time that even the most egregious political corruption wouldn’t be enough to turn America against her Eastern European allies, or even more importantly, against herself. Once again, ideological subversion would be the essential component of steering any opposition in a favorable direction. 

“The 2016 U.S. presidential election brought this new threat into the public consciousness, with Russia using Facebook and Twitter as both frontlines and weapons in a new kind of information warfare.  

Russian ‘troll farms’—groups of organized online agitators—identify grievances in other countries and then insert themselves into those debates with the aim of inflaming them. Rather than promoting any one political ideology, professional Russian trolls instead focus on fanning Americans’ emotions around heated topics such as gun control or immigration, and then pitting Americans against Americans. The tactic is—literally—divide and conquer.”

Scottie Barsotti, Carnegie Mellon University – Heinz College

In what appeared to be a blow to the Western Globalist Agenda, Trump won the election. His stated desire to Make America Great Again (a slogan reappropriated from the Reagan years) played well with disaffected conservatives but was no longer adequate means to combat the KGB style ideological subversion.

In so many ways, Trump’s win became the very hammer with which Putin could drive the wedge.  

Meanwhile, Democrats played into Putin’s hands as well.

Hillary Clinton sulked, and the rest of her party stayed with her as they delegitimized the election process to an unprecedented degree through overstatement of Russian election interference in 2016. Democrat claims led to Inauguration Day riots in D.C. and a quiet undercurrent of pro-Kremlin sentiment began propagating among conservative Americans. 

The Russian Collusion Hoax further exacerbated the situation. 

Based on information provided by and agreed upon by an unprecedented number of mostly Russian intelligence sources (including Ukrainian born, Russia trained attorney Igor Danchenko), the Steele dossier was provided to Trump haters who possessed an existential motive to confirm their own biases — the perfect target for ideological subversion. 

Despite the revelations of the Durham Report, the raw intelligence provided to the public served to convince average Democrats that Donald Trump was in cahoots with Vladimir Putin and colluding with Kremlin interference in the 2016 election — a widespread belief that permeates the minds of millions of Americans to this very day. 

Additionally, the first impeachment of Donald Trump further divided America by removing any remaining doubt among grassroots conservatives that Democrats were willing to do anything to retain their hold on power.

The days of constructive dialogue and healthy debate came to a complete end and America had entered the era of regime change — the final stage of destabilization.

In order to prepare the battlefield of hearts and minds for the coming crisis in Ukraine, Putin needed to stoke racial division in the United States.

The polarizing presidency of political renegade, Donald Trump, provided the perfect vehicle for old Soviet active measures.

DNC propaganda, denigrating Trump as a racist, provided the ideal high-octane fuel modern Marxist tactics to arrive at the forefront of discourse in an already extremely divided America.  

After decades of mostly unchecked police brutality in black neighborhoods, the death of George Floyd would be the ultimate catalyst for American Marxists who’d been on the move since the Obama Administration.

Internet trolls stoked the fires of racism on all sides of the debate and the issue turned into an inferno of subverted ideology — a situation previously described in a document I helped prepare for CondemnedUSA.com.

“As rumor, speculation, and all other manner of disinformation became viral on social media, many years of frustration (coupled with nearly two months of Covid restrictions) reached a boiling point. The resulting protests and riots in Minneapolis spread nationwide. Small businesses that had been decimated by unprecedented restrictions were additionally forced to contend with vandalism, violence, and looting.

As extreme leftist groups established the law enforcement free “autonomous zone” in Seattle and repeatedly attacked property and persons in other cities across the nation, many Americans felt as though their liberties were under direct assault.
The Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver — June 2020

After months of repeated trauma, confusion during the 2020 election was an unacceptable insult to the injuries already sustained. As members of the federal government colluded with their partners in big tech to illegally censor and suppress information, hard-working Americans — many of whom had never been politically active — decided it was time to make their grievances heard. Facing what many still believe to have been a coordinated theft of their election and struggling against the systematic suppression of their voices on social media, these Americans assembled on the streets. 

On November 14, 2020, hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington D.C. for the Million MAGA March. After an entire day of peaceful assembly in support of further investigation of election anomalies, many were viciously attacked by leftist counter-protesters as they attempted to return to their hotels. Families with children were harassed, street vendors were robbed, and personal property was burned in Freedom Plaza — all of this transpired while D.C. Metropolitan Police stood idly by and watched. Later that evening, tensions exploded as Proud Boys and other MAGA protesters were herded by MPD into BLM Plaza

On December 11, the Supreme Court refused to hold evidentiary hearings regarding a Texas lawsuit that challenged election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Even though the lawsuit was supported by several State Attorney Generals and 126 Republican lawmakers, the high court ruled that Texas lacked standing in the matter. At 10:50 PM, President Trump tweeted “The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!” The following day was once again marked with peaceful assembly in various locations in the District of Columbia. Sunset gave way to street fights and violence as hundreds of Proud Boys and BLM/ANTIFA demonstrators clashed in the streets. Later that evening a “Black Lives Matter” banner was taken from St. John’s Episcopal Church and burned in front of Hotel Harrington. Several people were stabbed, and 33 arrests were made as hostilities continued into the early morning hours of December 13th.

Those who’d previously been so supportive of police during BLM protests in the summer were expressing extreme dissatisfaction with the apparent inaction of law enforcement — specifically MPD.  
Proud Boys carry a Black Lives Matter banner through D.C. — December 2020

It was amidst the context of this extremely abridged backstory, that thousands of otherwise law-abiding Americans were drawn to the United States Capitol on January 6th. 

Although the large majority had no intention of breaking any laws that day, they’ve been repeatedly slandered and demonized as insurrectionists — persecuted and punished by a politically motivated Department of Justice and biased D.C. Judiciary — all while so many of the true criminal perpetrators remain at-large.” — Condemned USA: The Weaponization of Justice in America 

As a distressed day dawned on January 7, 2021, it was obvious to nearly everyone that the American Experiment was in danger.

Democrats demanded the impeachment of Donald Trump and Republicans were left in a daze — incapable of formulating any retort to the prevailing insurrection narrative. Grassroots debate raged about who should be held responsible, but the swamp in Washington, D.C. had already decided to pin the blame on Trump. 

Meanwhile in Moscow, the Kremlin wasted no time, and Putin’s political elite seized the once-in-a-generation propaganda opportunity. 

“In the days to follow, pro-Kremlin lawmakers, members of lower and upper house State Duma, were remarkably swift to criticize the United States, questioning the latter’s status quo as a ‘beacon of democracy’ and calling its attempts to spread democratic values around the world hypocritical. For instance, Konstantin Kosachyov, the chair of the Russian upper house’s foreign affairs committee, proclaimed that the happenings of January 6 once again proved that “American democracy is limping on both feet” and that “the U.S. is no longer in a position to dictate the direction and terms of global politics.” Vyacheslav Volodin, speaker of the lower house of parliament, ascribed the events of Capitol Hill to the ‘archaic’ electoral system, maintaining that the U.S. “could learn a thing or two from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan,” which held their own presidential and parliamentary elections respectively on January 10, 2021. “The boomerang of the color revolutions is turning back on the United States.” – declared Leonid Slutsky, the foreign affairs chief in the lower house, referring to the anti-Kremlin uprisings in Georgia and Ukraine between 2003-2004 and the ongoing anti-Russian resistance in Belarus.”

Georgetown University

Less than three months later, the Russian military mobilized thousands of troops near the Ukrainian border and began infrastructure planning for the invasion that would follow in 2022. 

In June 2021, Putin denounced the U.S. Government for its handling of January 6 protesters, going so far as to suggest that Ashli Babbitt was intentionally assassinated at the behest of American leadership.

While the Democrats in the United States Congress remained preoccupied throughout the Summer of 2021 with lurid tales of violent domestic extremism by MAGA insurrectionists, the Kremlin continued to prepare for the invasion of Ukraine. 

The disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in August was yet another signal to our favorite  foreign adversary that the time to make an overt move against the empire had come. By December 2021, Putin was simply waiting for the ground to freeze. His “Special Military Operation” was ready to commence.     

Just as it was in so many years prior, the main resistance to Russian aggression has been provided by Ukrainian Nazis — the long-forgotten, bastard children from clandestine wars, long ago. And like the Mujahideen Warriors who became our greatest enemy at the dawn of the 21st century, the original descendants of U.S. intelligence operations are no longer content to bleed for NATO while the United States sits back and sends them to die for American imperial dreams. 

With fresh funding for their motive to accelerate the collapse of the current world order, the radical progeny of CIA funded Nazism in Ukraine is better equipped than ever. As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently threatened, any decrease in funding could have far-reaching consequences for Western nations who abandon the blood-letting. In the aftermath of Ihor Kolomoisky’s arrest, one shouldn’t ignore the very realistic possibility that Zelensky is the 21st century version of Myron Matvieyko — controlled opposition to demoralize average Americans, deplete western military resources, and train the paramilitary combatants who, despite billions of dollars in support, now begin to turn their ire against the West.

Kent “Boneface” McClellan and “Blood Tribe” is just a scratch on the surface of the problem. The Order of Nine Anglesdeeply imbedded in militaries around the globe — is a greater threat than many realize.

Bezmenov and others described this part of the story thoroughly.

As to whom Americans attribute “insurrection” to is a matter of opinion, influenced greatly by what level of disinformation we’ve consumed. Both sides of the political spectrum in the United States contributed to what occurred on January 6, 2021 — to what is occurring now. Therein lies the real problem. The “Insurrection” of January 6th is much more than a domestic issue in a rapidly escalating World War III. It remains what FBI Whistleblower Kyle Seraphin has called “The Great American Rorschach Test” — the domestic externalization of a decades old clandestine war where each individual mind is the battlefield.

We’ve entered the era where nothing is true, and everything is permitted. 

Our multiplying foreign adversaries in the BRICS Axis will continue to divide American resources. Our politicians are corrupt and compromised — many have become either willing or unwitting agents of old Soviet-style disinformation. We are deep inside a cycle of revenge in America. Soon, the war will become much more tangible and kinetic.

Things are going to get very rough.

With our Republic on the brink of collapse after seven decades of psychological warfare against Russia, there remains little doubt who stands to benefit from the coming violent uprisings.

Crisis is looming. 

As the final stage of the Kremlin’s plan to conquer the United States through aktivnye meropriyatiya unfolds in front of our eyes, options for moving forward are extremely limited — each available path will undoubtedly lead to plight. 

But stagnant inaction in the quagmire of our many mistakes will surely leave us helpless when normalization comes.

The ends are now known; the means by which we preserve our Republic are up to us.


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